• On Jul 08, 2020, ljkish said: Reading

    Although I have a lot of Kindle books, I still prefer to read a physical book. I have a lot of them, too. My summer will be spent in air-conditioned comfort on my computer and also reading.

  • On Jul 08, 2020, NanaSue said: Summer

    What are your plans for this summer?

    I'm going to landscape our yard and spend more time reading.

    Do you have a reading list?

    Yes. I have a long list of books that I'm planning to read.

    Do you mostly read digital, physical or audio books?

    It's a toss up between digital and print books.

  • On Jul 07, 2020, MoonMaiden said: Hot!

    Staying out of the heat!

    Of course I have a reading list!

    Real books only!

  • On Jul 07, 2020, gecko said: Summer!

    The only plans I have for this summer is rest and recuperation after almost 3 months of teaching via distance learning.

    I do not have a reading list, I see a new book or a new author, and I?ll immediately get engrossed reading it.

    I read primarily digital books. A Kindle is easier to lug around than 5+ hard copies. I do listen to audio books as well if they are affordable or free.

  • On Jul 07, 2020, ticklebear said: Plans

    Its winter over here so I'm enjoying reading by the fire. I don't have a reading list I just pick and choose as the mood strikes me. At the moment I listen to a couple of audio books a week while at work and am doing more reading on my kindle than the books of my shelf.

  • On Jul 07, 2020, griffinsgma said: Summer

    My summer plans are working in the yard and working at my part-time election office job. I mostly read ebooks and I have been trying to read through my collection of print books. I don't really have a reading list, I just read whatever strikes my fancy at a particular time. I have been reading a lot of rom-coms to raise my spirits.

  • On Jul 06, 2020, Sunnymay said: Summer Plans

    Cape Cod vacation in August for a week with my daughter, SIL, 2 grandsons (8 and 22 months) who I've been watching since March 22nd so parents can work. I have a reading list on Goodreads. I read mostly print books.

  • On Jul 06, 2020, DorothyH said: Love these contests!

    Love these Treasure Hunt Contests! Lol what else besides reading does a "Quarantined "reader have to do! ? ;o) Good luck everyone!

  • On Jul 06, 2020, ILOVEREADING said: Summer

    What are your plans for this summer?

    To spend time with my grandkids and to work in my garden.

    Do you have a reading list?

    Yes I do. My TBR is long!

    Do you mostly read digital, physical or audio books?

    I love them both they each have thier own unique qualities.

  • On Jul 06, 2020, Lostintime said: Summer and Reading

    What are your plans for this summer?

    To go Hiking, add onto my small rescue farm. And enjoy the warm weather.

    Do you have a reading list?

    Yes I do. My TBR List soooooo is long!

    Do you mostly read digital, physical or audio books?

    I love The physical best but I also enjoy the ease of an e -book

  • On Jul 06, 2020, kolbamberlee said: Summer Giveaway -

    What are your plans for this summer?

    We are working on renovations to the home we have lived in for 16 years. We are hoping to put it on the market and move in August.

    Do you have a reading list?

    Yes I do. My TBR is long!

    Do you mostly read digital, physical or audio books?

    I love physical books the most, but I read a lot of kindle (digital) books as well.

  • On Jul 06, 2020, LeonieT said: Summer reading!

    We are currently in winter, but when summer comes I would love to spend more time outdoors. My reading list is very long, wish I had more time to read. I only read digital books.

  • On Jul 06, 2020, Carol L said: Summer Plans & Reading

    I have no real plans at the moment. Possibly backyard BBQ's with family and day trips to the shore. I'm currently reading through my TEL books, finally.

  • On Jul 05, 2020, Sable said: Summer Giveaway

    No real plans. Just plan on getting some reading in.

  • On Jul 05, 2020, daphnee said: Summer Giveaway

    We're hopefully going to do some camping this summer I don't have a reading list. I just read what is on my Kindle. I like physical books and ebooks.

  • On Jul 05, 2020, angienb said: hi!

    No summer plans. Staying in and staying safe. Just play games and reading.

    I don't have a reading list, I have a ton of TBR and picking up whatever book I feel like reading next.

    I read physical books. I have a huge collection of signed books that I need to get through!

  • On Jul 04, 2020, Msredk said: Scavenger hunt

    My plans this summer are to help my daughter run her household bcz she just had her 2nd child. We are very busy around here!

  • On Jul 04, 2020, AmberTerry said: Summer Fun

    I don't really have any plans for the summer...I never really do :) I have such a long TBR that I'm slowly tackling; I normally read physical copies of books, but lately I've been reading A LOT of ebooks.

    (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  • On Jul 03, 2020, Sherriemerrell said: Summer Fun Giveaway

    Thank You so very much for the opportunity! Love Every Single Thing about this Giveaway.

  • On Jul 03, 2020, sandufoe said: Summer Fun Giveaway

    No real plans with all the self isolating just doing lots of reading. Have a huge reading list and like all books, paper, ebook, and audiobook.

  • On Jul 03, 2020, Brandi said: Great Hunt

    No plans for summer due to pandemic. I have a huge reading list lol I read digital and physical books but don’t listen to audio books.

  • On Jul 03, 2020, jmesparza said: Summer Fun Giveaway

    I have no Summer Plans, but I plan to read as many of my tbr pile of ebooks that I can.

  • On Jul 03, 2020, SteelerGirl said: Summer Fun Giveaway

    No real plans because of the COVID, but to just stay safe and enjoy family.

    I have a TBR shelf of books. I just start an author and read them in series order or published order.

    I love physical books, but i do audio at work.

  • On Jul 01, 2020, margaretluvisi said: having a great reading summer

    What are your plans for this summer?

    i will go to Cape May ,NJ for a week in Aug.

    Do you have a reading list?

    no reading list just open my kindle

    Do you mostly read digital, physical or audio books? read mostly ebooks

  • On Jul 01, 2020, jlbdb said: Summer giveaway

    No plans this summer. My TBR stack grows as new books come out. I read print books only because I don't haven any way to read ebooks. Thanks for the chance. - Lynn Brown

  • On Jul 01, 2020, Researcher said: Reading and Summer plans

    This summer staying home. Doing things around the house and year this summer. I have a TBP pile that is higher than I would have thought if you include all three kinds of reading. I do all three. Audio is what I use when I do crafts or go on trips. Digital is because some authors that is the only way to get their books but I will always like print books.

  • On Jun 30, 2020, inkchick said: No Plans, No List

    Nope, I have no plans, nor do I have a reading list because my mood changes and that determines what I want to read on any given day. I read both physical and digital books.

  • On Jun 30, 2020, Beachreader said: Summer Fun Giveaway

    I mostly read digital books.

  • On Jun 30, 2020, ctheriot said: Summer Plans

    No plans except to read lots of books.I don't have a set reading list. I just grab whatever matches my mood and go with it. I read digital , print and audio books. Not unusual to have five books being read at the same time. I switch from one to the other depending on my mood.

  • On Jun 30, 2020, frlarsson said: My plans

    What are your plans for this summer? Spend time in my garden - hopefully in the sun, reading and relaxing

    Do you have a reading list? I have a TBR pile bigger than my house

    Do you mostly read digital, physical or audio books? I read them all, audio is easy on the bus or while sunbathing, ebooks since I´m a Kindleholic, and physical since nothing beats the scent or feel of a proper book.

  • On Jun 30, 2020, orchdlady said: Commentary

    What are your plans for this summer? Sometime this summer, I may drive 4 hours to my sister's farm, in the middle of nowhere.

    Do you have a reading list? I'm slowly getting through the books I've won over the last 6 months.

    Do you mostly read digital, physical or audio books? I prefer physical books.

  • On Jun 30, 2020, Sylvie said: Summer Plans?

    Don't really have any Summer plans due to lockdown. Even though things in California are slowly reopening, I don't feel comfortable going to restaurants or anywhere with more than just a few people, even though I wear a mask religiously when I'm out of the house. SO, I've been doing lots of reading, jigsaw puzzles, decluttering (getting rid of unwanted stuff feels so good!) and watching lots and lots of Star Trek. (Bones coulda found a cure for COVID in like five minutes - just saying...) Live Long and Prosper!

  • On Jun 29, 2020, Jodi Hunter said: What kind of book?

    I like a physical book, I like the feel of it in my hand, i love the smell of a book.

  • On Jun 29, 2020, onejewel said: No particular plans

    With the pandemic, I have no particular plans except to stay safe. I am trying to catch up on my TBR which is a mix of physical and digital. I like to listen to audio books when I am doing things around the house, also in my car. I don't have a reading list, what I read depends on my mood at that time.

  • On Jun 29, 2020, lizeasternD said: Reading List

    I always have a reading list going but tend to steer towards lighthearted reads over the summer. I'll read a book any which way but read more on my Kindle now just because its so convienent

  • On Jun 29, 2020, Didi said: No plan or proper list

    I have no summer plan or proper reading list. What I have is an ever increading tbr queue which number only got higher the more I read. ?? I basically play catching up with that tbr queue and hope for the best!! ??

  • On Jun 29, 2020, simplysuzanne said: Summer Fun Giveaway

    I really don't have any summer plans except to take the grandchildren camping a few times. I don't have a reading list and I almost always read on Kindle.

  • On Jun 29, 2020, clynsg said: Answers

    My summer plans are currently to pretty well stay at home, I definitely have a reading list (more than one actually), and I read in virtually any format, although I don't like audio very much. I read much faster than the narrator talks, so they take too long!

  • On Jun 29, 2020, JeanMP said: Summer Fun Giveaway

    No summer plans, don't have a reading list and do my reading on a kindle

  • On Jun 29, 2020, jenmeltwin said: Reading Addict

    This summer I will be staying inside and trying to safe healthy since my state (Florida) is basically wide open and growing Covid like a science project. It helps that all of the concerts that I was supposed to go to have been postponed until next year. That just means more time for reading.

    I do not have a reading list, I like to get recommendations and gobble up everything I can.

    I read a mix of digital and physical books while at home and listen to audiobooks while working. I use every source I can to get my book fix!

  • On Jun 28, 2020, booksforme said: Answers

    The only real summer plans we have is moving our child to another state. They graduated from college and are moving mid July! I have a HUGE reading list and mainly read digital books.

  • On Jun 28, 2020, KGOLDMAN said: Thank you

    Unfortunately due to what is going on in the world it will be a quiet summer. I prefer to read with an actual book in my hand, but most of my reading is on kindle

  • On Jun 28, 2020, Ingeborg said: Summer

    My husband and I were planning to go to Lake Tahoe, NV

    Yes I have a long reading list.

    I mostly read physical books.

  • On Jun 28, 2020, EvaM said: Summer 2020 Scavenger Hunt

    No specific plans for summer. Have a long TBR list. Read mostly digital now.

  • On Jun 28, 2020, dolphinBaby said: Summer

    What are your plans for this summer? I am going to go to the lake and host some bbqs

    Do you have a reading list? yes i do

    Do you mostly read digital, physical or audio books? Physical books

  • On Jun 28, 2020, Nicky said: Giveaway

    No plans. Hoping to finish unpacking

  • On Jun 28, 2020, blakesmomma said: Summer

    I really don't have any plans for the summer. Yes I have a long reading list and I read only on the kindle.

  • On Jun 28, 2020, Bmhy said: Summer Plans

    I don't have any special plans for the summer. Since I have a large reading list, I will be reading a lot this summer. Even though I read both digital and print books, I prefer print books.

  • On Jun 27, 2020, AshleyAnne said: Summertime!!

    I don't really have many plans for summer thanks to Covid-19. No real reading list either. I mostly read physical books, but ebooks are good too.

  • On Jun 27, 2020, abfantom said: Summer plans

    I'm hoping to go to Myrtle Beach, SC this summer. I don't have a reading list. I prefer to read print books

  • On Jun 27, 2020, Loveallbooks said: Summer

    My plans this summer is to paint the outside of my house.

    I have a big reading list to get through. I also like both ebooks and physical books.

  • On Jun 27, 2020, Shirley said: Summer Fun

    I found a couple books I must get

  • On Jun 27, 2020, Renald said: hello

    I am a member, I like to read paper books. I have no big plans , but I like to read. No list yet. :)

  • On Jun 26, 2020, borbaletinha said: Summer plans

    While i don't have many plans, I do have a reading competition I am doing so I will be spending any free time reading!

  • On Jun 26, 2020, Ddtoy said: raffle

    I dont make plans anymore so I just go with the flow.

    I have a huge readong list but mostly ARC.

    I mostly read digital books because of my arthritis in my wrists.

  • On Jun 26, 2020, SueG said: Summer Fun

    We really have no summer plans....too nervous to travel.

    I have a huge reading list! LOL

    I prefer to read digital books now. As I get older it's easier to make the font bigger!

  • On Jun 26, 2020, Sherry said: No plans

    I really don't have any plans for the summer and I mainly read on my Kindle these days.


    I Love reading the print books no summer plans I am just staying at home

  • On Jun 25, 2020, Marybelle said: my books

    I prefer to read physical books and yes I have a list - very long. No plans this year. Staying put.

  • On Jun 25, 2020, kcozz said: Summer Plans

    I do not have any plans for Summer. I have a shelf in my bookcase overflowing with unread books, but no list. I prefer physical books.

  • On Jun 25, 2020, Tamazon said: Hello

    Hi Besties, Tammie here from Night Owl Romance. Like most of you. We are also mostly confined to our house. It’s been months since we entered a grocery store or any store or restaurant. Groceries have been delivered by Costco via Instacart and HEB via Shipt. Both services have been fairly good. I’ve been reading both digital and audiobooks and enjoying the time at home. I do normally enjoy going out :), so this has been a change. About every weekend we do a drive to a local In-N-Out burger (20 to 40 min away) and go through the drive thru. We once in a while hit up Torchy’s Tacos via their curbside option. We pop the trunk, chat with the staff we used to talk to face to face and then find a nice view from the parking lot. Things sure have changed. With San Antonio becoming a hot spot, we are even less likely to go out. Like some of you we also had to cancel our vacation. My was that a hassle. We had scheduled 3 weeks in Europe with all the sights, transportation and hotels. I had to cancel everything and hope for refunds. Hopefully we will be able to reschedule for Christmas. I wish you all the best with your Summer plans and reading.

  • On Jun 25, 2020, townbar said: townbar

    What are your plans for this summer? We are confined aren't we

    Do you have a reading list?The public library

    Do you mostly read digital, physical or audio books? all

    Smile Please and thanks

  • On Jun 25, 2020, mybradybunch said: Summer Fun

    My trip to Jamaica was cancelled for this year. I have been participating in the Good Reads meet and greet reading 20 books in 60 days. I am enjoying participating in the Night Owl scavenger hunt and fining new books to read.

    Thanks for the fun.

  • On Jun 25, 2020, DebbyG said: Summer

    Staying home this summer as my cruise has been cancelled. I do have a TBR list and I read physical books and ebooks. I enjoy audio books when I go to babysit. My daughter and SIL are considered essential.

  • On Jun 25, 2020, autyde said: Summer Fun

    I enjoy the scavenger hunts. During quarentine, this is a fun break. THank you for doing this!

  • On Jun 25, 2020, obxtany said: Summer

    This summer I'm waiting to reluctantly return to work. My reading list consists of classics, I prefer print books

  • On Jun 25, 2020, kcharlton said: Summer

    This summer I plan on planting my veggie garden..which I am late, swimming in my pool, and basically just chillin. I have a PILE if paperbacks to cathc up on...probably while sunbathing!

  • On Jun 25, 2020, cuevasdm said: Summer 2020 giveaway

    I don't have plans now for this summer. I did before, but they had to be canceled due to the coronavirus traveling restrictions traveling to Europe. I will probably be staying at home relaxing with a good book.

    I have a very long TBR list.

    I read mostly physical books but occasionally digital. However, my preference is physical books because I like the feel of the paper in my hands.

  • On Jun 25, 2020, Judy Thomas said: I wish it was Summer :)

    It is winter here now & a bit miserable today. I like to read physical books & kindle ones. I have just started audio books but keep falling asleep while listening to

  • On Jun 25, 2020, tnldy said: Summer Plans

    We are still staying alone together with most of the world, but we do have a few plans with the Grands. I read digital, paper, and listen to audiobooks! My nose is always in a book! My tbr is endless!!

  • On Jun 25, 2020, SabrinaTemplin said: Summer 2020 Giveaway

    My plans for the summer: work on goals

    My TBR list: ALL IS LOOOOOST! lol

    I like print but if I had an ereader that worked I'd love it even more and have tons more books at my disposal. :)

  • On Jun 25, 2020, honeyb said: Summer Blahs

    We'll Try to go to an amusement park if any open this year

    Lots of reading but no list and I usually have my Kindle read to me (tts not audible) so I can put in my Bluetooth and do other stuff while "reading"

  • On Jun 25, 2020, bookwormbabe said: Summer

    This summer I plan to read and binge watch a lot. I have a pretty big reading list. I like to have my favorite books in physical form but I do like to read in a digital format when I'm on the move so I can read whatever book I feel like at anytime.

  • On Jun 25, 2020, raecharmed said: summer giveaway

    I'm staying home this summer due to some medical problems that keep me from being out because of the virus. I have a very long To be read list. I read ebooks, physical and sometimes listen to audio books. Thanks for this chance.

  • On Jun 25, 2020, somerss said: Summer Giveaway

    I have to work during the summer unfortunately but I've made a dent in my TBR list. I'm a digital reader for sure as I wouldn't have the room to house all my books. Lol. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • On Jun 25, 2020, abqnancy said: Summer 2020

    This summer, with all the stay at home messaging has actually been my reading dream. I have so much time to read that I can travel almost everywhere in a book with little or no distraction. I have been having many medical issues that keep me down but all of the books I am able to read can take me anywhere, and for that I'm thankful to all the authors who are giving me a glimpse of the world I am unable to visit. I have had a TO BE READ list for as long as I can remember and this year I'm actually flying through it. I don't care how or what I read on- e-book, print or audio as long as the story is great. Audio is very slow for me so I only use it on days where I am not able to read the book myself. I wish there was not something this terrible making us having to live with "stay at home" orders but it has given me time to read anything and everything, thanks to the authors everywhere.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, Grace Henley said: Summer Fun

    Thanks for the chance, and Wonderful Summer Fun Reading, with such a wonderful selection of Fun Books!

  • On Jun 24, 2020, Purpleunicorn said: Summer Fun!

    I don't have any specific plans for this summer, but I would like to spend some time with my sister.

    I don't have a reading list, but I do have a very long TBR list.

    I prefer physical books but read more digital.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, ElizabethH said: Summer Fun

    My plans are to stay in the a/c and read. I absolutely have a huge reading list! And I'm totally adding Commanding Sia by Zoe Dawson! I like the TV show NCIS and I'd love to read this!

  • On Jun 24, 2020, mari said: summer plans

    we don't have any summer plans yet and I do have a ton of books on my to be read list

  • On Jun 24, 2020, Laurel E said: Summer Fun?

    Since I have no plans to go anywhere during the summer, my plan is to, hopefully, make progress on my very long TBR list. I read mostly e books, but I have been know to visit the library for new releases from favorite authors, so I read both hard copy and e books.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, Sheliawilliams said: Giveaway

    My plans for this summer is spending time with my family and going to the beach with a nice book. No i don't think i have a reading list and i mostly read ebooks, but sometimes actual books.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, urschler said: Blog post giveaway questions

    What are your plans for this summer? Family Reunion at Kentucky Lake

    Do you have a reading list? I have too many to count read and unread books

    Do you mostly read digital, physical or audio books? I mostly read/listen to my books.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, bluebelle said: Fun contest

    This was more fun then I thought it would be. Found some good book suggestions!

  • On Jun 24, 2020, Lisaward said: Contest

    No plans this summer with everything going on .

    Just do our family bbqing .

    I mostly read physical books I just prefer holding them in my hands and turning pages.

    Thank you for the summer fun I always enjoy these and finding new reads and Authors.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, kaylizmc said: Awesome

    Just love these Scavenger Hunts. Have a long list of to-be-read but always looking for more. Plan on doing a lot of reading and hopefully get to start visiting with people.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, MicheleH said: Summer Plans

    I plan to spend the summer at my beach house in Delaware. I do not have a reading list but have lots of unread books I plan to catch up on. I prefer physical books when I'm home and ereader when I travel.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, kaisquared said: Summer plans

    Working, reading new releases by my favorite authors like Say Yes to the Duke by Eloisa James. I read mainly paperbacks at home, audiobooks while driving and ebooks while waiting in lines or away from home.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, lavender said: Audiobooks!

    My reading summer plans include audiobooks! I have a library on Audible and right now I'm enjoying my public library's online selection of audiobooks.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, shorty said: Summer

    I plan to spend as much time as I can at the beach reading and relaxing. I don't really have a list of books, I read what ever appeals at the moment. I like to read kindle books but I do still like paperbacks once in a while. Thank you for the great giveaway!!!

  • On Jun 24, 2020, lorir said: Summer Plans

    I plan to read and spend time with family. I do have a reading list for this summer and I mostly read ebooks because I can take them with me.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, Latifa Morrisette said: Summer Plans

    I don't have any summer plans other than reading.

    I don't have a reading list.

    I read mostly ebooks and listen to audio books.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, KarenH said: Summer Plans

    I don't travel much anymore due to health issues. Reading is high on my list of summer stuff to do. I don't have a particular reading list, just whatever book hits the top of my TBR shelf when I'm ready for another book. I prefer reading paperbacks but I do read a lot on my Kindle as I am right now with my current read. Don't do audio books at all. Maybe someday if my eyes fail me.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, pizzahut said: summer

    I like to read both, mostly physical. I haven't been reading much lately with everything going on. Won't have many plans this summer, just fixing up around the house.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, AnneM said: I have a huge TBR pile

    I also got a 2 month trial of Kindle Unlimited so my TBR pile hasn't gotten any shorter as I read new KU books. I prefer physical books, but I've really stepped up the ebooks with KU and through my public library since it's been closed.for physical book pick up until last week.

  • On Jun 24, 2020, bncandg said: re:

    no reading list

  • On Jun 24, 2020, gincam said: born free...

    I plan to enjoy as much freedom and read as many (prefer print) books as possible!!!

  • On Jun 24, 2020, debbiew said: Digital reader

    I mostly read on my phone with my kindle app.

  • On Jun 23, 2020, Cathyann said: Scavenger Hunt

    I always enjoy this.

  • On Jun 23, 2020, LasVegasNan said: Summer

    Staying inside with the a/c and read. Paperbacks mostly.

  • On Jun 23, 2020, greenshamrock said: Summer

    I read mostly digital, but have a nice print TBR pile too... definitely squeezing in as much reading as I can! :)

  • On Jun 23, 2020, ptclayton said: Summer Reading

    I don't have a reading list as I just bought all the print books I wanted for the moment to keep me reading while ordered to stay home all the time from the dr.

  • On Jun 23, 2020, Glenda said: THANKS !!

    At the moment we don't have any summer plans except maybe go visit our son since he moved for a job during all this covidness. I have a massive tbr, but read in random order depending on my mood. ;-) I do read mostly ebooks - sadly I'm at the point where being able to size the text instead of searching for reading glasses is a huge benefit. :-) Besides, no one can see the hundreds of books waiting for me to read in ebook form.

  • On Jun 23, 2020, Urdchan said: My summer

    The COVID-19 has ended pretty much all my plans for summer. The husband is working from home, so it's hard to get anything done around the house these days. I have a LONG reading list and am hoping to make a dent this summer. And, while I prefer physical books, I've been reading mostly digital lately (my shelves are already so full and if it's a book I fall in love with, I then buy the physical copy).

  • On Jun 23, 2020, Peggysheppard said: Summer Fun!

    Thanks for the chance to make summer fun with a new kindle!

  • On Jun 23, 2020, gaborss said: Good Selection

    You've done it again with a really nice selection of books. You know that I'll spend as much of the summer as I can reading. I use an ereader (Kindle) mostly.

  • On Jun 23, 2020, Tamazon said: Woot

    I’m so excited to have you over for our annual Summer Fun romance book scavenger hunt. Your romance book bestie, Tammie King