• On Apr 01, 2020, booksforme said: Avid Reader

    I love to read. I ALWAYS find time for it even if I am up till early hours in the morning still reading a good book! I love all things romance...the steamier the better ;)

  • On Apr 01, 2020, Zara said: Spring Fling

    I love contemporary romance, paranormal, YA, fantasy, historical romance, suspense, thrillers, & the classics.

  • On Apr 01, 2020, Latifa Morrisette said: About me

    I love to read MC romance, second chance, friends to lovers and historical romance.

  • On Apr 01, 2020, Nightowltj said: About Me

    My favorite genres are dark romance and MC Romance but I will read just about every genre except science fiction and Historical Romance.

  • On Apr 01, 2020, MommaB said: Spring Fling

    My favorites are second chance and contemporary romance. However, I like to read other types of romances too. Love the scavenger hunt. Thanks for the chance!

  • On Mar 31, 2020, jmesparza said: Spring Fling

    My favorite book genre is paranormal romance, but I also like reading contemporary romance.

  • On Mar 31, 2020, ghostdragon said: About Me

    I'm a stay at home mom to 2 teenagers. Married to the love of my life. I have 5 kitties, 2 guinea pigs, and 4 fish. I love any genre of romance, as long as the story plot is good. I'm pretty much open to read any genre of romance and love them.

  • On Mar 31, 2020, adila said: About me

    My name is Adila, I'm 35. Working as a curator in Memorial Museum of Bulbul. I live in Azerbaijan, but I provided an address in the USA in case I win (cross fingers).

    I read all genres of Romances but if i have to divide my top 3:

    1) Historical (+time-travels)

    2) Paranormal

    3) Contemporary

  • On Mar 31, 2020, proudarmymom said: Reading saved me

    I have always loved to read, so after I lost my oldest son on Jan 2, 2011 from PTSD/TBI due his time in Iraq, I immersed myself into books just to escape my reality. I love paranormal romance, but if I see a book that grabs my interest, no matter the genre, I'll read it.

  • On Mar 31, 2020, kcharlton said: a little something

    I live in Ohio with hubs and 2 of my adult kids,a couple dogs and some cats. I'm a petcare provider and also work at a gas station.My favorite time to read is fall/winter..just feels cozier.I read many genres,but am a big fan of romantic suspense and paranormal romance.

  • On Mar 31, 2020, angie booklover said: Genre

    I am a university student from Italy and I love romance books!

  • On Mar 31, 2020, Lys Lucky said: About Me

    Well, I love to read, like all of you! And I'm afraid of pretty much everything: spiders, snakes, squirrels. Anything that begins with the letter S, I guess. But I say squirrels in particular because a baby one just fell through the ceiling light into my kitchen, and I'm waiting for the morning so I can call pest control. (Because there is no way in heck I'm sleeping for the rest of the night with a squirrel, or more likely more than one, running around the house!) Genres I like to read: historical, urban fantasy, mystery with romance, fantasy with romance.

  • On Mar 31, 2020, gecko said: Little about me...

    I am a wife, mother of two boys, and a third grade teacher who misses my students terribly, and I worry about their well-being during this shutdown. I love reading romance to help me escape from reality.

  • On Mar 31, 2020, saffrongirl said: romance genre

    I love historical romance and contemporary romance

  • On Mar 31, 2020, Beth C said: Spring Fling

    I love paranormal and sci-fi. Great escapism. I've been an avid reader since high school and raised two girls who like to read.

  • On Mar 31, 2020, ljkish said: Romance types

    I like contemporary, small town, second chance, romantic suspense

  • On Mar 31, 2020, AbbyKat said: Fav Genre

    I love a lot of different romance genres, but paranormal is my favorite

  • On Mar 30, 2020, MoonMaiden said: Genre lover

    I don't discriminate I love all genres :)

  • On Mar 30, 2020, lindah said: Spring Fling

    I love the spring fling because I find so many new authors and new books.

  • On Mar 30, 2020, Sammys Book Obsession said: Scavenger Hunt

    I'm a reader, reviewer, blogger, mom, & wife. MC/Biker books are generally my fave!

  • On Mar 30, 2020, Sable said: Spring Hunt

    Love reading all kinds of romance.

  • On Mar 29, 2020, NCreader said: Spring Hunt

    So I developed the joy of reading late in my life due to lack of self confidence from a learning disorder. Thanks to some friends I've found ways to work around it and now read thrillers and romance books. From Dean Koontz and Stephen King to Dani Harper and Karen Marie Moning to Kristen Ashley to Patricia Briggs (with a whole lot of others in between).

    To all you authors who are so great at transporting readers into your imagination THANK YOU.

  • On Mar 29, 2020, clynsg said: Spring Fling

    Retired nurse who will read just about anything, but prefers historical romance.

  • On Mar 29, 2020, AuntySuzany said: Spring Fling

    I love Historical/Time Travel & Romantic Suspense!

  • On Mar 29, 2020, katz said: Scavenger Hunt

    My favorite genre to read is historical romance.

  • On Mar 28, 2020, DorothyH said: Goodluck Everyone!

    Good luck everyone! I'm looking forward to reading alot of these book! with this "Quarantine "stay safe everyone!

  • On Mar 28, 2020, Nikki Liu said: Book recs

    My favorite books this year include: The Shadows between Us, Children of Virtue and Vengeance, SoM, ToG, Daughter of the Pirate King (amazing slow burn)

  • On Mar 27, 2020, Katrina Dehart said: I have an account

    I'm a mom of four from North Carolina. PNR is my favorite

  • On Mar 27, 2020, ELF said: I love stories about love

    I love almost all genres of romance, but particularly SFR and PNR. I've been on a m/m romance kick for a while, so it's even better when I find books that combine the genres I enjoy. Thanks for another fun hunt. Here's hoping everyone is staying safe.

  • On Mar 27, 2020, Researcher said: Happy Endings prefered

    I like to read a lot. I prefer Happy ending but I do read adventure, thrillers and mysteries as well as romance and romance suspense

  • On Mar 27, 2020, ticklebear said: Spring Fling (well autumn for us)

    I'm someone who loves to read in my spare time (and make cards). I like lots of different genres but love a happily ever after not so fussed on cliffhangers.

  • On Mar 26, 2020, cocobabydoll said: Fav genre

    My fav genre is historical fiction.

  • On Mar 26, 2020, orchdlady said: Mix of suspense/thriller/mystery

    I live in South Florida. I like a mix of romance, thriller, mystery and suspense.

  • On Mar 26, 2020, Msredk said: Spring Fling 2020

    I'm Cindi from Atlanta, GA. My favorite romance has to have some suspense in it because I love mysteries and thrillers too. I also love time travel too.

  • On Mar 26, 2020, DeGeorgetown said: My favorite genre

    I like historical mysteries and historical romance the best!

  • On Mar 25, 2020, JOYE said: Joye said

    I am an avid reader-I like to read all genres but tend to grab the Historicals first.

  • On Mar 25, 2020, KGOLDMAN said: Thank you

    I like these contests, i find a lot of new books . my favorite genre is paranormal romance,urban fantasy

  • On Mar 25, 2020, AmbieRose said: Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

    I love doing these scavenger hunts! I am a wife to my husband of 8 years, a mom to a 3 year old daughter and I have a 7 year old Shih-Tzu. Love reading all kinds of romances from small town romance, friends to lovers, second chances, enemies to lovers, single father/single mother. It is great finding new to me authors whenever I do these scavenger hunts. I had fun like always! Thanks for the chance!

  • On Mar 25, 2020, tinalou said: A bit about me...

    I love crocheting, knitting and baking. My favorite genre to read is historical romance with Medieval, Regency and Westerns my favorite subgenres. I also love reading contemporary romance as well.

  • On Mar 25, 2020, Grammie said: Favorite Read

    I love sweet small town romance. Friends to lovers.

  • On Mar 24, 2020, Brandi said: What I like

    My favorite genre to read is paranormal romance

  • On Mar 24, 2020, Loveallbooks said: Romance

    Love to read all kinds of romance.

  • On Mar 24, 2020, MicheleH said: Romance

    My favorite genres are historical and contemporary romance.

  • On Mar 23, 2020, ElizabethH said: Reading Romance

    I've been reading romance the last 12 years. Growing up, I didn't enjoy reading but when I turned 30, I found the Twilight books, then a few other YA books. I always loved Vampires but I wanted something a little more "adult." So I found the Black Dagger Brotherhood books and the rest is history! Paranormal Romance is my favorite genre.

  • On Mar 23, 2020, AshleyAnne said: I love romance!!

    I adore romance novels! My favorites are paranormal romances with big cat shifters or the Fae

  • On Mar 23, 2020, brandiswendt said: Long time romance reader

    Long time reader, mainly romance and every sub-genre. I tend to stick to dark, raw & gritty reads. Love a good angsty one too

  • On Mar 23, 2020, gemiinii said: Spring Fling

    I love all the subgenres, but dark romance intrigues me the most. I also have love single parent and second-chance romances.

  • On Mar 23, 2020, Laurel E said: Spring Fling

    I love all romance, but I read a lot of paranormal and fantasy.

  • On Mar 23, 2020, blakesmomma said: contest

    I love sci fi romance and romantic suspense!

  • On Mar 23, 2020, Glenda said: my spring fling

    I read and enjoy most romance genres but do tend to read more historicals than any other. It comes from being a history geek

  • On Mar 23, 2020, Grace Henley said: Spring Fling

    Love all Romances, Paranormal, and Historical are my favorites, Thanks so much!

  • On Mar 22, 2020, kolbamber said: Romance!

    I love almost all romances that I have read. I like it all. Paranormal, enemies to lovers, secret baby!

  • On Mar 22, 2020, DragonStar said: Spring Fling

    I especially love paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary but anything I can get my hands on I will devour!!!

  • On Mar 22, 2020, KarenH said: about me

    I'm a retiree and I love to read. My favorite genre is Historical Romance set primarily in the 19th century and now in the early 20th century.

  • On Mar 22, 2020, DebbyG said: Genre

    I love to read all genres based on my mood. I see no reason to limit myself.

  • On Mar 22, 2020, griffinsgma said: Spring Fling

    I read most any genre of romance and enjoy them. I have mostly been reading romantic comedies for the past few years as a way of escaping some sad family situations. Reading will definitely figure into surviving the awful situation we find ourselves in now.

  • On Mar 22, 2020, Sunnymay said: Romance Genres I Love

    I love Second Chance Romance and Small Town Romance.

  • On Mar 22, 2020, SteelerGirl said: Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

    These are my favorite contests.

    Found 4 new books to read.

  • On Mar 22, 2020, Bmhy said: Romance Genre

    Paranormal romance and historical romance are my favorites.

  • On Mar 21, 2020, JeanMP said: Spring Fling

    I read anything, especially enjoy historical romance and paranormal romance

  • On Mar 21, 2020, DesitheBlonde said: spring fling

    i like mlost gene and then i read all and any kind of the books

  • On Mar 21, 2020, Purpleunicorn said: Spring Fling!

    I love most subgenres of romance! Paranormal and Suspense are two of my favorites.

  • On Mar 21, 2020, kaisquared said: Spring Fling

    I love anything with a HEA!

  • On Mar 21, 2020, Sylvie said: I love these scavenger hunts!

    My current favorite genres are MM Romance and Paranormal Romance. There are a lot of great titles here to keep me busy! Thanks Tammie!

  • On Mar 21, 2020, dolphinBaby said: Romance

    I love romance suspense !

  • On Mar 21, 2020, rlhcat said: Books

    I will read almost anything if I,m bored but preferre historcial romances. Hope I win.

  • On Mar 21, 2020, momtojdc said: SpringFling

    My favorite genre is Historical Romance. I like a good paranormal romance & well, who am I kidding. I like a lot of genres.

  • On Mar 21, 2020, Ruthknit said: Shifter romance

    Ruth from Colorado and my favorite reading is about shifters or alien

  • On Mar 21, 2020, angienb said: Romance

    I'm a fan of SFF, PNR, enemies to lovers, ugly cry.

  • On Mar 21, 2020, attessac said: SPRING FLING

    I am 56 years old I live in Rockland County NY I love romantic suspense books

  • On Mar 21, 2020, Jodi Hunter said: Thanks

    I love discovering all these new books.

  • On Mar 21, 2020, Mizuqueen said: Eclectic Romance and Seafaring

    My romance reads are mainly M/M. Sometimes M/F. I love Regency Era genre settings like Jane Austen. I also don't mind contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, and historical. I do like a good seafaring novel with romance.

  • On Mar 21, 2020, sherylh said: Alphabet soup

    I like a little bit of everything. It all depends on my mood.

  • On Mar 21, 2020, Lethaleya said: Never judge a book....

    I enjoy anything with a good love story! I have just started reading m/m in the past year, but don't limit myself to one genre. I enjoy when anybody and everybody gets a Happily Ever After, lol I do especially like historical, but I've always been drawn to history, I am broadening my horizons by reading things I wasn't sure I would like, like space and robots, that if well-written I do tend to enjoy! :D

  • On Mar 21, 2020, granny said: Teresa Williams

    I love all books any genre.I have a lot of books.I'm on a fixed income but I buy all I can and go to the library.Thanks for the awesome giveaway.I found a lot of good ones here.

  • On Mar 21, 2020, Atreyew said: excited

    Nice books. I see a lot I want to read

  • On Mar 20, 2020, kcozz said: About Me

    I eat too many gummi bears, and my favorite romance genre is romantic suspense.

  • On Mar 20, 2020, Veronicathomas said: Thank you

    I LOVE these giveaways. I always see a few books that I must read. Thank you for the chance.

  • On Mar 20, 2020, AbriDenae said: Romance

    I love to read everything, especially romance. I mostly read MM romance

  • On Mar 19, 2020, yoeydavis said: A bit of everything

    I love reading all kinds of books

  • On Mar 19, 2020, EvaM said: Spring Fling 2020

    Love all Historicals.

  • On Mar 19, 2020, LasVegasNan said: Scavenger Hunt

    I live in Henderson, NV and I love all types of books, my favorite is paranormal.

  • On Mar 19, 2020, Ddtoy said: Scavenger Hunt

    I live in southern Minnesota but born in midwest illinois. I love clean romance. I love small town romances and series.

  • On Mar 19, 2020, shorty said: Romance

    I really like reading small town romance or cowboy romance books.

  • On Mar 19, 2020, Marymoon said: Romance

    I like reading multiple romance genres that change depending on moods

  • On Mar 19, 2020, librarypat said: I enjoy reading

    I like to read a variety of genre of books. There are a few I am not fond of, but have sampled just about everything. Favorites are suspense, intrigue, and historicals.

  • On Mar 19, 2020, Renald said: Hello:

    I like to read historical romance books, but like a change now and then. I wish I had more time to read. :)

  • On Mar 19, 2020, Judy Thomas said: Romance

    I love to read any genre of Romance. It's that little form of escape for me .

  • On Mar 19, 2020, somerss said: Sandy S.

    Hi I've been a fan of gay romance for several years now and I don't see myself going back to hereto romance any time soon.

  • On Mar 19, 2020, SandyH said: Romance!

    I'm a retired bibliographic services library (aka cataloger). I love most genres of romance, especially Regencies and then sports (hockey) and westerns and military. And "chic lit" too. I prefer paper books but have too many eBooks to only read those, and I usually have an audiobook going in the car, even around town

  • On Mar 19, 2020, abqnancy said: Romance and a question

    I love Romances- any kind. Contemporary, historical, fantasy, sci fi romance. I will read anything but the Romance books own my heart. Question: What happens in the contest if you don't do Instagram? Is my entry disqualified because I am not an Instragram user?

  • On Mar 19, 2020, SerbianPrincess said: Love

    Love insta love, romantic suspense and single parents

  • On Mar 18, 2020, sunshinehdfan said: Genre

    I love romantic suspense.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, NanaSue said: Love romance!

    I love to read most genres of romance, but my favorite is contemporary, especially military heroes.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, jlminter said: spring fling

    I love enemies to lovers

  • On Mar 18, 2020, kaylizmc said: Spring Fling

    Thank you for all the great authors.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, Twistedrose said: Books

    I love M/F and M/M(Gay) romance. My favorite genres/tropes for M/F are paranormal and historical, millionaire/billionaire, vampires, Royalty/peerage/sheikhs. My favorite genres/tropes for a M/M are sci-fi, paranormal and contemporary, Age Gap, Royalty, Fairytale remakes.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, wspchick said: About Me!

    Hi there! I'm a 39 year old SAHM of 3 & I really enjoy Historical Fiction. I'm also a big Jane Austen fan :)

  • On Mar 18, 2020, MelissaB said: Books

    I like contemporary romantic comedies, paranormal, second chance, cozy mysteries, suspense

  • On Mar 18, 2020, LadyDiana said: My likes

    I like RH romances, second chance, friends to lovers, dragon shifters, wolf shifters, romantic mysteries, historical romances, military romances, western romances and medical romances.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, mnleona said: Spring Fling

    I like Historical Fiction and especially about places I have visited.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, Lisaward said: Night owl reviews

    I enjoy reading everything my to go is YA and fantasy. But I like to mix it up with Romance and mystery books as well. I enjoy these hunts to find new Authors. Thank you

  • On Mar 18, 2020, anniei said: Thanks for the chance!

    I love PNR, sci-fi rom, UF, cozy mysteries, contemporary rom...

  • On Mar 18, 2020, gaborss said: Spring Fling Giveaway

    Love putting everything aside and diving into these books.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, honeyb said: It's Me

    I enjoy all genres I Love Hysterically Funny and Ugly Cry Emotional Reads

    My 1st Love was Romantic Comedy

  • On Mar 18, 2020, Wendy Vest said: Great giveaway

    I love all genres! Especially dark and historical romances.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, Melanie B said: Spring Fling

    I really love reading YA romance, and also contemporary romance, occasionally historical romance.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, momrettig said: Decision Making

    I am excited by this as I never know what to read next. This is giving me great book reads. Love historical romance.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, gincam said: historical fiction is my reading core...

    I started out reading Regency Romance and Great Gothics--I have a special fondness for Historical Western Romance.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, SueG said: Spring Fling Giveaway

    I love to read just about any type of romance but contemporary, historical and erotic are my favorite.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, Sherry said: Paranormal

    I love to read all kinds of romance but my favorite is m/m paranormal. I love to read and play games on the computer.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, Amy S said: Spring Fling

    I enjoy lots of romance genres but lately I have been obsessed with paranormal, urban fantasy romance, and sci-fi romance.

    Thank you for the chance to win while discovering authors and titles.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, Sue A said: Spring Fling

    I'm a longtime reader of romance of all kinds!

  • On Mar 18, 2020, Tamara Kasyan said: Spring Fling

    I read just about all genres. Lately I've been all about paranormal romance and military romance.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, bncandg said: re:

    all kinds with an HEA

  • On Mar 18, 2020, VikLi said: H.B.

    Thank you for the giveaway chance. It's a awesome way to come across new books/authors. I mainly read romance. Contemporary, fantasy, mystery, scifi and paranormal.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, cuevasdm said: Spring Fling

    I love these giveaways. I like reading all types of romance.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, Nicky said: Giveaway

    I love all types of romance. That's why I like these hunts because I find so many books to add to my TBR.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, Marybelle said: Historical for me

    I love to find new to me authors. I read across most genres, but love Historical best.

  • On Mar 18, 2020, SARAH TAYLOR said: Spring Fling

    I Love any genre as long as it is a good book! Thank you Sarah Taylor

  • On Mar 18, 2020, SARAH TAYLOR said: Spring Fling

    I am a widow of 5 adult children 14 grandchildren and 5 great grandbabies I love to read any genre as long as it is a good book! Thank you to all the wonderful Authors for this Spring Fling!

  • On Mar 18, 2020, hendeis said: IntrigueSuspenseRomance

    Think I commented in the wrong area earlier... I want t say how much I love Harlequin's Intrigue, Love inspired Suspense, & Romantic Suspense!

  • On Mar 17, 2020, debshutters said: Romance suspense

    Mom of 3 and I love reading all types but my favorite is romance suspense :)

  • On Mar 17, 2020, petuniag said: Books

    I love romantic comedies and suspense.

  • On Mar 17, 2020, Tcutshall said: Spring Fling

    I’m an avid reader, mother of two teenagers, married to a (former) Marine.

    My favorite genre has to be hot and sexy romantic suspense.

  • On Mar 17, 2020, Ingeborg said: Spring Fling

    I like contemporary and historical romance.

  • On Mar 17, 2020, tsreitnauer said: favorite-romantic suspense

    I love to read and help authors out with reviews. I love romantic suspense and I am trying to write in that genre.

  • On Mar 17, 2020, nancyk said: relax and escape

    I enjoy reading for relaxation and a moment of fantasy. I enjoy books with romance and a bit of magic. Thanks!

  • On Mar 17, 2020, colorvibrant said: Favorite genres

    I love clean romance, both contemporary and historical!

  • On Mar 17, 2020, urschler said: Spring Fling

    I like all types of Romance especially Romantic Suspense, RomCom and Contemporary Romance.

  • On Mar 17, 2020, debbied said: Romantic suspense

    I like romantic suspense the best.

  • On Mar 17, 2020, Crystal said: About Me and What Genre of Romance I Like

    I love to read. I am one of those readers who will read each book at least once and then make a judgement. I won't read erotic romance. I like reading Cozy Mystery/Mystery/Suspense/thriller/clean romance and romance books that aren't graphic. Like I previously said, I will try any book at least once before making a judgement. Reading paperback books or Hardback books or even Mass Market Paperbacks are my favorite to read and review.

    This is a good way and fun way to find new authors and read their books. What a good idea. Hope I win.


  • On Mar 17, 2020, Cathyann said: Spring Fling

    I always enjoy these.

  • On Mar 17, 2020, greenshamrock said: Romances

    I love the many genres within romance... something for whatever mood I am in at a specific time... lately I have been reading a lot of sports romances and contemporary office romances... before that paranormal and cowboy romances... :)

  • On Mar 17, 2020, raecharmed said: giveaway

    I love these events. I love reading pretty much anything. But forbidden love and secret baby tropes have gotten me lately. Thanks for this chance.

  • On Mar 17, 2020, pizzahut said: Romance

    I like all types.. sci fi, fantasy romance, and YA, usually contemporary. Hope to get more time in rough days like these to have space to read some book.

  • On Mar 17, 2020, lorir said: favorite

    I really like second chances or small towns.

  • On Mar 17, 2020, Carol L said: Spring Fling

    I love these events. Finding new Authors & books is always a plus. I'm an avid reader who loves reading about Scottish Highland romance, Regenc y era, WEll stories. Everything except horror. Thank you for the time you put into these events & to the Authors. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  • On Mar 16, 2020, Tamazon (Moderator) said: Excited

    I'm so excited to have you over to my online home. Please stick around and find some great books to read... and prizes to enter for. This giveaway starts on March 17 and ends on the 31st - 2020.