• On Aug 10, 2010, Tammie - Night Owl Reviews said:

    and the winner was: horseunicornkey

  • On Jul 29, 2010, Christine H said:

    A private Island all to ourselves, temp around 80 degress all year long. A plane to fly for groceries and of course our own mansion with lots of open airy space and an in ground swimming pool too.

  • On Jul 13, 2010, donnas said:

    Awesome series. Thanks for the chance!


  • On Jul 11, 2010, Pat said:

    A mountain cabin in a place that nobody else knows about


  • On Jul 10, 2010, Sharon Ashwood said:

    Hi, Susan - the castle in the picture is Craigdarroch Castle. It's well worth a visit if you ever come to Vancouver Island.

    Colleen - yes, Ireland! I love Celtic music, and I've always wanted to go hear it "at the source." Someday ...

  • On Jul 10, 2010, Colleen said:

    My dream vacation would be to visit Ireland... see all of that lovely green and the history through their castles, etc...


  • On Jul 10, 2010, Cathy M said:

    Wonderful trailer, Sharon, great visuals, and love the line, "Memories are the hardest monsters to kill."

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  • On Jul 10, 2010, susan said:

    We have been going thru a heat wave of temps to 102 and right now give me that castle you are standing in front of. I have a bag of books and something to drink and will even bring my chair along..The castle looked soooo cool. susan L garysue@

  • On Jul 10, 2010, Sharon Ashwood said:

    Oh, I'm so there, Wanda and Steph!

    I actually took a vacation that involved staying in a real castle in England. Sadly, it was in February. It was FREEZING COLD and I ended up very sick. You need a hot, hot hero just to avoid pneumonia!

  • On Jul 10, 2010, stacey said:

    Scotland in the summer and to visit all the castles and then this scottish lord falls in love whit me and we live in his castle and live happy ever after.


  • On Jul 10, 2010, Stephmartin71 said:

    Great Post..As long as I can remeber, I've always wanted to vacation in any castle. It's brownie points If I get to go to one in Transilvania ;) <--I think thats spelled wrong) But back to my perfect vacation, A warm and breezy daytime would be nice. The early evenings would have to have the most awesomest sunsets and the night time I'd love it to be earie, with a lil bit of fog with a big fat full moon and all the animals in the distance singing their songs. A nice long comfy cushion chair and me curled up in it with a great book in one hand and a glass of Olivers Soft Red Wine in the other. A women can dream right?


  • On Jul 10, 2010, wanda f said:

    For me it would be a week in south beach frolicking in that beautiful blue ocean drinking little drinks with umbrellas and forgetting about work bills and all the other stressers in my life lol

  • On Jul 10, 2010, Sharon Ashwood said:

    I hear you! There was a time when I wanted to go, go, go when I was on vacation but now the idea of spending a day lounging and reading sounds like pure heaven!

  • On Jul 10, 2010, practimom said:

    My fantasy, yep get the temp right, so i can lounge outside, preferably in a hammock between two palm trees on an island with white sand and sparkling blue water. books in tow and a drink in hand. Ahhh, perfect!

  • On Jul 10, 2010, hotcha12 said:


  • On Jul 10, 2010, hotcha12 said:


  • On Jul 09, 2010, Sharon Ashwood said:

    Ooo, Bethany, if you find that place, give me the brochure!

    Thanks for visiting with me!

  • On Jul 09, 2010, Barbara E. said:

    My dream vacation would be a tour of the British Isles. But I'd settle for being able to go visit my sister in California - just taking time out to sit and visit, check out her garden, shop, work on a quilt project together - it would be heaven.


  • On Jul 09, 2010, Deanne said:

    Fantasy oh boy! Mines pretty simple really. Someplace with the perfect weather 75-80 sunny nice breeze, only rains at night for a short time. Yeah the weather is important here. Other than that all I require is a hot guy who treats me like his queen, but he has to be rough around the edges, I don't want a pansy. Problem is I wouldn't want to come home if this happened ; )


  • On Jul 09, 2010, Bethany C. said:

    I just want a place to exist that is perpetually 68 degrees, has free-flowing wine that rejuvenates the liver, amazing continental cuisine with zero calories...and a babysitter.