• On Feb 23, 2018, Tamazon (Moderator) said: Winner

    The lucky winner is Rose Foster. Congrats Rose!

  • On Feb 23, 2018, Bmhy said: Blessings

    Congrats on the new release! Great excerpt. Lovely cover too. Thanks for sharing.

  • On Feb 22, 2018, onyiakpanisi said: Cover

    I love the book cover.

  • On Feb 22, 2018, Glenda said: Can't wait

    I'm looking forward to reading this one...of course I have some catching up to do on the series first

  • On Feb 22, 2018, caseygarvey said: cover

    Cover makes it look like a paris setting!

  • On Feb 21, 2018, Rita Spratlen said: Great book

    Sounds very interesting to read. The cover is very nice and makes me wish I was there!

  • On Feb 19, 2018, Queenbethanny said: Sharon Sala

    I LOVE Sharon's books!

  • On Feb 16, 2018, dshutters said: Print of Love

    This sounds good & thanks for the chance :)

  • On Feb 13, 2018, JeanMP said: Color of Love

    Sounds like a lovely story

  • On Feb 13, 2018, Barbiegirl said: Color of Love

    The cover is bright and colorful! Would love to read!

  • On Feb 12, 2018, shorty said: Love the cover!!

    The cover of this book is so eye catching. Thanks for the chance!!

  • On Feb 11, 2018, angienb said: Looks amazing!

    looking forward to reading this

  • On Feb 11, 2018, Ivythebookgeek said: The Color of Love

    I can't wait to read it, sounds like a fantastic read.

  • On Feb 10, 2018, missmaria said: cover

    What a gorgeous cover! I can't wait to read it!

  • On Feb 10, 2018, Money said: The Color of Love

    I'm looking forward to reading The Color of Love. Thank you

  • On Feb 10, 2018, landfjacobson said: Beautiful Cover!

    Oh I am so excited to read this. The cover is so beautiful and really draws you in!

  • On Feb 10, 2018, SerbianPrincess said: Small Town

    Small Town romances are a favorite

  • On Feb 10, 2018, saffrongirl said: small town romance

    love to read small town romances

  • On Feb 10, 2018, Tashia Jennings said: Thanks

    Thank you for this wonderful chance

  • On Feb 10, 2018, hotone said: Color of Love

    I have always enjoy Sharon Sala books & this one sounds like a very exciting read.

    Thanks, for the chance to win.

  • On Feb 10, 2018, mommamia said: The Color of Love

    Thank you for the chance to win this. :)

  • On Feb 10, 2018, Martha said: The Color of Love

    Miss Sala's books are awesome.

  • On Feb 10, 2018, emoffitt said: The Color Of Love

    Thank You For The Giveaway

  • On Feb 10, 2018, lasvegasnan said: Thanks

    Thanks for the chance.

  • On Feb 10, 2018, DianeS said: Small Towns

    I love small town series

  • On Feb 10, 2018, Katrina Dehart said: Sounds good

    Thank you for the chance

  • On Feb 09, 2018, SandyH said: interesting

    sounds like a fun story, would love to read it!

    thanks for the chance to win it.

  • On Feb 09, 2018, honeyb said: Blessings Georgia

    Sounds like a great place to base books on

    I love these kind

    Thanks for sharing

  • On Feb 09, 2018, Anxious said: Great

    Love her books.

  • On Feb 09, 2018, AmbieRose said: Sharon Sala-New Author to me

    When reading the excerpt of this book, it sounded good to read and I would want to read this book. I love the cover of this book! I wonder what happens next. Thank you for the chance!

  • On Feb 09, 2018, CandyLyn said: Thank you!

    I come from a small town. I know how bad the gossip can get even if it's just a rumor or outright lies. This is my kind of book!

  • On Feb 09, 2018, Lisaward said: Comment

    Very excellent except.

    Thank you for the Chance..

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