• On Mar 29, 2019, tracee said: not as many as I'd like

    but I get through several a month, on average

  • On Mar 29, 2019, ELF said: The uplifting ending

    is what is important for me. No matter what the characters go through, they are there for each other at the end. I read fewer than I used to (0;

  • On Mar 28, 2019, hanksgirl said: Love the HEA’s

    I read like crazy, try to read a book night or every other night, so I’m a book worm lol

  • On Mar 28, 2019, adila said: Romances are the best!

    I loved fairy tales in childhood and now I love more complicated fairy tales - romances. Unfortunately, right now I don't have much time, so i read 2 book a month.

  • On Mar 28, 2019, Purpleunicorn said: Reading Romance

    I love that romance can take me away from what's happening in daily life. The bonus is the happy endings. I usually read about 10-15 books a month.

  • On Mar 28, 2019, mommietime said: paranormal romance

    I prefer paranormal. I read about 4-5 a month.

  • On Mar 28, 2019, proudarmymom said: Books are my happy place

    I love the HEA, being taken to new worlds and becoming friends with the characters in the books. I read about 10-15 books a month, it really is my happy place :D

  • On Mar 28, 2019, Lys Lucky said: Why Romances?

    I started for the love and happy endings, and I stayed for the love and happy endings. I'm always reading several at once (usually in different genres though)!

  • On Mar 28, 2019, Cora said: Why I read Romances

    They always have a happy ending.

  • On Mar 27, 2019, Tara W said: Romance

    I read for escapism and I love a HEA . I read at least 10 books per month.

  • On Mar 27, 2019, rosiea said: Romance

    I read a few romance books a month.

  • On Mar 27, 2019, TingS said: romance

    I read about 25 books a month, mostly romances. They are my escape from reality and I'm a sucker for happy endings.

  • On Mar 27, 2019, Nelly Z said: Romances

    I read about ten romances per month because it's soothing...even better when there's a happy ending.

  • On Mar 27, 2019, mystic said: Romance

    I love all types of romance and Night Owl Reviews is my go to site for finding out about new books and their authors. Thank you.

  • On Mar 27, 2019, gecko said: Romance

    I read 6-8 romantic genres a month. They are my escape from reality and a means to relax and forget my real life problems for a moment in time.

  • On Mar 26, 2019, lorir said: romance

    I read 8-10 romances a month. There is nothing on tv and reading helps me unwind after working.

  • On Mar 26, 2019, Brandi said: Why I Read Romances

    I read romances because I love the HEAs and all the different kinds of characters from paranormal to historical. Depending on what is going on in life at the time, I can read a new book every couple days or sometimes lucky if I make it through two books a month, just depends.

  • On Mar 26, 2019, debbiew said: Romances

    I read probably 25-30 romance books in a month. Being disabled after 3 soon to be 4 hip replacement surgeries I can’t do much except read.

  • On Mar 25, 2019, AmberTerry said: Romance...

    My favorite thing about romance novels is the feeling of intimacy you have with the characters and not just because you're reading details about their sex lives but because you get to witness this deep bond unfolding throughout the story. I read maybe 3 to 4 a month.

  • On Mar 24, 2019, angienb said: romance

    I read about 10+ romance a month, but with my new job it has slowed down a bit. What I love reading about them is the emotional aspect and the character development. Gotta have the feels!

  • On Mar 24, 2019, amybowens said: Love Is in the Air

    I love to read because it gives me an escape from reality and it brings joy to me. I usually read around 10-15 a month depending on how much free time I have

  • On Mar 24, 2019, Sable said: Love is in the Air

    I have been reading romance since I was a teenager. Read a couple each month.

  • On Mar 23, 2019, AnaBoleyn said: Love is in the Air contest

    I read romances for the escape to another world. One where I am not the one with life's problems or responsibilities. I've been reading them since I was a young girl (as in 3rd or 4th grade) as the teen romances into harlequin and silhouette to regular novels. I devour 5 or 6 at least a week. I read all sorts of genre's within romance depending on my mood

  • On Mar 23, 2019, kcozz said: Love Is in the Air

    I like romances because they have a happy ending. I read a few every month.

  • On Mar 21, 2019, katz said: Love Is In the Air

    Reading is relaxing and entertaining. I read 1-2 a month.

  • On Mar 21, 2019, griffinsgma said: Contest

    I have been reading romance novels since I was an early teen. I like that you can find romance in all sorts of genres. I am currently reading lots of rom coms as a way to escape some stressful things in my life. I read 5 to 10 a month when I'm not working my part-time job.

  • On Mar 21, 2019, Jodi Hunter said: Escape

    They let you escape the day in and day out of normal life, I read about 2 a month.

  • On Mar 19, 2019, ElizabethH said: Reading Romance

    I love the story that leads two people together. I haven't found my happily ever after, but when I read, I can have many HEAs.

  • On Mar 19, 2019, clynsg said: Ro,mance

    Reading romances is usually pure escapism.

  • On Mar 18, 2019, Renald said: love to read

    I love too relax and enjoy the trip. I want to read more but do not have the time. Two a month.

  • On Mar 18, 2019, Sylvie said: Love Romance!

    Romance allows me to escape from my mundane life, if only for a little while! I love meeting new characters and seeing them have their HEAs.

    Currently I'm really into M/M romance and I love PNR as well.

    I usually try to read around 10 or 15 books per month.

  • On Mar 17, 2019, DebbyG said: Escape

    Romance allow me to escape when I need a break. I read maybe 20 a month

  • On Mar 17, 2019, hamjenny said: Romance

    Romance books can go any direction

  • On Mar 17, 2019, mari said: Romance

    Romance books keep me entertain, I love reading about couples and their relationship building

  • On Mar 17, 2019, Laurel E said: Love a good romance!

    I probable read a dozen or more per month, depends on page count. I like all romances, paranormal, erotic, suspense...

  • On Mar 17, 2019, Loveallbooks said: Romance

    I love how they suck me in for hours of enjoyment. I try to read between 5 to 10 books a month.

  • On Mar 17, 2019, SandyH said: Too many! :)

    I've been told that I read entirely too many books each month (6-8, plus audio)-- and most of them are romances of some sort! I usually have at least 2 books going at any one time, I just try to keep them in different time periods so I can tell the stories apart.

  • On Mar 17, 2019, DianeS said: Romances

    they take me to different places & times, and make me smile. I read about a dozen books a month.

  • On Mar 16, 2019, jana said: romances

    Romances are fun & emotional. I probably read a couple romances per month.

  • On Mar 15, 2019, rove said: Love is in the Air

    I read about eight romances a month. They’re sweet and fun to read.

  • On Mar 15, 2019, angie booklover said: Why I love romance!

    I love it because it gives me feelings ALL the time and it gives me something to dream about.

    I usually read two or three books per month, but it depends on how busy I am.

  • On Mar 15, 2019, Grace Henley said: Love Is In the Air Giveaway

    I Love to Read, Especially Paranormal Romance, but I read all kinds of Romance related books, I usually read 5 or 10 a month, I read because, It's always been my favorite way to relax.

  • On Mar 15, 2019, Grace Henley said: Love is in the Air Giveaway

    Love your Giveaways, They are fun to enter!

  • On Mar 15, 2019, JeanMP said: scavenger hunt

    I read them to escape and I enjoy the happily ever after endings. I probably read at least 3 a month.

  • On Mar 14, 2019, Cathyann said: Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks! This is always fun.

  • On Mar 14, 2019, orchdlady said: Romance Mysteries/Thrillers

    I like romance when it is combined with mysteries or thrillers. I read a couple a month.

  • On Mar 13, 2019, margaretluvisi said: i read romance books

    because very relaxing

    i read 2-3 books a month

  • On Mar 13, 2019, LeonieT said: Love romance

    I only read romance, from contemporary, dark romance to paranormal and sci-fi. I probably read about 4 to 5 books a month.

  • On Mar 12, 2019, Marybelle said: Love a HEA

    Yes, I agree it is the HEA I seek. Probably about 4 a month.

  • On Mar 12, 2019, lizeasternD said: Romance

    I love romance books because they usually end with a HEA - who doesn't need a little happy in their every day?!

    I read at least 4 romance books a month

  • On Mar 12, 2019, blakesmomma said: Lover of Books

    I reads 8 to 10 romances a month because I love happily ever afters.

  • On Mar 12, 2019, debbied said: Reading Romance

    I love reading romance because the characters seem human and you can relate to them. I read about six a month.

  • On Mar 12, 2019, SylveTReader said: giveaway

    its an escape for me and i read maybe 5-8 a month

  • On Mar 12, 2019, Veronicathomas said: Thank you

    Perfect way to find new to us authors. Thanks for doing these.

  • On Mar 12, 2019, Lisaward said: Romance

    I love reading

    Romance takes you on journey , get away from every day life.

    I read about 5 or 6 romances also mixed in with ya , paranormal...

  • On Mar 12, 2019, marzimarzo said: Novel addict

    Enjoy "travelling" into alternate worlds with HEAs. generally read around 5 books a week

  • On Mar 12, 2019, misspiggysue said: Lovely

    I read 1 to 2 books a day. I am retired and reading is my joy

  • On Mar 12, 2019, misspiggysue said: Wow great Books

    So many great books. Thank you for the chance

  • On Mar 12, 2019, Didi said: I love romance

    The majority of vibes on romance genre are filled with happiness and positivity. They put a smile on my face. I read up to 10 romance novels a month.

  • On Mar 12, 2019, LeahGreen said: Love the Opportunity

    I love when sites give readers the opportunity to receive new material. It helps us readers discover new authors and new genres. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • On Mar 12, 2019, ljkish said: I like romance novels

    They make me smile

  • On Mar 12, 2019, Judy Thomas said: Romance

    I read a couple of romances a month, they helpme to escape and relax.

  • On Mar 12, 2019, booksforme said: Love to read!

    I love reading about a romance that will never happen to me. It's great to "live" through the characters I read! I read about 20 books a month.

  • On Mar 12, 2019, Trix said: As for me....

    I like meeting memorable characters, and seeing them get their HEA!

  • On Mar 12, 2019, KGOLDMAN said: Thanks

    i enjoy these contests , and just love a good romance , my favorite are paranormal, but a good love story is just that

  • On Mar 12, 2019, Rkcjmomma said: Love romance

    I love the falling in love and how it happens and the journey in between!

  • On Mar 12, 2019, LadyDiana said: They are my escape

    I have always enjoyed reading romances and being able to become one of the characters or just escaping into their world in general. They always get the HEA. It is also a way to fulfill fantasies without actually participating in any actual events myself.

  • On Mar 11, 2019, ArlenaDean said: Blog Post Comment

    I love reading what the romance novel is about... like their genre and the author. I ready about 10-20 novels a month being an avid reader and book reviewer.

  • On Mar 11, 2019, Glittergirl said: Forgot reason for post...sorry

    I love reading romance because of the unwritten "rules": HEA, no cheating, no killing off characters I've come to care about, well crafted stories and the ADVENTURE-ESCAPE!

  • On Mar 11, 2019, Glittergirl said: Love In The Air Contest

    Another scavenger hunt to earn our prizes. Thanks for the fun

  • On Mar 11, 2019, princessdebbie said: What I like most...

    I love romance stories because I can live vicariously through the characters and try to believe in love. I usually read 2-4 depending on the length of the book.

  • On Mar 11, 2019, Kateyes said: So much fun!!!

    I love scavenger hunt so much fun!!????

  • On Mar 11, 2019, gaborss said: Romance Novels

    I read them because I like when the right people get together and overcome their problems together. How many do I read a month? As many as I can get my hands on.

  • On Mar 11, 2019, Teenyluvkins said: Romance stories

    I only read romances because if you can't find book boyfriends and imagine your fairytale what is the point of reading? :)

  • On Mar 11, 2019, honeyb said: Romance Reads

    I love the HEA Endings and to see how they work out the problems

    Probably 10-15 of the books I read a mth are technically Romance

  • On Mar 11, 2019, greenshamrock said: Romances

    I love the journeys the characters take to find a HEA... All of the different places, people, tropes pull me in...

  • On Mar 11, 2019, stuv said: scavenger hunt

    i find romantic suspense to be exciting and taking me to a place I don't got to on my own, yet making it seem, most of the time, as if it is real

  • On Mar 11, 2019, Medina said: Romance

    I probably read around four romances in a month. What I like about them is how much they are focused on characters' relationships, within the couples and often within the characters' communities.

  • On Mar 11, 2019, EvaM said: Scavenger Hunt

    It's a great escape to try and solve problems and have fun doing it:) Probably read about 4-6/month.

  • On Mar 10, 2019, gmhester said: Life

    Romance novels take me to a different life when my own becomes too mundane! I read maybe 3-5 a month depending on length and my schedule.

  • On Mar 10, 2019, AshleyAnne said: I love romance!!

    I love that romance novels pretty much always have a HEA! You don't get that much in the real world.

    I usually read about 5 or more a month.

  • On Mar 10, 2019, MicheleH said: Romance

    I like romance because of the HEA. I read about 2-3 a month.

  • On Mar 10, 2019, angelangie said: Forever Single

    I love reading romance because I simply have too much going on in my life to even consider having a real relationship!

    I usually read about 3 a month.

  • On Mar 10, 2019, shorty said: Romance

    I read about 5 books a month. I enjoy reading romance books because they take me away from reality for a while. I love my book boyfriends :)

  • On Mar 09, 2019, dlankfo said: Books

    I read between 6-10 books a month and most of them are romance. I like to think that romance is alive and well even though there is so much negativity in the world.

  • On Mar 09, 2019, bettyreynolds said: Romance

    I read mostly historical romance and romantic suspense, probably 12 to 15 novels/month.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  • On Mar 09, 2019, suzgiorgione said: HI!

    I love reading romance books because they take me away from everyday life and bring me somewhere else. I usually read at least 4 books, sometimes more. Thank you for the chance

  • On Mar 09, 2019, dolphinBaby said: Blog comment

    I read at least 8 romance books a month I love reading about other couples

  • On Mar 08, 2019, SteelerGirl said: Romance

    My instant attraction to the cover and the blurb at the back of the book make me want to read it. I read at least 3/4 books a month.

  • On Mar 08, 2019, lavender said: Tension

    I love the initial attraction, and then tension-building! That's more important than the pair actually becoming a couple to me. It's the courtship or "chase" if you will. I read whenever I get a chance so it varies from month to month (between 0-5).

  • On Mar 08, 2019, jbalinski said: Blog comment

    I love the HEA in romance books and being able to live vicariously through the hero and heroine and their friends in whatever book I'm reading.

    I read about 15-20 books a month.

  • On Mar 08, 2019, Jimetteross said: Happy

    Glad I stumbled upon this blog!

  • On Mar 08, 2019, OptimaK said: Thanks!

    I read about 12 books a month, over half are romance. I love hearing happy stories and reading about people flying in love.

  • On Mar 08, 2019, SueG said: Love is in the Air

    I read about 10 - 12 books a month....always romance books....I love having a happy ending.

  • On Mar 08, 2019, kcharlton said: romance

    I read about 2 romances a month between other genres. I like to switch it up with the romances because it's a different layer of fantasy that blends well with the other genres i read.

  • On Mar 08, 2019, Sunnymay said: Love

    I'm an avid reader and Romance is one of my favorite genres along with Cozy Mysteries. There's always a good ending and the middle can be juicy.

  • On Mar 08, 2019, clarkws said: thanks for the giveaway

    i love romance. It is a great escape. I read around 12 a month

  • On Mar 08, 2019, bncandg said: re:

    HEA, depends

  • On Mar 08, 2019, Carol Schmoker said: Great Contest

    I read about 3-4 just romances a month, not counting mysteries with romance included. I like a happy ending since so many times real life is not so happy.

  • On Mar 08, 2019, Tamara Kasyan said: Romance

    I probably read about 20 romances a month. I love the escape from the troubles of daily life. And a really good book plays out as a movie in my head as I read.

  • On Mar 08, 2019, Renee Collins said: Renee Collins

    I like suspenseful romance and comedic romance because it’s entertaining, light hearted, and entertaining. It provides a pleasurable escape from tedious parts of life!

  • On Mar 08, 2019, petuniag said: Romance Books

    I love Romance books because they take me away from reality. I read many books per month, usually at least two or three at the same time.

  • On Mar 08, 2019, Amy S said: Romance Novels

    I adore reading romance because of the HEA most have at the end. It is a good escape from the real world and puts hope in my heart. I read anywhere from 4 to 20 books a month, almost all of them have some romance.

  • On Mar 08, 2019, CandyLyn said: Romance novels...

    For me a romance novel allows me to hide from the crap reality I'm surrounded by. It doesn't matter what kind of romance, there is hope in all of them and they leave a person smiling at the end.

    I read anywhere from 1 - 35 books a month.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, Barbed said: Love romance

    I love the happily ever after - no matter how much adversity or adventure occurs, the couple always end up together and happy. I read about 6 or 7 romances a month.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, MzVeeAye said: I love...

    being able to submerse myself into a world that resonates with me personally :)

  • On Mar 07, 2019, Doug Krawczyk said: Contest

    I love most genres, but Romance is top of my list as well as Suspense, Mysteries and historical. I read about 20 books a month

  • On Mar 07, 2019, Ingeborg said: Romance

    I like the happy endings. It brings a smile to my face when things work out.

    I read about 4 books a month.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, Moonbeam said: Contest

    I have read romances since I was about ten. I read up to 30 romance books a month.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, saffrongirl said: romance contest

    I have always loved romance books. I used to steal, er borrow, them from my mom when I was a kid.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, Carol L said: ROMANCE BOOKS

    I love reading Romance books because I Love happy endings. It lifts my mood to see everything turn out happy.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, mwhite said: Love Is In The Air Giveaway

    Romance books provide me with an escape and the ability to unwind at the end of a busy day. I read about 6 per month.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, catruf said: why

    I devour romance books - I read about 10 a month.They are a great way to get away from reality for a while.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, Ivythebookgeek said: Contest

    Reading romance is addictive, I love falling in love with new characters every day feeling what they are feeling reading the HEA. I read at least a book a day.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, cocobabydoll said: romance

    I dont read romance often, yet I hope to start more.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, Carole said: Awesome contest....

    I love reading as a way to get away from real life's problems! I read about 15 to 20 books a month.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, LasVegasNan said: Contest

    I love to read to get away from it all and I read about 6-15 per month.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, KarenH said: Great contest

    I love the satisfying HEA at the end of each story. On average, I read about 2-3 books per month.

  • On Mar 07, 2019, kaylizmc said: Awesome

    I read as many as I can. I just love everything about them.