• On Dec 19, 2019, char said: scavenger hunt

    I love outer space romances and Homeworld for the Holidays sounds like a winner.I'll have to check out the rest of the series.

  • On Dec 19, 2019, Purpleunicorn said: Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks for introducing me to some new authors. I'll be looking into more books by Diane Benefiel and Becky Banks.

  • On Dec 19, 2019, Tamara Kasyan said: Holiday Reads!

    So many great books in this hunt! I picked up quite a few holiday reads that will be perfect to read over the holidays.

  • On Dec 19, 2019, Msredk said: Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt

    Thank you for sharing all these great books and for this awesome giveaway! Happy Holidays!

  • On Dec 19, 2019, ElizabethH said: Books

    Homeworld for the Holidays and so many others! Thanks for hosting this wonderful event! I'm introduced to a plethora of new-to-me authors!

  • On Dec 19, 2019, Sue A said: Books to read

    Thanks for gathering so many of my favourite authors in one place and introducing me to others I wasn't aware of like "Karyn Good."

  • On Dec 18, 2019, cenixon said: authors

    There are quiet a few I might try.

  • On Dec 18, 2019, lindahl said: authors and books

    The book Gone by Karyn Good looks like one I'd like

  • On Dec 18, 2019, angie booklover said: Book

    I am curious about HIDDEN TRUTH!

  • On Dec 18, 2019, Lys Lucky said: Interesting location

    I'm very intrigued by Christy Nicholas's Past Storm and Fire. What an interesting premise and location! I've never read a romance set in Iceland before.

  • On Dec 18, 2019, griffinsgma said: Books and Authors

    Forged and One More Shot are both set in Oregon and that's a draw for me since I grew up in Oregon. Emma's Dream also sounded interesting.

  • On Dec 17, 2019, pams said: Interested In

    Quite a few "interested in" authors and books I'd like to try including 'Gone' by Karyn Good and 'Hidden Truth' by Danica Winters.

  • On Dec 17, 2019, Researcher said: New to me

    I have discovered several new authors that I want to try their books. thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Dec 17, 2019, dbranigan said: Giveaway Authors

    There were several authors new to me. I would like to read Nancy Naigle's works and M. Lee Prescott's novel A Valley Christmas (Morgan's Run Book 10). Thanks for sharing.

  • On Dec 17, 2019, orchdlady said: New authors

    Karyn Good and Morgan Brice are new to me authors.

  • On Dec 17, 2019, Katrina Dehart said: A lot of new to me authors

    I know quite a few of these authors and their books. Still a lot are new to me. Looking forward to checking out their books!

  • On Dec 17, 2019, abqnancy said: Books for any time

    I loved the chance to read all of the different books. I love Scottish romances- Here is Heather McCollum, and Christmas- Here's Nancy Naigle. I have made a wish list for Christmas. Thanks!

  • On Dec 16, 2019, autyde said: Happy Holidays!

    I love doing the scavenger hunts. I's a great way to discover new books.

  • On Dec 16, 2019, jbalinski said: Books

    I can't wait to read A Debutante In Disguise by Eleanor Webster. This book sounds fantastic.

  • On Dec 16, 2019, Twistedrose said: Books

    The book that stands out to me is A debutante disguise. I love historicals.

  • On Dec 16, 2019, KatherineJane said: Winter wonderland

    Love these contests. Love discover new books and authors

  • On Dec 16, 2019, LeonieT said: Books, books, books!

    Some books that stand out for me is A Lesson On Love, Wild, Hidden Truth and Break Away!

  • On Dec 16, 2019, Sable said: Christmas Hunt!

    Love seeing all the great reads. Merry Christmas!

  • On Dec 16, 2019, Sentranced said: Great!

    I learned about and am very excited to read, A Debutante In Disguise by Eleanor Webster!! Thank you!! ??

  • On Dec 15, 2019, Shirley said: Christmas hunt

    This is always so much fun

  • On Dec 15, 2019, pattytune said: Thaks to all the Authors

    Really enjoy reading and finding all the clues. Merry Christmas to all.

  • On Dec 14, 2019, AshleyAnne said: Christmas fun!!

    I love these hunts! I really want to read Meows and Mistletoe by Sharon Buchbinder!

  • On Dec 14, 2019, Whodawata said: Thanks to all for the chance

    This is a great Christmas giveaway and Merry Christmas to all.

  • On Dec 14, 2019, AmberTerry said: Books

    I really want to check out more from Christy Nicholas and Morgan Brice :)

    Thanks for the chance to win and for opening us up to new authors!

  • On Dec 14, 2019, Sherry said: New book

    I found the book WILD

    by Adrienne Wilder it sounds like a great read.

  • On Dec 13, 2019, JeanMP said: Winter Wonderland 2019

    Looking forward to reading Becky Banks, Tory Richards and Karyn Good

  • On Dec 13, 2019, Marina said: Fun

    Thank you, it was a lot fun. Quite a few books look interesting. M Lee Prescott, Eleanor Webster and Heather McCollum to name a few.

  • On Dec 13, 2019, Archana said: Winter Wonderland 2019

    Always fun to take part in the giveaway.. I always find new authors to read.

  • On Dec 13, 2019, Brandi said: New to Me Book

    I’m interested in Gone by Karyn Good. Happy Holidays!

  • On Dec 13, 2019, lizeasternD said: So many good looking books

    The ones I'm most interested in are by M. Lee Prescott

  • On Dec 13, 2019, EvaM said: Winter Wonderland 2019

    Past Storm and Fire by Christy Nicholas sounds interesting, and Heather McCollum and Eleanor Webster are always great!

  • On Dec 12, 2019, Glenda said: 2 books 1 series

    I noticed that M Lee Prescott's books takek place in the same valley.

  • On Dec 12, 2019, kaisquared said: New to Me

    I found a new author to read Tara September

  • On Dec 12, 2019, Rhianona said: Great Fun

    I love this event so much. Lots of new books to put on my TBR. Looking forward most to Danica Winter's book.

  • On Dec 12, 2019, Cathyann said: Christmas fun

    So much fun

  • On Dec 12, 2019, Renald said: check it out

    I would like to read, Scottish Rogue by Heather McCollum . :)

  • On Dec 12, 2019, Heather Snyder said: Love it!

    I absolutely LOVE learning about all these new authors books!! I can't wait to read them!

  • On Dec 11, 2019, Lisaward said: Comment

    I always find New Authors to read through your Contest. Great way to have fun and find new books ?? to read .

  • On Dec 11, 2019, Sylvie said: So much variety!

    I always look forward to these scavenger hunts. This time around, I look forward to reading Meows and Mistletoe and also Dark Rivers.

  • On Dec 11, 2019, DesitheBlonde said: the giveway

    i got to get to know some of the author off face book and the books

  • On Dec 10, 2019, Beachreader said: Awesome Books

    I added Christmas Angels by Nancy Naigle and Gone by Karyn Good to my TBR list.

  • On Dec 10, 2019, Page Princess said: I WISH I HAD IT...

    I found the description for A DEBUTANTE IN DISGUISE the most interesting and wish I had it to read.

  • On Dec 10, 2019, Linda D said: Great book in giveaway!

    Heather McCollum is a new author to me, love the era of Highlander's.

  • On Dec 10, 2019, hollysmom said: Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone has a happy, book full holiday.

  • On Dec 10, 2019, kcozz said: TBR List

    I would like to read Hidden Truth by Danica Winters.

  • On Dec 09, 2019, princessdebbie said: What I like most...

    These books and authors are all new to me, but I would love to read the historical books. Thanks for the opportunity to win and good luck everyone.

  • On Dec 09, 2019, Michelle Willms said: Books

    There are so many books I'd like to read. Meows and Mistletoe and Gone are two examples. I always find new author here, or discover new books by familiar authors (Sharon Buchbinder). Thank you for such wonderful contests.

  • On Dec 09, 2019, dolphinBaby said: Wow

    I cant wait to read these books most of them if not all :) Like Heather McCollum, Sharon cooper and more

  • On Dec 09, 2019, DebbyG said: Great Book

    I am enjoying everything by Morgan Brice and I discovered the books here. Thanks

  • On Dec 09, 2019, Teenyluvkins said: So many new authors

    Morgan Brice, Adrienne Wilder are my top 2 and then Eleanor Webster, Heather McCollum, Tory Richards and many others

  • On Dec 09, 2019, Cschott said: Winter Wonderland Scavanger Hunt

    I can't wait to read some of these new to me authors! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  • On Dec 08, 2019, Maritza said: Winter Wonderland contest

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I purchased some of the books and have others on a soon to buy list

  • On Dec 08, 2019, Ivythebookgeek said: Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt '19

    I've found several new authors, Karyn Good, Sharon C. Cooper, M. Lee Prescott, Danica Winters.

  • On Dec 08, 2019, SteelerGirl said: WWSH 2019

    I am so happy to do these hunts throughout the year. I always find a book or two to get to read.

  • On Dec 08, 2019, lavender said: As an international reader,

    Thank you for introducing me to lots of new reads. The Scottish Rogue immediately caught my attention. Now, I'm off to look at the rest!

  • On Dec 08, 2019, AmbieRose said: Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt 2019

    I have found a lot of new to me authors and some that I have heard of but haven't had a chance to read their books, but I have them on my TBR list. I enjoy reading romance, holiday stories, anything that sounds good to me after I read the blurbs of different books. I love doing these scavenger hunts! Thank you for the chance and doing these scavenger hunts :)

  • On Dec 08, 2019, dzetts said: Books &Authors

    I cant wait to read all of these books!

  • On Dec 08, 2019, amybowens said: Great book selection

    I can't wait to read Emma's Dream and A Lesson in Love

  • On Dec 08, 2019, granny said: Awesome Books and Authors.

    They all sound wonderful.Love all of you authors.I love these giveaways .Love looking for the word while reading the blurb and hearing about great reads.Thank you!

  • On Dec 08, 2019, sandufoe said: Winter Wonderland

    Going to check out the new Adrienne Wilder book wild and Heather McCollum A Scottish Rogue since they peeked my interest.

  • On Dec 07, 2019, attessac said: new books

    Thank you for another great contest new books for me Forged, Ruckus, Scottish Rogue

  • On Dec 07, 2019, Jamc said: Great Giveaway

    There are so many different authors to choose from:)

  • On Dec 07, 2019, KGOLDMAN said: Thanks

    I added a bunch of books to my wish list. Love these giveaways. Happy Holidays

  • On Dec 07, 2019, maromaga said: good

    I love Ms Webster's book

  • On Dec 07, 2019, NAPAYETTE said: Karyn Good

    Sounds like the type of books I love to read. Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway.

  • On Dec 07, 2019, kaylizmc said: Hunt

    Always find new to me authors dong these hunts.

  • On Dec 07, 2019, KarenH said: Books

    I saw several I'm interested in but The Scottish Rogue by Heather McCollum really caught my eye.

  • On Dec 07, 2019, Marybelle said: Adding to my list.

    I love Christmas reads so Christmas Angels by Nancy Naigle tops my list.

  • On Dec 07, 2019, clarkws said: Looks good

    Prescott's book looks interesting

  • On Dec 07, 2019, librarypat said: I love Beauty and the Beast

    There are several authors here who are already favorites. Eleanor Webster is a new to me author. I like the sound of the blurb for her book and am sure I would enjoy it. Thank you for the giveaway. Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite.

  • On Dec 07, 2019, hanksgirl said: Love these!

    These are always so fun! I love that bag, it’s gorgeous!

  • On Dec 07, 2019, katz said: Books and Authors

    The Scottish Rogue by Heather McCollum, A Debutante in Disguise by Eleanor Webster and Mine to Five by Tara September are a just a few that I found in the Scavenger hunt.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, lysabira said: Love it

    love the treasure hunt. a good few outstanding and interesting books in there. love morgan brice so i am hoping.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Tanya Guthrie said: Books and Authors

    So many of these books look great! I will be starting the Witchbane series and A Debutante in Disguise.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, raecharmed said: Author I find on the hunt

    Zoe Dawson's book sounds good just added to my WL

  • On Dec 06, 2019, debbied said: When you find love

    This sounds like an excellent read.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Rachelblackburn said: Thank you!

    I am so excited about this opportunity!

  • On Dec 06, 2019, saundram said: Awesome

    I really want to read the ones by M Lee Scott and quite a few more.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Pjbookaddict said: New authors

    Homeworld for the holidays sounds great! Thanks for the chance ??

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Veronicathomas said: Awesome

    Thank you Tammie for doing another awesome giveaway. I have wanted to read that book by Nancy Naigle or anything by her. I have heard great things. Merry Christmas !!

  • On Dec 06, 2019, dallen said: Contest Comment

    I have learned through this about some books that I look forward to reading and probably never would have discovered otherwise.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Carol L said: Books

    See quite a few. Heather McCollum, Willa Blair, Tory Richards, M Lee Prescott and Nancy Naigel.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Tashia Jennings said: So many...

    There are so many books I one clicked like The Wild for example. Thank you for this remarkable chance and all these incredible books.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Judy Thomas said: Thank you

    I can't wait to read these books! What a great way to find new authors to read.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Stephanie Allen said: thank you

    So many great books and Authors

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Stephanie Allen said: Great. Giveaway

    Thank you i found some new Authors and great books

  • On Dec 06, 2019, misspiggysue said: Thank you

    I found some new Authors and some i know I 1 clicked a few

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Bsue said: New Authors

    I found some new Authors Zoe Dawson. and many more Thank you for the chance

  • On Dec 06, 2019, jhouser said: Lots of new authors to try out!

    Just purchased 2 of M Lee Prescott's books. Can't wait to start reading them.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, bncandg said: re:

    Sharon Buchbinder

  • On Dec 06, 2019, DLuscan said: Love these scavenger hunts!

    First up I can't wait to check out Adrienne Wilder and Nancy Naigle!!

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Bmhy said: Awesome Books

    Christmas Angels and Meows and Mistletoe sound like wonderful books for the holiday season. Thank you for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway.

  • On Dec 06, 2019, Laurel E said: Great Giveaway

    Chandler and Brice are just 2 authors with books I have added to my TBR list.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, LasVegasNan said: New authors

    I have founds quite a few I would like to read, Adrienne Wilder and Nancy Naigle and more.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, shorty said: winterwonderland

    There are several new to me authors on this list and all of the books sound like ones that I would enjoy reading. I plan to check a lot of them out.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, SandyH said: So many new authors!!

    I think I'm going to look for some of M. Lee

    Prescott's books. I like series!!

  • On Dec 05, 2019, somerss said: Sandy Somers

    Taken by the Outlaw looks good as I'm on a motorcycle kick right now and the cover and blurb are calling me.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, moolissap said: So many awesome books!

    The ones by Adrienne Wilder and Morgan Brice are now on my TBR.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, honeyb said: They All Look Great

    They all look really good especially Nancy Naigle & M. Lee Prescott's Holiday Books

  • On Dec 05, 2019, heatherpa said: Lots of Wonderful Books

    But the 2 that caught my eye is Taken by the Outlaw and Forged. Can't wait to read them!

  • On Dec 05, 2019, cocobabydoll said: M Lee Prescott

    Looking forward to reading this book.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, greenshamrock said: Books

    Danica Winters and Tory Richards books have caught my attention.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Pixiespub said: Too many to name!

    There were so many good books, it’s hard to pick just one. Surprisingly, because I enjoy a very select few Historicals, I think I’d have to say Debutante in Disguise. I want to know how she keeps her secret!

  • On Dec 05, 2019, lindah said: Lindy says

    I just found so many new books this is why i like the scavenger hunts.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, BookAnime said: All

    Very interesting storyline s. Can't pick just one.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, booksandmargaritas said: Winter Wonderland

    A few of these books sound like books that I would read. :)

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Cajun Girl said: Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt 2019

    Cajun girl says ::: These are so much fun !

    I found some new authors I have not read before,& I'm going to check them out !

    Thank you for the awesome giveaways,& Thank you for all you do for readers.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, JOYE said: Joye said great books

    I would like to start reading these books with the one by Heather McCollum about the Highlander

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Marymoon said: Found

    A debutante in disguise sounds interesting

  • On Dec 05, 2019, SueG said: Winter Wonderland

    Nancy Naigle's Christmas Angel sounds fun!

  • On Dec 05, 2019, CrystalGray said: Fun!

    So many look good, but Gone has me really intrigued.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Kixcatmom said: Thanks

    I always enjoy the scavenger hunts at Night Owl Romance.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, dakorty said: Lot's of new authors for me

    I can't list them all, but I found several and of course a new one from Willa Blair.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Angieia said: Really good books!

    I found some new really good books and can't wait to read them!

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Chrisbails said: Christmas Hunt

    I love these hunts. I always find some good reads and amazing authors. I can't wait for another fun party.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, gaborss said: Love It!

    Love playing the Scavenger Hunt and love seeing new books.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Latifa Morrisette said: So much fun!

    I love finding new authors to me such as Tory Richards.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Ccreadsbooks said: Wow, fun!

    Such a good opportunity to discover new to me authors!

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Kim BookJunkie said: Wow!!!!

    Not only was that so much fun (I’ve never entered a giveaway like that), but my TBR just grew exponentially!

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Lostintime said: Happy Holidays

    So Excited found three new to me authors and their books !

  • On Dec 05, 2019, bettyreynolds said: New books!

    Didn't realize that Diane Benefiel's new book was out. It's a must-have!

  • On Dec 05, 2019, MJoy said: #WinterWonderland Scavenger hunt

    WOW! I want to read them all. So many stories and just the genre I love! I think I'll start with the Meows and Mistletoe. That one stood out to me.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Alibi said: Wow lots of books

    Some new authors to me and some I already subscribe to. I’m off to read Wild by Adrienne Wilder the blurb sounds exciting.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, maryrbrannian said: #WinterWonderland2019

    Dark Rivers by Morgan Brice caught my attention, as did Gone by Karyn Good. I enjoy books that mix intrigue, thrills, magic and romance!

  • On Dec 05, 2019, CalliopeNJO said: Very Interesting

    I'm not normally a romance reader but I just might break that after reading the blurbs. Very interesting.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, debbiew said: All the books!

    Ruckus sounds awesome

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Nicky said: Giveaway

    There are some Don't Game Me is one

  • On Dec 05, 2019, JackieW said: New Authors

    I found several authors whose books I will try. Starting with Willa Blair’s book.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, tpoage said: These books sound great.

    I got at least 6 books through book funnel. Cant wait to start reading them.

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Loveallbooks said: Winter Wonderland

    Found a couple of new to me authors to read.

    All of M. Lee Prescott books sound good and put them down to get.

    Christmas Angel by Nancy Naigle

    Mine to Five by Tara September (love the pity party with tequila)

    A lesson on Love by Sharon C. Cooper

    My tbb list has grown in size after reading the blurbs. :)

  • On Dec 05, 2019, Acsanford said: Winter Wonderland

    There are several new to me authors in the scavenger hunt. I can't wait to read a lot of these new books!

  • On Dec 04, 2019, robinld said: Winter Wonderland

    Get Romance. This book sounds like my kind of book. I love Romance Novels. Just the little blurb that I read was intriguing.