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    Very interesting post on the background of Pharsis. The book sounds intriguing. Enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

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    Please enter me to win copy of book

  • On Mar 24, 2013, ecocat said: History Lessons

    I love a book that teaches the custom of a foreign country. With fictional characters, it is a great way to learn about history.

  • On Mar 23, 2013, ZoeBrooks said: Food in Pharsis

    Pharsis is an imaginary place, but it's based partly on Istanbul, which has an incredible spice market where the spices of Asia mix with those of Europe.

  • On Mar 23, 2013, ZoeBrooks said: Cover

    I am so glad people like the book's cover. I am proud to say that it was designed by son. He works in the film industry as a graphic designer and is very talented. He worked on Anna Karenina and Jack the Giant Killer.

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    Beautiful cover. Very interesting reading about 5 things of City Pharsis. Enjoyed the excerpt. Liked(&shared on FB)and shared on Twitter.

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    I know people have commented on that cover... but I have to say.. WOW!! best cover I've seen in a while. and covers sell me, too. I know I know.. don't judge a book by it's cover... but it's what gets me to pick it up. and boy, I would pick this one up!!

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    Great post. Sounds like a great read.

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    Wow, I love this cover. And I tweeted @littlequeenie29

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    Mysterious cover!

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    Nice info. The blurbs are great!

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    In the city Pharsis What are some of the rarer spices and herbs? Are there super special local dishes youthought about? oh! please share anything and everything that is special to you!. I Love anything specal about exotic places especially their foods, Spices and local traditions. Thanks so Much for your time!!

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    interesting info

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    MORE! Great excerpt, definitely makes me want to find out what happens.

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    Enjoyed the post. Great looking cover on the book.

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    A most interesting post thank you.


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    I found the five things very interesting, thank you.


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    Thank you for featuring my book on your website. I am in the UK, so I'm at least 5 hrs ahead of the US. If anyone wishes to ask a question I will be back later today and again tomorrow to answer.

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