• On Mar 18, 2013, Tamazon said: Winner

    The winner of the eBook is: AnneM

  • On Mar 08, 2013, AnneM said: Similar Interest

    I too visited the catacombs in Paris and it was interesting. I also visited a place in Rome(?) which had arranged monk bones. It must be the 10 year old girl inside who likes the vaguely gruesome.

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  • On Mar 08, 2013, ecocat said: Paris

    I haven't been to Paris, France. My sister did and she said it is a wonderful city to visit. The closest thing to Paris are books.

  • On Mar 07, 2013, Jillianleighsk said: book

    I've never been to another country... so books are my way to travel! this one sounds pretty interesting...

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  • On Mar 07, 2013, carrolla said: Paris

    Sounds wonderful!

  • On Mar 07, 2013, shygirl said: Collar Me in Paris

    The story sounds wonderful! And thanks for the post. The catacombs sound intriguing!

  • On Mar 06, 2013, LuvnPhrost said: Hmmmmmm

    Sounds like a wild read!

  • On Mar 04, 2013, nrdriscoll said: intrigued

    sounds like a good read. cant wait to check it out.

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  • On Feb 25, 2013, bncandg said: re:

    Nice excerpt and post