• On Aug 08, 2014, msdebms said: Thanks you guys!

    Thank you! Cheryl and Nightowl reviews for the awesome giveaway of Rebel. Imagine my delight when I found this treasure in my mailbox this afternoon. Scifi has a special place in my heart and this one looks fabulous! Thank you again for this special treat!!! DebbieK

  • On Jul 26, 2014, Jana Leah said: giveaway

    Sounds like a great read. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Jul 21, 2014, Bookfreak said: Love

    Love Cheryl's writing. This sounds so awesome!

  • On Jul 18, 2014, greenshamrock said: A fan

    I am behind on this series, but loved what I have read!!!!

  • On Jul 16, 2014, Cheryl Brooks said: Thanks!

    Thanks, Maureence! I never dreamed it would get this far!

  • On Jul 16, 2014, maureence said: Rebel

    Congratulations to Cheryl on book 10! It's great that you can read any book in the series.

  • On Jul 15, 2014, Cheryl Brooks said: Cover

    I've been very lucky to have Anne Cain designing my fabulous covers throughout the series. Interestingly, I was told that the font used for the titles was created specifically for my books. You won't see it anywhere else, which I think is pretty cool!

  • On Jul 15, 2014, Cheryl Brooks said: No worries!

    LOL! I have no problem with any of you reading the entire series before you read Rebel. ;-) It will mean more to you if you're familiar with the returning characters, but it can still stand on its own. Good luck to everyone in the contest!

  • On Jul 15, 2014, Texas Book Lover said: Cat Star Chronicles - Rebel by Cheryl Brooks #Giveaway

    I'm a series junkie so I'd have to go back and read them in order...even when they can be read as stand alones!

  • On Jul 15, 2014, Pamk said: series

    need to read this series. My favorite type and I am so behind

  • On Jul 14, 2014, bncandg said: re:

    interesting cover

  • On Jul 14, 2014, KGOLDMAN said: Hot Cover

    I am a sucker for a hot cover, sometimes that alone gets me to buy the book, lol. look forward to reading this one

  • On Jul 14, 2014, wyndwhisper said: love the cover!

    i love the cover, it's gorgeous! the book sounds wonderful and i look forward to reading it. i just put it at the top of my TBBN list. :)

    tammy ramey

  • On Jul 14, 2014, Cherri said: Sweet!!

    OMG! This is a very great giveaway from an even greater author! I can't wait to get this entire series (and all other books by Cheryl!) and start reading! thanks!!!