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Date: March 10, 2017

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Hi Amelia! It's great to have you over today to talk about books and find out a few things about you. What is your latest book, "Last Night with the Duke", about?

LAST NIGHT WITH THE DUKE is the first book in my new series The Rakes of St. James. I’ve based the series on the premise that “it’s never a good thing when a young rake’s wicked ways come back to haunt him.”

The Duke of Griffin and two friends made an ill-fated wager years ago they are still trying to live down. Rumors swirl that some members of Society are determined to go to great lengths to make sure the chickens have come home to roost for the three gentlemen known as The Rakes of St. James.

In LAST NIGHT WITH THE DUKE, Griffin needs a chaperone for his twin sisters’ debut into Society. Especially since he heard there may be retaliation against them because of his past misdeeds. Not one to sit passively by, Griffin decides to hire a chaperone to be his sisters’ companion so there will be no chance of either young lady being ruined by mischief-makers.

When Griffin visits the employment agency he finds the beautiful Miss Esmeralda Swift. He is instantly attracted to her. The fiery miss heats his blood like no other young lady ever has, and he’s going to prove to her she feels the same about him.

Esmeralda fate was settled long ago. Though she was once destined to marry a peer, she must now work for a living in the houses she once roamed freely as a lady of Society. She is seldom at a loss for words but finds herself in just such a predicament when the handsome and intriguing Duke offers her a job. Under ordinary circumstances she’d never agree but Esmeralda needs the money he’s offering. She enters his world warily, because she is quickly learning the duke is more than she bargained for, and she can’t afford to leave her heart when she leaves his employment.

What is your writing place like?

I have an office in my home and an office in my husband's office building. I have the same type computer in each office so it makes it very easy to work at either office. Especially now that I have the ""Cloud"" to upload my work at the end of each day. I no longer have to download onto a thumb drive and upload the next day.

I keep most of my research books at my home office. They are very handy for helping me describe clothing, furniture, or if I want to look up info on a person or even a gentleman's club. I have a copy of Webster's Collegiate Dictionary at each desk. Not so much for spelling as Word is really good with that but to check if a word was used during the Regency time period.

I keep 2 pair of glasses on each desk because I am always getting up and walking away with a pair and laying them down somewhere and not bringing them back with me. A spare saves me steps. On each desk I have a red pen and a yellow pad for notes. And always a bottle of water.

When it comes to your first draft, do you write via computer or notepad? or Both?

I do both. If I am at the computer and the story is flowing I just keep going. If I am stuck on a scene and I don't know where I'm going I like to get my red pen and yellow pad and just start jotting down what if ideas.

What's next for you as an author?

I am currently finishing the 2nd book in my Rakes of St. James trilogy. TO THE DUKE, WITH LOVE will be out in December 2017.

Do you like to cook?

Not really. I am probably the only woman who doesn't have at least one recipe book. I would never use it. I cook very simply. Line the pan with foil, put pork chops in it. Put a can of cream of celery soup on top of the chops. Bake at 325 for two hours. Done and tender. Make instant mashed potatoes and open a can of French style green beans. Dinner is ready!

Do you have a newsletter? If yes, where can readers sign up?

Yes. Please join my newsletter:

Do you have any pets? If yes, do your pets play a part in your writing?

I don't have pets. But most all of my most recent books have a dog in them. I've had great fun with the dogs I've added to my stories.

What's your favorite restaurant?

The name is Seagars and it's located in Sandestin, FL. It's like a New York City steakhouse. I don't get to go often but certainly enjoy it when I do.

At what point did you know you wanted to publish a book?

I have always been a reader and I love storytelling. When my children started grade school, I didn't want to get a job outside the home so I decided I'd like to write a book. I have published over 30 books now so I think it was a good idea!

Anything else you would like to share?

Keep reading. When you have a book you are never alone!

Thanks so much for dropping over.

Thank you so much for having me join you today. I love to hear from readers so feel free to get in touch with me with comments or questions. I personally answer all my mail. Have a great day!

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