• On Apr 26, 2019, Purpleunicorn said: Digital or Print

    I enjoy reading both formats, but I love holding a print copy in my hands whenever I can.

  • On Apr 26, 2019, Lys Lucky said: Print or Electronic?

    I like both! (Often for a new release, I'll request both print and electronic from my library, so whichever gets to me the fastest!)

  • On Apr 26, 2019, pattytune said: Ebooks

    I still buy books but really enjoy the E-books.

  • On Apr 25, 2019, adila said: Paperbooks vs Ebooks

    Before I didn't believe that I'd change paperbooks to ebooks, but now I mostly buy ebooks. Like 70% eBooks & 30% paperbooks.

    The reason is the space, I don't have anymore room to put the actual books. +I can carry 1000s of ebooks with me. They are usually cheaper & buying books in English is so easier (I'm a foreigner).

    However, I still buy paperbooks. When I know that I'll re-read the book often, when it's full of pictures/photos, dictionaries, study books,... when I feel in love with the cover art of the book.

  • On Apr 25, 2019, Amy S said: Ebooks

    I like the instant access of ebooks. Plus I can keep thousands in a small space. Thank you for the fun contest.

  • On Apr 25, 2019, margaretluvisi said: ebooks

    i can put in backpack and takes up less room

  • On Apr 25, 2019, cocobabydoll said: Print Books

    I prefer print books because they never die and you can take and read them anywhere,

  • On Apr 25, 2019, Zara said: Spring Fling

    I love both print and ebooks. I still love buying new print books. However, ebooks are great because I can access as soon as I purchase from home.

  • On Apr 25, 2019, jmesparza said: Spring Fling

    I prefer ebooks because it's easier to access your library, and ebooks take up less space than print books.

  • On Apr 25, 2019, Sable said: print vs ebooks

    I actually like reading both.

  • On Apr 24, 2019, amybowens said: Spring Fling

    I prefer e-books. It is just so much easier to carry around and takes up less space!

  • On Apr 24, 2019, meyerrj said: Prefer ebooks now

    I have been trying to declutter my life so I now prefer ebooks. But I will still get physical books on sale, but I try to donate them or give them to friends when I am finished.

  • On Apr 24, 2019, booklovensinner said: Both

    I love to read both print for when i want to keep them on my shelf and hold them ebook for convenience so i can read more then one and have a whole library at my finger tips

  • On Apr 24, 2019, lorir said: both

    I like to read them both. Lately I have been buying more ebooks so I can take them with me wherever I go.

  • On Apr 24, 2019, Sue A said: E-books or print books

    After moving once with my huge print collection, I've switched to e-books.

  • On Apr 24, 2019, abbygirl said: ebooks please

    I prefer ebooks as I can carry them on a device that will fit in my purse and have access to them whenever and wherever

  • On Apr 24, 2019, ELF said: Print!

    It's much easier for me to go back and find a passage in a print book, since I have an idea of its general location. With e-books, unless I've highlighted the section or remember key's virtually impossible. I will admit that it's easier to carry around a pile of e-books, though. Thanks for another fun contest!

  • On Apr 24, 2019, AmberTerry said: Ebooks or print

    I like ebooks a lot, but they'll never fully replace print books for me. I love the feel and smell (yes, I'm a book sniffer!) of the pages. I just really love printed books.

  • On Apr 24, 2019, char said: Spring Fling

    I prefer ebooks. You can't increase the font size on a paperback like you can on an ereader.

  • On Apr 24, 2019, lisagk said: ebook

    we are downsizing to retire - so I prefer ebooks, the hubs can't see how many I have:)

  • On Apr 24, 2019, LoriP said: I prefer

    I prefer printed books.

  • On Apr 23, 2019, ECRay said: Both but...

    I like the convenience of digital books. But I prefer to hold a physical book in my hands. There's something about holding a book that is just "right".

  • On Apr 23, 2019, KatherineJane said: spring fling

    love both but read more ebooks because i can read more.

  • On Apr 23, 2019, ccmoore said: Spring Fling

    I prefer ebooks because they're cheaper and I can usually read them faster.

  • On Apr 23, 2019, Cathyann said: Spring Fling

    I found a few books I need.

  • On Apr 23, 2019, DebbyG said: Paperback or Ebooks

    I read both. There are times you cannot count on being able to have electronics, for example jury duty.

  • On Apr 23, 2019, stuv said: ebook or print

    i lone print stories, but enooks are so convenient and easy

  • On Apr 23, 2019, Medina said: :D ebooks

    I prefer ebooks because they're cheaper and I can usually read them faster. Print books are also nice, though.

  • On Apr 23, 2019, Archana said: Print or Ebooks

    I love reading on both format. It depends on the time and place, if I am outside I prefer to read ebooks as they are convenient. Sometimes love reading in print if I find them in the library.

  • On Apr 23, 2019, Didi said: Ebook or print

    Nowadays I prefer ebook as I don’t have space more for physical book at home, but I still love print whenever the chance arise.

  • On Apr 23, 2019, Twitch said: Book VS. Ebook

    I think it just depends on what is going on. But, I do love my ebook and the choice on having alot of books in one spot

  • On Apr 23, 2019, Chrisbails said: Chris Bails

    I read tons more ebooks than paperbacks. I love to read so will read anything, but ebooks are convenient.

  • On Apr 23, 2019, kcharlton said: book choices

    I prefer paperbacks..I let others borrow my books..I!! I know it takes up room..someday I'll donate them..but I love looking at the walls of books I've read!

  • On Apr 23, 2019, Researcher said: Print or E- books Why

    I like holding a book so that is my preference but I have some eye issues and like that I can change the font on the E-reader . There is something about holding a book that is unique plus the smell.

  • On Apr 22, 2019, ArlenaDean said: Spring Fling Kindle & Amaon Card Giveaway 209

    Since I read more EBooks than print novels I would definitely say I prefer the EBooks!

  • On Apr 22, 2019, katz said: Print vs. Ebooks

    I prefer ebooks because print takes up too much storage space and one device holds so many ebooks that you can take all with you at anytime.

  • On Apr 22, 2019, kcozz said: Print Books vs. eBooks

    I prefer print books. I don't have to worry about paperbacks breaking when I drop them every time I fall asleep while reading.

  • On Apr 21, 2019, davisbk said: I prefer e-books most of the time

    Before the days of Kindle, I had hundreds and hundreds of paperbacks on shelves. It was so dusty, and took up so much space. I think ebooks are fabulous. That said, I keep some books from my favorite authors. I have three authors that I still collect, and keep on shelves.

  • On Apr 21, 2019, Loveallbooks said: Print or ebooks

    I like to have both. I love my kindle but still want to have a paperback to read.

  • On Apr 21, 2019, lavender said: Print books or Ebooks?

    Both have their pros & cons:

    1) paper is tangible, the feel and texture of the pages, the action of flipping pages, and shutting the book. They can be heavy and take up physical space. Ebooks are digital and space-saving. But somehow, the "cozy reading experience" may be lost.

  • On Apr 21, 2019, ticklebear said: hmm hard choice

    I love my kindle especially when I go on holiday I can take so many books, but I love my paperbacks too I have bookcases full.

  • On Apr 21, 2019, jana said: print or ebook

    Both. It depends on where I'm at when I want to read.

  • On Apr 20, 2019, Sylvie said: Print books or Ebooks?

    For a long time, I resisted getting a Kindle, thinking that dropping a book = no problem, but dropping a Kindle = big problems! But you know what? I've never dropped my Kindle! Plus, the light makes it easier to read, and I love that I can store so many hundreds of books. Don't even get me started on the Kindle app for my phone! An entirely library right there in my pocket...*sigh!*

  • On Apr 20, 2019, orchdlady said: Books vs ebooks

    I prefer a print book over an ebook. I have a number of books on a Kindle but don't get around to reading them.

  • On Apr 20, 2019, Trix said: Both!

    I like print for cookbooks and art books, and ebooks for text-heavy stuff...

  • On Apr 19, 2019, mari said: Books

    I like reading both but I do love that I can travel easily with ebooks

  • On Apr 18, 2019, Nicky said: giveaway

    I like print. I love the feel of a paperback

  • On Apr 18, 2019, greenshamrock said: both

    Love both ebooks and print... ebooks for there convenience and storage... print for that feel of a book in hand...

  • On Apr 18, 2019, blakesmomma said: Ebooks

    I prefer ebooks because I love the convenience of them.

  • On Apr 17, 2019, AshleyAnne said: Paperback books

    I prefer paperbacks because I love holding a book in my hands and being able to physically turn the pages.

  • On Apr 17, 2019, Beckworth said: Books

    I usually 1st ebooks because they're cheaper but if I find a book I love and will read all the time, I will get the print book.

  • On Apr 17, 2019, Angieia said: ebooks

    I prefer ebooks. I don't have to worry about book getting bent and if I finish a book I have another I can pick from to read at that moment.

  • On Apr 17, 2019, iriscmt said: Ebooks all the way

    I used to prefer paperbacks, but ebooks are soooo easier to carry with me! And I don't have to declutter!!

  • On Apr 16, 2019, EvaM said: Spring Fling 2019

    Almost 50/50: Print= solid in your hand; e= no need for more space on overflowing shelves!

  • On Apr 16, 2019, anidarksky said: Print books

    I love the feel of book in my hands and I can take it anywhere. Something about holding a book while getting lost in the story feels good

  • On Apr 16, 2019, angie booklover said: Print or Ebook?

    I prefer physical books because I love to touch the pages and the cover, it feels amazing to have the novel in my hands!

  • On Apr 16, 2019, KGOLDMAN said: Print

    I read most of my books on kindle, but prefer paperback, easy to hold, bend etc. read on kindle for lack of space to keep books

  • On Apr 16, 2019, ptclayton said: Why I love Paper Books

    I have a disease called RSd and this limits me to print books which i love. I love the feel of the paper and i am also 3/4 deaf so paper is perfect for me as I don;t have to listen just read.

  • On Apr 16, 2019, ljkish said: Paperbacks

    I like the feel of a real book over my kindle. To me, they are easier to hold.

  • On Apr 16, 2019, kaisquared said: Ebooks vs PB

    I prefer paperbacks at home and ebooks on the road.

  • On Apr 15, 2019, Loraine Oliver said: contest

    I like ebooks as I can make words bigger print but I also love collecting books

  • On Apr 15, 2019, jobugg said: Books

    I prefer books because I just like the feel of them, but I also like the convenience of ebooks. With ebooks, I can have access to so many books when I'm away from home when it's harder to carry multiple books.

  • On Apr 15, 2019, Urdchan said: Preferred reading method

    The format of a book I prefer depends on the book. For those from my all-time favorite authors, that I will likely read multiple times in my life, I prefer print (either hard- or soft-covered). However, I've run out of room for too many more physical books, so for the most part I now prefer e-book (and am just not into audiobooks)

  • On Apr 15, 2019, katherinebacher said: Both Print and Ebook

    I enjoy both. Print books are great because I love holding them in my hands, but I also live in a small space where book storage is at a minimum. Ebooks allow me to continue growing my home library without taking up space. Also, ebooks provide font size alternatives. I'm also an audiobook fan and enjoy listening to them during car rides and while doing household chores.



  • On Apr 14, 2019, granny said: Books

    I love my paperbacks.Want them in my hands.

  • On Apr 14, 2019, attessac said: print or ebook

    I prefer Ebooks I have a kindle and love that you can have numerous books

  • On Apr 14, 2019, honeyb said: Ebooks vs Print

    I prefer to read the ebook copy because I have my Kindle read them to me and I collect print books

  • On Apr 14, 2019, debbied said: print books

    Print books are easier for me to read than an ebook.

  • On Apr 14, 2019, iriscmt said: I learned to love ebooks

    Ebooks are so easy to bring. I have over 2,500 ebooks on my Kindle.

  • On Apr 14, 2019, Laurel E said: Print books

    I prefer print books, but I have a Kindle and a Nook, and one of them is always with me. They both fit nicely in my purse.

  • On Apr 14, 2019, Lostintime said: Both

    I love both print and e-books. Print becase you dont have to worry about charging. And the smel and feel are gpod. I love e-books becase there convenience and you can make the print bigger and other features you cant with a print books. So both have there own good qualities.

  • On Apr 14, 2019, Bmhy said: Bmhy

    Even though I read both print books and ebooks, I prefer print books. I love the feel of a real book and don't have to depend upon battery life to read.

  • On Apr 13, 2019, goodietwo said: Not ballpoint

    Should be print. Darn autocorrect.

  • On Apr 13, 2019, goodietwo said: E-books or print?

    I actually read both, however prefer ebooks. I never leave home without a book to read. My paperwhite fits nicely into my purse. If I finish my book, another one is right there ready to read. I would never have room for all the books in my TBR pile if they were ballpoint.

  • On Apr 13, 2019, Cathyh said: Ebook or print

    I buy books mainly in ebook because I read about 5-6 books daily. The books I love I buy print too. I like print because i have another way to read if kindle breaks.

  • On Apr 13, 2019, DLuscan said: Ebook or Print

    I absolutely do love print books and collect them. There is nothing like a real book. But...for convenience, I mostly purchase and read ebooks. Much easier to carry around my whole library and with small children, the discretion is needed sometimes.

  • On Apr 13, 2019, cbqtie said: Ebook or Paperback

    I prefer ebook because I can read it instantly and it's easier to hold my phone. I do have my paperbacks that I love to read also.

  • On Apr 13, 2019, SueG said: Spring Fling Romance

    Lately I have been reading a lot more ebooks because I can make the font bigger but I still do read paper books.

  • On Apr 13, 2019, gaborss said: ebooks

    I prefer ebooks because I travel a lot and ebooks are convenient and easy to transport. Also my case comes with a built-in light so that I can read at night.

  • On Apr 13, 2019, Judy Thomas said: Print.

    I prefer print books because nothing compares to holding a real book in your hand and reading it.

  • On Apr 13, 2019, BookLiaison said: Print or ebooks

    Anymore I prefer ebooks for the ease of use. I like being able to put it down anywhere and coming back to the same spot, with print and four kids that isn't always possible!

  • On Apr 13, 2019, misspiggysue said: Books

    I like both, but use my kindle most

  • On Apr 13, 2019, ghostdragon said: Books

    I prefer books because they are easier to hold and more comfortable to hold than a tablet. I do have some e-books though and will still read them.

  • On Apr 13, 2019, Bsue said: E-books

    I like both but have no room for paperbacks so just use my kindle now. Thank you for the chance

  • On Apr 13, 2019, Rita Spratlen said: Rita Spratlen

    I like real books but I love e-books too! A real book is great to hold and turn real pages but a e-book takes up little space!

  • On Apr 13, 2019, SteelerGirl said: Print or ebooks

    I prefer print. I love holding that book in my hands. I do have a few books on my nook.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, JeanMP said: Print or E-books

    I like both, but these days I tend to read ebooks more, easier to carry with me.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, CandyLyn said: Print or E-books

    I would love to say print but not many come in a large enough font for me to read. I'm going to have to go with e-books simply because I can make the font as big as necessary. It is also much easier to hold a kindle than a book because of the arthritis in my hands. I do have many print books in my bookcase and I think I keep them around for the awesome scent!

  • On Apr 12, 2019, ThatJunk said: Print or e books

    E books. I love the smell of books, but I read too much to carry books with me. With my e books I can devour 1-3 books a day without having to carry them all with me.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, swatbmw said: E vs print

    I like to read from E as I can read anywhere. I like to look at print books on the shelf

  • On Apr 12, 2019, LasVegasNan said: Print or ebooks

    I prefer print, i like to feel the pages. Ebooks I like for when I am traveling, I can carry more books.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, Latifa Morrisette said: Print and ebooks.

    I prefer both print and ebook. I like ebooks for when I'm on the go or out of town. I like print if I'm at home or sticking close to home.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, KarenH said: Book Preference

    I prefer print books...just old fashioned, I guess. That said, I do read several books on my Kindle. I'm reading a story on my Kindle right now.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, Didi said: My book preference

    I love print and ebook equally, but my personal space just couldn’t handle more piles of books so the last few years I mostly buy/read ebook. Now, me and my (s) are inseparable wherever I go. :)

  • On Apr 12, 2019, princessdebbie said: My preference.

    I prefer paperbacks to ebooks, though I do read ebooks, too. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, debbiew said: Ebooks or print

    I read more ebooks because it’s easier with the kindle app on my phone to take with me but I love collecting print books from my favorite authors

  • On Apr 12, 2019, Cheryl said: Preference

    I prefer print books! Ebooks have their perks, but I still prefer the feel, smell, and look of a physical print book.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, ElizabethH said: Print or eBook

    I like them both but with an eBook, I can change the font size on the pages and that helps me read more comfortably. Unfortunately, I can't do that with a print book. But, I love the tangibility of a print book. I'm torn!

  • On Apr 12, 2019, marzimarzo said: Ebooks all the way

    I'm all for ebooks since I can easily have many on hand be it on my phone, my eReader, my PC or even on the cloud.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, Teenyluvkins said: prefer ebooks

    I prefer ebooks cos it's easier to carry a tablet or ereader filled with all kinds of books than a suitcase only with some. Also ebooks are cheaper too.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, Brandi said: Print or E-book

    I love my e-books because I can have over a thousand all on one device and they are cheaper......but I will always prefer print books, especially hardcover books because I love seeing them on my bookshelf, they are easier to lend to people, and I don’t’s just something about a book in your hands :)

  • On Apr 12, 2019, bncandg said: re:

    print - easy to carry

  • On Apr 12, 2019, NanaSue said: Print or ebooks

    I like the convenience of ebooks but I prefer print. There's nothing like holding a book in my hands while I read.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, BookNerd said: Thanks!

    Awesome giveaway thanks for the chance. Love your site. And I entered. Good luck everyone. Happy Reading??

  • On Apr 12, 2019, Glenda said: No Preference

    I love them both - each format has something going for it that the other doesn't.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, kaylizmc said: Both

    I carry both my Kindle and either a paperback or hardcover book with me everywhere I go.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, JackieW said: My preference

    I prefer print books. I like the feel of holding a book instead of an eReader.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, Marybelle said: Paper for me

    Hi, I still prefer a hard copy in hand. It just feels right.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, JeanneNancy said: Paper

    Oops Nancy Burgess

  • On Apr 12, 2019, JeanneNancy said: Paper

    I still like paper books when I can afford them. Kindle still feels odd reading on for some reason.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, Renald said: holding a book

    I like the printed books, I like to write notes on the side of the pages.

  • On Apr 12, 2019, DianeS said: Print!

    I prefer print books - no need to recharge!

  • On Apr 11, 2019, shorty said: Print or E book

    I still prefer to read print books. I like the feel of a book and turning the pages. I don't have to charge it up to read it

  • On Apr 11, 2019, pizzahut said: Books

    I prefer the real thing, definitely ebooks do save paper, but to be honest nothing beats a real physical book

  • On Apr 11, 2019, raecharmed said: Books

    I love both print and ebooks. Sometime I get the need to feel a print book instead of my kindle

  • On Apr 11, 2019, Ivythebookgeek said: Print or ebooks?

    Print... Because I love the feel of an actual book in my hands.

  • On Apr 11, 2019, LSUReader said: ebooks, please

    My reading has increased with the popularization of ebooks. They're easier for me to read and so convenient! Thanks.

  • On Apr 11, 2019, Carol L said: Books

    I prefer an actual book. I love holding the book, there are a ton of beautiful covers as well.But lately I've run out of bookshelves and space to keep them. I now have many, many e-books. It is more convenient and easier to bring in vacation.

  • On Apr 11, 2019, griffinsgma said: Books

    I will read anything but I prefer to buy ebooks now since they take up less room. I have print books that I read sprinkled in with ebooks so that I can pass them on. There are a few authors that I buy print books and I also check books out from the library.

  • On Apr 11, 2019, Ingeborg said: Books

    I prefer print books. I like holding a book in my hands. I also like the way books look in my bookcase. I can flip through a book anytime I want.

  • On Apr 11, 2019, saffrongirl said: books

    I read print and ebooks equally

  • On Mar 30, 2019, honeyb said: Awesome

    Can't wait