• On Jun 30, 2010, Tammie - Night Owl Reviews said:

    and our winner is - me8acat@

  • On Jun 25, 2010, Lovie said:

    Being able to find humor in a bad situation is all that keeps me sane. Although my family thinks that I am crazy. I loved your April 3 blog post, how many women would love to give, the new woman in a former boyfriend life, a review. lovieb@

  • On Jun 25, 2010, Jen said:

    Books that truly make me laugh are really hard to find. So when I do, I truly cherish them.


  • On Jun 20, 2010, booklover0226 said:

    The world always look a bit brighter after a good laugh.


  • On Jun 19, 2010, Pat said:

    You have to learn that what you write or say can cause big problems and come back to you


  • On Jun 17, 2010, practimom said:

    i love it when my hubby looks at me like i am crazy when i bust out laughing when i am reading. i love to make people laugh, but i think laughing at myself is great as well. i pull pranks and get them pulled on is the best! to be able to do that while writing, it is just an entire different level. i admire writers who can do that with their stories!


  • On Jun 16, 2010, wanda f said:

    Books that make me laugh are the best

  • On Jun 11, 2010, Sherry said:

    I love to read books that make me laugh when I read them. Some of my favorite authors I hate to read around other people because they stare at you when you start laughing.


  • On Jun 10, 2010, Colleen said:

    I always like to laugh... look for the funny side of things... keep my spirits up!


  • On Jun 10, 2010, Mary said:

    A good laugh is a great way to get rid of stress.


  • On Jun 09, 2010, LuAnn said:

    Every now and then I also hit a setback. I will often fume for a day or two and then the solution will come to me and I'll be able to laugh it off.


  • On Jun 09, 2010, Lisa Mason said:

    I could always use a good laugh. It's what keeps me going.


  • On Jun 09, 2010, stacey said:

    I love a book that makes me life is hard anuff as it is.or a book that at lease takes your mind off of things.


  • On Jun 09, 2010, wanda f said:

    Ok heres another one of my favorites

  • On Jun 09, 2010, wanda f said:

    “Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes

  • On Jun 09, 2010, susan said:

    This would be a nice package for me to share with my reader group and since hubby and I celebrate 47 years of wedded bliss on the 29th of June..we are having a cook out with the readers and their families so a package would be an added bonus. susan L garysue@

  • On Jun 09, 2010, hotcha12 said:


  • On Jun 09, 2010, s7anna said:

    It's always the obstacles in our life that make the end result - oh so sweet.


  • On Jun 08, 2010, ???? said:

    All good things come to an end.