• On Jun 21, 2019, suzgiorgione said: Thank you

    Had a great time checking out all the books. Thank you for the chance at this great giveaway!!

  • On Jun 21, 2019, Lynndent said: Books

    I like all the books

  • On Jun 21, 2019, PaulaAL said: Hereditary Magic

    Sigh, fumble-fingered typing and I-hate-point-click bit me again, so... the cover grabbed me, and the title..

  • On Jun 21, 2019, PaulaAL said: I Didn't Miss It This TIme!

    I actually got the Round Tuit this time! Busily reading blurbs...

  • On Jun 21, 2019, amycrocker said: So Much Fun!

    These Scavenger Hunt activities are so much fun! I hop everyone has a great time doing them like I have.

  • On Jun 21, 2019, Brandi said: What I'd Like to Read

    I'm interested to read Hereditary Magic by Suzanne M. Sabol

  • On Jun 21, 2019, ljwaters said: Excited to read

    I've been meaning to read Dani Harper and seeing her again here reminded me to finally get the book ??

  • On Jun 21, 2019, TingS said: Love scavenger hunts

    I’m interested in reading Ruckus by Zoe Dawson

  • On Jun 21, 2019, LoriP said: I most want to read.

    Don't Lie To Me By: Willow Rose

  • On Jun 21, 2019, somerss said: Sandy Somers

    I love the cover for His Beast Returns by Erin M. Leaf. I love m/m romance books.

  • On Jun 20, 2019, Msredk said: Love your scavenger hunts

    I love Willow Rose's books! I have so many of them!

  • On Jun 20, 2019, Medina said: hmm

    Kinda wanna read His Beast returns now.

  • On Jun 20, 2019, ArlenaDean said: I Love these Scavenger Hunts!

    Eye Of The Eagle by Sharon Buchbinder definitely has my attention!

  • On Jun 20, 2019, Barbed said: Scavenger Hunt

    Deborah Blake's books sound very interesting.

  • On Jun 20, 2019, Lisa E. Pugh said: Interesting selection.

    Dani Harper's book looks most appealing

  • On Jun 20, 2019, flchen said: So much temptation

    Looking forward to Dani Harper's and Diane Benefiel's stories!

  • On Jun 20, 2019, Purpleunicorn said: Book Interest

    There are a lot of good books here. I liked the blurb of Murdoch by CJ Matthew.

  • On Jun 20, 2019, lorir said: choice

    Lucy’s Hearth sounds good.

  • On Jun 20, 2019, tsreitnauer said: Scavanger Hunt

    It is fun to do these scavenger hunts. I like Diane Benefiel's books

  • On Jun 20, 2019, EditorinSTL said: Love the selection

    I must confess that if you have not experienced a Diane Benefiel book are truly missing out! One of my new favorites and I cannot wait for more.

  • On Jun 20, 2019, Loveallbooks said: Scavenger Hunt

    Like the sound of Lucy's Hearth by M. Lee Prescott.

  • On Jun 20, 2019, Wiccachic said: Scavenger Hunt

    I'm into morgan brice's offerings the most. No specific book because all the books.

  • On Jun 20, 2019, AnneM said: Badlands

    by Morgan Brice is now on my wishlist.

  • On Jun 20, 2019, ELF said: So many yummy books!

    I'm always delighted to see Morgan Brice/Gail Z. Martin titles available, and I enjoy Dani Harper, so I look forward to reading more of their great titles! Thanks to all of the authors for their generosity and to Tammie for setting up another fun hunt!

  • On Jun 20, 2019, katz said: Scavenger Hunt

    I'm interested in reading A Debutante in Disguise by Eleanor Webster.

  • On Jun 20, 2019, Rebecca said: Summer Fun Romance Giveaway

    Gone by Karyn Good

  • On Jun 20, 2019, amybowens said: My Wish List

    I will definitely be reading Storm Crossed by Dani Harper.

  • On Jun 19, 2019, kcharlton said: book

    I'm looking forward to Storm Crossed by Dani Harper!!

  • On Jun 19, 2019, adila said: Want to read this book!

    Rena and the Alien Warrior by Jessica Coulter Smith, Harley Wylde seems so unusual for me.

  • On Jun 19, 2019, shilohkb said: So many little time!

    I am sure I will make time to read more of the Baba Yaga saga Wickedly Unraveled by Deborah Blake. So much awesomeness in one book. Thanks!!

  • On Jun 19, 2019, ljkish said: Katherine Bacher

    Katherine Bacher's books look like I would enjoy reading them.

  • On Jun 18, 2019, KChorak said: Authors to read

    Lucy's Hearth by M. Lee Prescott and Going Against Type by Sharon Black sound like books I would really enjoy. Can't wait to read them.

  • On Jun 18, 2019, BunnyClem said: Scavenger Hunt

    Don't Lie to Me by Willow Rose & Ruckus by Zoe Dawson. There are so many authors on this list I haven't read yet! My summer TBR list is going to be crazy! Thanks for the giveaway! ?

  • On Jun 18, 2019, AbbyKat said: Hunt

    His Beast Returns sounds really interesting. As does Dani Harper's series.

    The Morgan Brice books I've already read, and I highly recommend if anyone likes MM PNR.

  • On Jun 17, 2019, griffinsgma said: Author and Book

    I love reading rom-coms so Sharon Black's Going Against Type sounded like a fun read. I am also interested in Katherine Bacher's cozy series.

  • On Jun 17, 2019, AmberTerry said: Books

    I would love to read all of Katherine Bacher's books.

  • On Jun 17, 2019, Sable said: Hunt

    I would love to read Storm Crossed by Dani Harper.

  • On Jun 16, 2019, DebbyG said: Books for Me

    I would love to read Tis the Reason by Madeline McEwan, His Beast Returns by Erin M. LEaf and The Rising by Morgan Brice.

  • On Jun 15, 2019, jmesparza said: Scavenger Hunt

    I am looking forward to reading Murdoch - Sea Dragon Shifters by C J Matthew.

  • On Jun 15, 2019, Anxious said: Gone

    Gone by Karyn Good

  • On Jun 15, 2019, hamjenny said: I would like to read

    I would like to read Devoted to the Duke

    by Alexa Aston

  • On Jun 14, 2019, EvaM said: Summer Hunt

    Lots of good reads like: A Debutante in Disguise by Eleanor Webster and Devoted to the Duke by Alexa Aston

  • On Jun 14, 2019, Nat Lynn said: Some great book ideas

    I really like reading about Deborah Blake's Baba Yaga Series of e-books. I have always liked a variety of paranormal books,but lately I have become interested in those based on different mythological creatures and urban legends and this includes Russian myths and tales! This was a fun giveaway to enter, and a great way to bring some authors and books to my awareness while reading various blurbs which I love to do!

  • On Jun 13, 2019, Cathyann said: Scavenger Hunt

    This is always so much fun.

  • On Jun 13, 2019, Researcher said: New Authors to me

    Eleanor Webster 's story sounds good. there are many new authors that sound interesting

  • On Jun 13, 2019, lindaoakton said: Most Intriging Book & Author

    The Rising - A Badlands Novel by

    Morgan Brice

  • On Jun 12, 2019, AshleyAnne said: Great books!!

    There are so many books on the list that I would love to read, but the top of my list is Murdoch by CJ Matthew. I love shifter stories and curvy heroines!!

  • On Jun 12, 2019, blakesmomma said: Before The Fall

    I want to read Before The Fall by Colleen S. Myers.

  • On Jun 12, 2019, jana said: lots of goodies to read

    I'm especially looking forward to reading Wickedly Unraveled by Deborah Blake.

  • On Jun 12, 2019, kaisquared said: Want to read

    I am interested in reading A Debutante in Disguise By Eleanor Webster

  • On Jun 12, 2019, Beachreader said: Want to read

    I am looking forward to reading Silver by Krystal M. Anderson

  • On Jun 12, 2019, SueG said: Summer Fun Romance Hunt

    Katherine Bacher's books look fun! Love her covers.

  • On Jun 12, 2019, fangswandsfairy said: Dani Harper

    Dani is always a thoughtful writer and has excellent editing skills!

  • On Jun 12, 2019, attessac said: Summer fun

    Thank you for another great contest O added Karen Renee Riot MC to my tbr

    Calming the Riot

  • On Jun 12, 2019, Amy S said: Author Jessica Coulter Smith

    I am interested in reading Rena and the Alien Warrior by Jessica Coulter Smith. Dani Harper is always a good choice, too.

    Thank you for another awesome giveaway! I look forward to these.

  • On Jun 11, 2019, clarkws said: Thanks for the giveaway

    I always discover new books I want to read

  • On Jun 11, 2019, lavender said: Thank you Night Owl Romance!

    Thank you for doing these fun scavenger hunts! I'm particularly interested in Katherine Bacher's books (pretty covers).

  • On Jun 11, 2019, Renald said: I like this one

    Devoted to the Duke (The St. Clairs Book 1)

    by Alexa Aston , it sounds interesting.

  • On Jun 11, 2019, Glenda said: Temptation

    There are lots of great authors on the list but my top temptations come from Dani Harper and Charlene Raddon this time!

  • On Jun 11, 2019, Sylvie said: So many books!

    I always enjoy doing these scavenger hunts because of all the new to me authors I learn about!

  • On Jun 11, 2019, Sunnymay said: Scavenger Hunt Pick

    My favorite book from this month's scavenger hunt is Devote To the Duke by Alexa Aston. I love romances and this one has a secret that would be ruinous if exposed.

  • On Jun 10, 2019, orchdlady said: Author and book to read

    I want to read Storm Crossed by Dani Harper and Don't Lie to Me by Willow Rose.

  • On Jun 10, 2019, Laurel E said: Love these Scavenger Hunts.

    I always find new authors. This time I found Belle Ami. I am putting her book, The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio on my TBR list.

  • On Jun 10, 2019, SARAH TAYLOR said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love to read and I love these scavenger hunts Thank you to all the wonderful Authors SARAH TAYLOR

  • On Jun 09, 2019, Belinda Turner said: All your books

    I look forward to reading your books!????????

  • On Jun 09, 2019, KGOLDMAN said: Thanks

    i love these contests, helps me find new books to read, i just purchased the 1st book wickedly dangerous by Deborah Blake , and added a few others to my list

  • On Jun 09, 2019, JeanMP said: Scavenger Hunt

    Looking forward to reading Spring Fever by Madeline McEwen, Clear Intent by Diane Benefiel and Hereditary Magic by Suzanne M Sabol.

  • On Jun 09, 2019, SteelerGirl said: Summer Fun Contest

    I love doing these because it always give me a chance to find new authors.

    Found 3 this time: Charlene Radden, Krystal M. Anderson and Elenor Webster.

  • On Jun 09, 2019, granny said: Scavenger Hunt

    I enjoyed the hunt and reading about all the different

    books.Found a lot im going to read.

  • On Jun 09, 2019, KarenH said: Want to read

    Devoted to the Duke by Alexa Aston. I love historical romances and Alexa is a new-to-me author. I'm always on the lookout for someone new.

  • On Jun 09, 2019, faithfulcajun said: Want to read

    Don’t lie to me by Willow Rose

  • On Jun 09, 2019, Bmhy said: Want to Read

    Hereditary Magic by Suzanne Sabol sounds fascinating.

  • On Jun 09, 2019, CandyLyn said: Most appealing..

    There are quite a few authors who I am very interested in but it's Alexa Aston that continuously grabs my attention. Her book, Devoted to the Duke has all the features I want in a book!

  • On Jun 09, 2019, NAPAYETTE said: Favorite Author/Book

    Don't Lie to Me by Willow Rose intrigues me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • On Jun 08, 2019, greenshamrock said: book/ author

    The book and author that grabbed my attention is Murdoch by CJ Matthew.

  • On Jun 08, 2019, carolkhouri said: Ruckus

    I think Don't Lie To Me and Ruckus are the 2 most promising books of this list!!!

  • On Jun 08, 2019, kcozz said: Want to Read

    I'd like to read Babies at Coconuts by Beth Carter, but I'd rather start with book 1 of the series.

  • On Jun 08, 2019, Tamie said: Rena and the Alien Warrior

    This book sounds awesome. Will be a future purchase

  • On Jun 08, 2019, debbied said: All Great Books

    I can't wait to read Don't Lie to Me - Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Book 1 by Willow Rose.

  • On Jun 08, 2019, baileyramos said: Want to read?

    Storm Crossed by Dani Harper sounds like a great book.

  • On Jun 08, 2019, iriscmt said: My favorite book

    I loved Badlands, by Morgan Brice!

  • On Jun 07, 2019, NanaSue said: Enjoy finding new authors!

    I'm interested in several of the books in this list including Ruckus by Zoe Dawson.

  • On Jun 07, 2019, petuniag said: Thank you for this chance!

    Lucy's Hearth by M. Lee Prescott, Going against type by Sharon Black, Crush on you by Katherine Bacher

  • On Jun 07, 2019, SweetPea said: Comment for Paperwhite Contest

    I think quite a few of the titles sound like great books, but one that stands out to me is Taming Jenna: Sensuous Western Historical Romance by Charlene Raddon.

  • On Jun 07, 2019, rleetx said: Love being introduced to new authors

    I love these scavenger hunt because I get to find out about new authors and their works. I look forward to getting to know their work.

  • On Jun 07, 2019, LasVegasNan said: Murdoch

    I look forward to reading all of these.

  • On Jun 07, 2019, LeonieT said: Book

    Rena and the Alien Warrior (Intergalactic Brides 16) by Jessica Coulter Smith

  • On Jun 07, 2019, Teenyluvkins said: reply in q

    Morgan Brice's Badlands series!! I really need to start them and what better time to do it than in the summer holidays!!

  • On Jun 07, 2019, Angela Saver said: Don't Lie to Me

    I'm really looking forward to reading Don't Lie to Me by Willow Rose! It sounds SO good!

  • On Jun 07, 2019, bncandg said: re:

    Eye of the Eagle by Sharon Buchbinder

  • On Jun 07, 2019, misspiggysue said: Book

    DON'T LIE TO ME by

    Willow Rose

  • On Jun 07, 2019, nadinemccarthy said: A lot of very interesting books

    I do love these contest because I actually read a lot of the Description and find some I really want to read.

  • On Jun 07, 2019, gaborss said: Too Much Goodness

    There are just too many attractive covers and blurbs to list just a few. How 'bout...I'd like to read most of them!

  • On Jun 07, 2019, MommaB said: Bernice

    Babies at Coconuts by Beth Carter is on my tbr list next. So many good choices. Love your contests.

  • On Jun 07, 2019, Sherry said: These sound great

    I would love to read Spring Fever and 'Tis the Reason by Madeline McEwen, His Beast Returns by Erin M. Leaf, Badlands and The Rising - A Badlands Novel by Morgan Brice

  • On Jun 07, 2019, SandyH said: Would like to read...


  • On Jun 07, 2019, Tamara Kasyan said: Want to read

    Before the Fall by Colleen S. Myers. Love the series but I'm a book behind. That's at the top of my TBR but I added a quite new ones

  • On Jun 07, 2019, Marybelle said: Adding to my list

    DEVOTED TO THE DUKE by Alexa Aston tops my list, but so many added as well.

  • On Jun 07, 2019, shorty said: Lots of great books!

    Taming Jenna by Charlene Raddon sounds so good.

  • On Jun 07, 2019, maryrbrannian said: Which books?

    My top three picks would be Murdoch by CJ Matthews, Hereditary Magic by Suzanne M Sabol, and Gone by Karen Good

  • On Jun 06, 2019, MzVeeAye said: They all sound so good...

    But I'd have to check out Murdoch: Sea Dragon Shifters Book 1 by CJ Matthew

  • On Jun 06, 2019, Judy Thomas said: Lot's of great reads!

    Silver - Heart of a Miner Book 1 by Krystal M. Anderson really caught my eye. The blurb sounded great and I know I am going to enjoy it!

  • On Jun 06, 2019, Ivythebookgeek said: Books to read

    Jessica Coulter Smith's Rena and the Alien Warrior sounds like something I want to read.

  • On Jun 06, 2019, autyde said: Silver

    I am interested in reading more by Krystal M Anderson.

  • On Jun 06, 2019, mbieber said: Interested in...

    I am most interested in reading Murdoch by C.J. Matthew. I enjoy shifters and dragons are among my favorite species.

  • On Jun 06, 2019, WendyRinebold said: Books to read

    I am most interested in reading Tis The Reason.

  • On Jun 06, 2019, Carol L said: My picks

    Storm Crossed , Ruckus and Badlands.

  • On Jun 06, 2019, Angieia said: Storm Crossed!

    Dani Harper's Storm Crossed sounds really good.

  • On Jun 06, 2019, debbiew said: Ruckus

    Zoe Dawson’s Ruckus sounds awesome

  • On Jun 06, 2019, honeyb said: Books I want to read

    All of them LOL especially Willow Rose's Lie To Me and Katherine Bacher's Roxy Summers Mystery Series

  • On Jun 06, 2019, athenagraeme said: AthenaG

    I'd love to read Alexa Aston Devoted to the Duke

  • On Jun 06, 2019, kaylizmc said: Most interested

    Ruckus by Zoe Dawson

  • On Jun 06, 2019, Latifa Morrisette said: I'm intrigued

    I'm interested in reading Devoted to the Duke by Alexa Aston

  • On Jun 06, 2019, cocobabydoll said: Mia Sosa

    I want to read Mia Sosa book because It would be different for me and it looks interesting.

  • On Jun 06, 2019, Stylnunicorn said: Love to read

    Would love to read Storm Crossed by Dani Harper

  • On Jun 04, 2019, Tamazon (Moderator) said: Woot!

    Welcome to our annual Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt.