• On Sep 18, 2015, Truanimefan said: Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Time Around!

    I was down to 4 that I couldn't find and after looking over and over found 3 more out of the 5, but it was too late for 1 of them. Lol. Still couldn't find Zoe Dawson or Cindy Skaggs's hidden graphic. I think that I pushed every link I could find at least 3 times each. But to mo avail but I still had lots of fun and can't wait for the next one!

  • On Sep 18, 2015, elsie said: Cleopatra's Necklace

    So many books sound interesting. Thanks for the fun contest.


  • On Sep 18, 2015, elsie said: Unwanted Vows

    Thanks for the contest. There are so many

    great sounding books.

  • On Sep 18, 2015, Momofthree said: Scavenger Hunt

    I've read books by Angela Ford and loved them. Most of the other authors were knew to me. Thanks for introducing me to them!

  • On Sep 18, 2015, Truanimefan said: The sheer Awesomeness!

    There are so many great authors and books that I can't wait to read. Already picked up several of the books in this hunt. I love these hunts, even though I couldn't find 5 of them. But there's still time I'll keep looking.

  • On Sep 18, 2015, LynnB said: scavenger hunt

    A trip through strange and wonderful new worlds

  • On Sep 17, 2015, belgre said: Great Hunt and awesome new authors!

    It was fun looking thru all the websites! I got to know a good deal about the authors who took part in the hunt. The only "do better" is easily finding the graphics. 5 authors I couldn't find. I'm thinking as the close of the hunt date drew near, the hunt graphic became buried. Other than that it was a great experience. Thanks as always Tammie. I appreciate it. :-)

  • On Sep 17, 2015, adila said: Scavenger Hunt Updated

    It's so coll you changed the rules for the scavenger.

    I added to my Amazon Wishlist:

    Nancy Gideon - Midnight Kiss,

    Meg Hennessy - A Pirate's Command,

    Amy Quinton - What the Duke Wants,

    Susan Vaughan - Cleopatra's Necklace,

    Cassie Clover - Prisoner of the Crown.

  • On Sep 17, 2015, gemiinii said: amazing authors

    I have discovered so many new authors! One book I am really looking forward to reading is Untouchable by Cindy Skaggs

  • On Sep 17, 2015, Bmhy said: Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks for sponsoring this fantastic scavenger hunt. I have added so many wonderful books and authors to my tbr list.

  • On Sep 17, 2015, Debskm said: Books, Books, Books.

    Thank You so much for this contest. It has given me new authors to follow.

  • On Sep 17, 2015, Michelle Willms said: scavenger hunt

    While I found several books I wanted to read, I didn't get to spend as much time looking at the books as usual. I was looking for the words. Thank you so much to all the wonderful authors and to Night Owls for once again offering such a great event. :)

  • On Sep 17, 2015, ELF said: Great new titles to discover!

    I look forward to reading many of the great titles I encountered during this hunt (although I did struggle to find a few of those graphics, lol). Thanks for a fun game and thanks to the authors for their generosity!

  • On Sep 17, 2015, gecko said: Scavenger Hunt Fun!

    I enjoy your scavenger hunts! I get to browse new authors and books. I had trouble finding the graphic for 3 authors, I swear I clicked on every link on the websites, but could not find the words. Looking forward to the new scavenger hunt coming up! Thanks!

  • On Sep 16, 2015, saleago said: finally got the hang of it.

    That was interesting. I enjoyed all the different blogs and am really interested in a lot of these great books.

  • On Sep 15, 2015, debbiet said: Scavenger Hunt

    Well, I'm embarrassed coz needed help with the graphics but after someone sweet from NOR sent me an email explaining it, I got all of them except for Cara and I looked on all of her pages and just couldn't find it. But I did everything else except the instagram and twitter because I don't do those. But I did have a great time. Thanks so much for doing this. It makes me think and it also introduces me to new authors. Some of these I've never heard of but can't wait to read their books.

  • On Sep 15, 2015, zuagy said: First one was the hardest!

    I don't know how I missed the graphic on the first author's website. I skipped it, finished everything, went back and it was RIGHT THERE!!

    I did see a few books that were interesting to me. Read a few summaries and samples from a few books too.

  • On Sep 14, 2015, Tara W said: Fun Hunt!

    I had fun and found some new books and authors. The Cauldron Bound by Mikaela Lind and Song of the Ancients by Sandy Wright seems like really interesting reads.

  • On Sep 14, 2015, debbiet said: Stuck

    I'm sorry but either I'm looking in the wrong places but by looking for what it says in the instructions, a lot of the graphics have the same words. Am I doing something wrong? I even changed internet servers just to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong.

  • On Sep 14, 2015, davisbk said: Thanks

    Thanks for the great hunt. I did find some new authors and books. I'm still trying to find the words for a few authors, but it's still fun.

  • On Sep 14, 2015, dakorty said: Scavenger Hunt

    Thank you for all the new author's I saw during my hunt.

  • On Sep 14, 2015, Jbst said: Scavenger Hunt

    Olde School by Selah Janel really sounds so interesting, along with The Klockwerk Kraken by Aidee Ladnier and What a Duke Wants by Amy Quinton.

  • On Sep 13, 2015, jbalinski said: Scavenger Hunt

    Still working my way through the scavenger hunt, but I'm having a lot of fun finding new authors and books. Thanks.

  • On Sep 12, 2015, Jana Leah said: scavenger hunt

    So many great reads! Thanks!

  • On Sep 10, 2015, stellarluna said: New Authors

    I'd definitely like to read Olde School. And I know there are several other books I'd like to read.

  • On Sep 08, 2015, adaffern said: Summer Fun

    I love discovering new authors.

  • On Sep 08, 2015, Stanalei Fletcher said: Fun Hunt!

    What a fun hunt and even better reads to check out!

  • On Sep 08, 2015, AshleyAnne said: All these books loom so good!

    I love scavenger hunts on this site! I find so many great new authors and great new reads!

  • On Sep 08, 2015, WendyBook said: Love these scavenger hunts

    What a great way to find new authors and great books. My book wishlist is longer now...

  • On Sep 07, 2015, skyeblue said: summer scavenger hunt

    Love these hunts! So many new authors to choose from. Found several new books to add to my TBR pile.

  • On Sep 07, 2015, Rhianona said: another fun hunt

    Thanks for organizing another fun hunt. It was great fun this time, especially since I hadn't heard of the majority of the authors! I'm looking forward to exploring their books now.

  • On Sep 07, 2015, katz said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks for the fun scavenger hunt. I found many new authors

  • On Sep 07, 2015, jmesparza said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt authors

    I found a lot of new authors/books that I would love to read. One of them is Cara Bristol. I would love to read all of her books.

  • On Sep 06, 2015, carlton said: Hunting for those words

    Books that I've come across so far that look good...Bitter Bite by Erin M. Leaf, Mooner by Selah Janel, Last Strike by Regan Black and The Kiss of a Rose by Augustina Van Hoven. I'm sure there will be others too.

  • On Sep 05, 2015, natbro said: ssh

    Thank you, for all the new authors I have yet to read.

  • On Sep 04, 2015, Dina said: as many as I can

    Id love to read as many authors here as I can, I have a lifetime to do it

  • On Sep 03, 2015, Cathyann said: Stuck

    I'm not understanding what I'm looking for on these author sites. I found books I want to read.

  • On Sep 03, 2015, JRae said: Author Web Hunt

    I found many new authors I would like to read. Thank you

  • On Sep 02, 2015, wyndwhisper said: Awesome contest!

    thank you for the chance at such a great contest. i look forward to reading some of my favorites like Gail Koger and also some new ones.

  • On Sep 01, 2015, AnneM said: I think

    I'm most looking forward to Midnight Kiss by Nancy Gideon.

  • On Sep 01, 2015, PamCraig said: Thanks for organizing the hunt.

    Must be quite the endeavor. It's fun to check out new to me authors. I especially look forward to checking out Telluah Darling's books.

  • On Aug 31, 2015, ladymagnolia said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt

    I love these hunts. You find a lot of new authors and many, many great books!!

  • On Aug 31, 2015, Pamk said: so much fun

    this hunt was so much fun and I found a few new to me authors. This is always hard on me. So many good books I want them all lol

  • On Aug 30, 2015, griffinsgma said: Scavenger Hunt

    Loved doing a scavenger hunt again. I saw some authors I was familiar with and new ones to try. I also don't tweet or do instagram.

  • On Aug 30, 2015, AmberTerry said: Scavenger Hunt Books

    I would love to read any of the books I saw, but particularly those by Tellulah Darling and Cassie Clover. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • On Aug 30, 2015, SandyH said: trickier than usual

    just can't tweet or instagram. interesting titles.

  • On Aug 29, 2015, rove said: Scavenger Hunt

    I had fun looking for the graphics and discovering many new authors and their books.

  • On Aug 29, 2015, catedid said: Scavenger Hunt

    Thank you for the opportunity to win some prizes.

  • On Aug 29, 2015, joytoread said: Awesome Scavenger Hunt.

    Fun and interesting hunt, loved it, Thanks :)

  • On Aug 28, 2015, Robbie said: Great Time

    Finally found all the links. Had a great time doing it.

  • On Aug 28, 2015, margaretluvisi said: like the hunt

    i had a great time with the scavenger hunt

  • On Aug 28, 2015, Marnee said: scavenger hunt

    I really had to work for some of these, I want to read just about all of them. I don't read the M/M, but I like most of the other genre"s.

  • On Aug 28, 2015, Karen said: I'm in

    I finally finished my entry. The only one I can't use is to follow you on Instagram since I haven't joined that site and probably won't. Otherwise, it has been a whole lot of fun. Thanks for all the work you do setting up contests for your readers.

  • On Aug 27, 2015, Gpangel said: new scavenger hunt

    I'm still working me way through the game, but one of these author sites doesn't have the scavenger hunt graphic. It's fun but hard.

  • On Aug 27, 2015, esky said: Great FUN

    This was my first time doing this and it was fun! Found a few new authors but a few of the words were hard to find!! lol

    this was great, thank you so much!

  • On Aug 27, 2015, Beata said: TBRed

    a lot of books today! Thanks!

  • On Aug 26, 2015, AshKrafton said: Great Hunt!

    And there are two burgers that I'm still trying to find :/ I really enjoyed seeing everyone's pages!

  • On Aug 26, 2015, Jo Anne V said: giveaway

    interesting way to meet new authors/find books

  • On Aug 26, 2015, Trix said: choices...

    I've read Aidee Ladnier's THE KLOCKWERK KRAKEN and *highly* recommend it, even if you think you don't like sci-fi! I'm intrigued by the Sara York, Gail Koger, Ash Krafton, and Roz Lee books, among many others! Off to find the last couple words that have been eluding me (though I'm not on FB or Instagram, so it may be futile).

  • On Aug 26, 2015, HaddieHarper said: I spotted some of my favorites already!

    During this hunt, I spotted several books that I have had my eye on (and I read Playing the Player which I loved!)

    I am still doing the hunt, I've got some authors' sites that I have to go back and look through again. This is so much fun! I've never participates in a scavenger-hunt before!

  • On Aug 26, 2015, kstiltner said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt

    These are always so much fun!

  • On Aug 26, 2015, Mikkii said: Scavenger Hunt

    I found so many new authors and books to read, what a great giveaway! I'll have to go back to each authors website and add their books to my list.

  • On Aug 26, 2015, Spiritofnlmk said: Hunt

    I found way too many new authors and books , my tbr is not very happy with you lol

  • On Aug 26, 2015, Tamazon said: izzieabeth

    Go down to the entry form. Click on an author name. Then click the link to the author's website. From there you hunt the author's website for a special hidden graphic that has a unique word on it. You put the word in that you found on the entry form.

  • On Aug 25, 2015, Sunnymay said: Summer Fun Hunt

    I had a good time checking on new to me authors and finding the colors with the tips provided. Only 2 were mighty hard.

  • On Aug 25, 2015, Irma Jurejevcic said: Fun

    I love this! I always have a good time searching codes and I get to meet new authors.

  • On Aug 25, 2015, LexieA said: So much fun!

    I had so much fun! :)

  • On Aug 25, 2015, MarcyWho said: new sci fi author found

    never would have found greg dragon without this scavenger hunt. thanks!!

  • On Aug 25, 2015, lizzieabeth said: Question

    What are we looking for on here in the graphic not sure what to do on this one please someone help with this contest.

  • On Aug 25, 2015, hdeeswan said: Contest

    I found so many new authors and books that I want to read! Thank you!!

  • On Aug 25, 2015, MicheleH said: Great Time

    Love the scavenger hunts. I like finding authors that are new to me. Look forward to reading WHAT THE DUKE WANTS by Amy Quinton.

  • On Aug 24, 2015, dfosterbooks said: Great Scavenger Hunt

    This was definitely a little more difficult than previous hunts but was a lot of fun!

  • On Aug 24, 2015, bevieann said: Awesome giveaway awesome bunch of authors

    I was having just as much fun finding new authors as I was playing scavenger!!

  • On Aug 24, 2015, melodyroseparker said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt

    I must say that I am so glad Regan Black FB'd me about this scavenger hunt. I found several authors I haven't read as yet and am looking forward to many pleasurable hours reading. Thank you all!!!

  • On Aug 24, 2015, jtouchstone said: quite the challenge!

    I found most of them, and put some books on my wish list!

  • On Aug 24, 2015, Midnight Princess said: New Hunt

    Liked the new hunt, though I couldn't find one of the graphics. Loved seeing a few of my favorite authors. Want to read Sara York's books.

  • On Aug 24, 2015, Soda said: Challenging Hunt

    I got all but one hidden graphic and found some awesome authors like Zoe and Regan Black and Cindy Skaggs. Thank you again for this pretty fun and time consuming event.

  • On Aug 24, 2015, greenshamrock said: Ooh...

    Some that caught my eye are...Roz Lee, Sara York, & Regan Black...

  • On Aug 24, 2015, EmilyTardy said: Summer Scavenger Hunt

    Thank you for introducing so many new-to-me authors! And thank you for the chance to win!

  • On Aug 24, 2015, jocelynlewis said: Fun new way

    This hunt was fun and exciting.

  • On Aug 24, 2015, robolaryea said: great hunt

    I enjoyed the scavenger hunt. Hope I win.

  • On Aug 24, 2015, cocobabydoll said: GOOD READS

    I cant wait to see what good new reads to check out.

  • On Aug 24, 2015, BlueGray said: Liked the blurbs!

    Going back to a couple of sites to read the excerpts - Thanks.

  • On Aug 24, 2015, AnghelalaOhh said: Scavenger :)

    Took me awhile to found all the graphics, but it made me had a good time and come across to know wonderful authors :) Looking forward to Playing the player by Lisa Brown Roberts :D Thanks for this awesome giveaway! God bless :)

  • On Aug 23, 2015, KDTalbot said: Scavenger Hunt

    All of the graphics I am seeing say Enter Now. :/

  • On Aug 23, 2015, archana said: Amazing fun...

    Enjoyed the scavenger hunt and found amazing new authors....

  • On Aug 23, 2015, tcarle said: awesome giveaway

    love the giveaway, some of the words were reallll hard but the game was awesome

  • On Aug 23, 2015, Carol L said: Hunt

    So much more time consuming. Som were super easy & ssome ere really hard. I am looking forward to Dani Harper's newest in the Grimm series, and Sara York & Amy Quinton. Masny new books & Authors.

    Carol L

  • On Aug 23, 2015, booksforme said: AMAZING!

    What an amazing group of authors! SO many books I now want to read such as The Weathermen series by Ravenna Tate, the Three Division series by Celeste Prater, The Bourbon Boys by Anne Stanley, the Untouchable series by Cindy Skaggs....

  • On Aug 23, 2015, huntressjenn said: Fun!

    I found a lot of new authors and books I'd like to read on this hunt. Thank You.

  • On Aug 23, 2015, pixiestyx said: What a fun event!

    I rather enjoyed this scavenger hunt. The first author page confused me, and I entered the wrong thing. But once I got the hang of it, I was good to go. I also found a bunch of new authors to check out. Awesome!

  • On Aug 23, 2015, erdaman said: Great hunt

    I found some great new authors and books while on the hunt! Thanks

  • On Aug 23, 2015, LisaJoli said: What a Duke Wants

    What a Duke Wants by Amy Quinton really caught my eye. There were a couple of others, but they were first person and that doesn't work for me.

  • On Aug 23, 2015, Donna A said: Lots of new to me authors

    I had fun. I missed one and don't tweet or instagram but thats okay

  • On Aug 23, 2015, Sylvie said: Lots of fun as always!

    This scavenger hunt is proving to be more challenging than those in the past, but it's also making me look at various author websites more carefully than I would have otherwise. I'm learning about lots of new-to-me authors, and I'm especially intrigued by Sarah York and Gail Koger. Thanks!

  • On Aug 23, 2015, ecocat said: Participation Encourage

    Love this Scavenger Hunt. Thought it was a one day thing but this hunt is different.

  • On Aug 23, 2015, Tamazon said: nadinemccarthy

    They are all on their sites. I completed the hunt. Some are harder than others. I'm used to doing these types of events, so maybe my "hidden graphic" detector has ticked up to advanced.

  • On Aug 23, 2015, nadinemccarthy said: authors with no graphic

    Lots of books I want to read and still a lot of authors without the graphic on their page. At least I couldn't find a bunch.

  • On Aug 23, 2015, koshkalady said: Entertaining Scavenger Hunt

    I have been introduced to a lot of new authors to me and new books for my TBR pile.

  • On Aug 23, 2015, Tamazon said: Can't Find Something

    If you can't find a few feel free to email me for a hint. Reviews@NightOwlReviews. Provide me with the author names.

  • On Aug 23, 2015, Jessiqa said: Hard, but fun

    There was one I almost didn't find. I swear I clicked every link on the site 5 times and then I finally found it. Whew!

  • On Aug 23, 2015, Aleveria said: Yay!

    Got all but one! I *just* finished a Cindy Skaggs book, nice to see her repped here, and found a few books to check out while I hopped around. Nice selection of authors!

  • On Aug 23, 2015, fyrestorme said: Awesome Scavanger Hunt!!

    Thank you for the wonderful chance to win some fantastic prizes. I love the new authors I have discovered and love the ones I already knew.

  • On Aug 23, 2015, bncandg said: re:

    Anna Durand

  • On Aug 22, 2015, essgem said: Hunt - Summer 2015

    I’m interested in books by a few new-to-me authors: Alice Gaines, Meg Hennessy and Jan Scarbrough.

  • On Aug 22, 2015, Suzy said: Suzy said: Scavenger

    Lots of new authors to look into. The hunt was fun...

  • On Aug 22, 2015, Ingeborg said: Scavenger Hunt

    I found some great new authors. I want to read books by Dani Harper, Nicole Flockton and some others.

  • On Aug 22, 2015, DebbyG said: New Author

    I would like to rad Cindy Skagg's books. I have never read anything by her and they look great.

  • On Aug 22, 2015, hiddenjewel said: It was fun but......

    It was fun, but was time consuming. I think I got a couple of ones wrong before I got the hang of it. I think the most frustrating thing is when all the Authors didn't have it all sorted on the start date. But still it's a great chance to win some prizes, you got to be in it to win it :)

  • On Aug 22, 2015, StarDust said: Didn't get them all...

    Some of these were just too hard to find! But I definitely found some great new authors :)

  • On Aug 22, 2015, Tamazon said: Feedback

    Thanks for the feedback. Our next event will be a blurb word find again.

  • On Aug 21, 2015, Sherry said: not a lot of fun

    I didn't care this as much as the other hunts because some of the graphics are hard to find and you have to look over and over. I really didn't spend much time reading about the books since it was so hard to find the graphics.

  • On Aug 21, 2015, Sable said: Hunt

    Hunt was a lot of fun.

  • On Aug 21, 2015, Lashea said: Interesting.

    Great way to discover new authors.

  • On Aug 21, 2015, infinitieh said: That was fun

    It was a great way to look at the various authors' sites and books.

  • On Aug 21, 2015, JLessard said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt

    I am very interested in most of the books that are not PRN. Not much into them but I did spot quite a few that will be added to my TBR list! Thank you for the opportunity, it was fun.

  • On Aug 21, 2015, Wiccachic said: Strange Hunt - Full of Pitfalls and Human Error, Meh

    I'm interested in dani harper's grim series, erin m leaf's bitter bite, greg dragon's and then there were giants series, the collective works of sara york,

    zoe dawson's starbuck series, sandy wright's song of the ancients, and selah janel's horror and fantasy works.

    For the first time I didn't really finish the rafflecopter because I don't have instagram or the ability to get instagram due to lack of mobile to download the app required to get an instagram account (so that sucks). Also there were quite a few broken links on one author's site which made it difficult to locate the special word, in fact without some creative manual link alteration it would be impossible to locate but sadly you can't click to find it.

  • On Aug 21, 2015, Renald said: Help

    Boy, some of the words are lost or I am.

  • On Aug 21, 2015, tangerine said: hunt

    I'm looking forward to Cleopatra's Necklace by Susan Vaughan and checking out some other books from some new authors I've discovered.

  • On Aug 21, 2015, lizzieabeth said: New Authors.

    This awesome website here meet new Authors find new book on here. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • On Aug 21, 2015, sunshinehdfan said: hunt

    This is super time consuming and hard to do. Ugh

  • On Aug 21, 2015, Relklaf said: Tamazon

    I still can't figure out what to look for. When I go to the websites I see the hunt graphic, but when I press what I think is the little pillow on graphic all it does is take me back to NOR. What am I doing wrong?

  • On Aug 20, 2015, melissacrisp said: So lost

    I think I'm missing something on this scavenger hunt. How do I know what I'm looking for? I've clicked several and I'm still not sure what I'm looking for.

  • On Aug 20, 2015, thereadingrebel said: Had Fun but not as fun as the other hunts

    I am finding this hunt fun but I loved the other hunts when you had to read the summary about the book and the answer was in the summary. I found more books that way. Thanks for having the hunt.

  • On Aug 20, 2015, amandastar said: I love a Scavenger Hunt

    Very cool contest! I love being able to check out so many new authors in one place!

  • On Aug 20, 2015, Virginia said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love these hunts because I find a lot of new to me authors and some great books.

  • On Aug 19, 2015, SylveTReader said: contest

    This was fun! some of these were hard to find! i would love to read so many of these!Found so many new authors from this like Sara York, Nancy Gideon!

  • On Aug 19, 2015, JeanMP said: Scavenger Hunt

    Finding a lot of new books, enjoyed this scavenger hunt.

  • On Aug 19, 2015, orchdlady said: Found some interesting authors and books

    The scavenger hunt is a great way to find new authors and books to be read.

  • On Aug 19, 2015, Lissa said: What fun!

    What a fun scavenger hunt...only issue is it's making my TBR grow as I poke around some of these pages!

  • On Aug 19, 2015, suzyrph said: Scavenger Hunt

    Wow!!!! What a great group of authors. Love the excerpts, on Amazon to buy the books.Thanks!!!!

  • On Aug 19, 2015, CandyLyn said: Blog comment

    I really love all of the contemporary and historical romances but if I had to pick one or die it would be a difficult choice but I would go with A Pirate's Command

  • On Aug 19, 2015, CandyLyn said: Thank you!

    Thanx for clearing it up. I didn't want to miss something

  • On Aug 19, 2015, lizeasternD said: Summer Fun Hunt

    I'd like to start with Re-Wired but there are so many other books I'd like to read!

  • On Aug 18, 2015, acunningham said: BOOKS

    ohhhh so many books.. where do i start? Celeste Prater sounds nice!!

  • On Aug 18, 2015, Amccrary said: Wow

    This was a lot of fun guys ! Thanks !! ??

  • On Aug 18, 2015, Djoyce said: Scavenger Hunt

    Wow! Some of you authors really took the scavenger hunt to a higher level. I even had to open an Instagram !! However, I did find some new books and authors. Thank you for this chance.

  • On Aug 18, 2015, Karen said: Titles to read

    I'm looking forward to reading What the Duke Wants by Amy Quinton. She's a new-to-me author and I love historical romances. It's all good!

  • On Aug 18, 2015, leetee said: contest

    some amazing authors in this great giveaway!

  • On Aug 18, 2015, CandyLyn said: blog post comment

    It asks that the comment be on June's hunt. The comments are shut off on the page.

  • On Aug 18, 2015, CandyLyn said: wow!

    So different from before! I like it!

  • On Aug 18, 2015, SandyH said: yikes!

    interesting books. tough to find all answers though.

    might have to come back another day -- have to work tomorrow :)

  • On Aug 18, 2015, kime said: Lots of FUN!!

    Great exercise for your eyes!! Love scavenger hunts!!

  • On Aug 18, 2015, Tamazon said: Great Start

    Wow. Great work readers on doing the web hunt. You all get a gold star.

  • On Aug 18, 2015, kaisquared said: Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks for many new authors to me. Books I look forward to includeBitter Bite by Erin M. Leaf, ReWired by Greg Dragon and Suspended Game by Roz Lee.

  • On Aug 18, 2015, Diana Ware Page said: Scavenger Hunt :Completed

    Woot, Woot, finished them all !! I will say this : Nancy Gideon, DD Meirs, and ZoeDawson y'all we're the hardest to find !!! Great job on making it a "true scavenger hunt t.

  • On Aug 17, 2015, EvaM said: Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks for another fun Hunt! Lots of great authors and books, like A Pirate's Command by Meg Hennessy, What the Duke Wants by Amy Quinton, and Cleopatra's Necklace by Susan Vaughan

  • On Aug 17, 2015, Diana Ware Page said: Scavenger Hunt

    Loving this scavenger hunt, but darn some are impossible to find! !#

  • On Aug 17, 2015, amartinez said: Scavenger Hunt

    Had a great time once I figured out what I was looking for! I can't wait to start reading some of these books. Bitter Bite, Storm Warned and Dark Summoner all look good.

  • On Aug 17, 2015, missyroth said: Fun!

    Had fun, but I couldn't find all of them.

  • On Aug 17, 2015, chrisinwi said: scavenger hunt

    had fun once i figured out what to look for!!! as always found a lot of new authors to check out, hope they are on monday night chats

  • On Aug 17, 2015, SueG said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks! This was fun! Some great new authors to look for too! :)

  • On Aug 17, 2015, Diana said: scavenger hunt

    this has been a blast!