• On Feb 13, 2013, Tamazon said: Winner

    The winner is: Bereza

  • On Feb 07, 2013, feliciamarie said: Intriguing!

    Sharing this on Twitter - I have never read Lia Davis's books before - my bad - on my TBR list for sure.

  • On Feb 07, 2013, Lumanesce said: Alpha Heros

    There are too many good Alpha pairings for me to name... I love reading about strong alpha males and their strong-willed and courageous mates! Makes for a perfect pairing in my book!

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  • On Feb 05, 2013, Ashley E said: Favorite?

    There's so many to choose from though! I could go with Charles and Anna from Patricia Briggs's Alpha and Omega series. And there's always Acheron and Tory from the Dark-Hunter series... I'm pretty sure I could go on... :D

  • On Feb 04, 2013, ecocat said: Alpha Couple

    I have to go with Roarke and Eve in the In Death series by J.D. Robb. Both characters are strong and dominated but they are able to work together and still know when to give each other personal space.

  • On Feb 03, 2013, greenshamrock said: Sounds wonderful

    Love couples like this... one of my favs is Roarke & Dallas... what a great combo they make.

  • On Feb 03, 2013, LadyVampire said: Alpha Couple

    My favorite alpha couple is Curran and Kate in Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniels seies. They have overcome so much in this series. Resolved their trust issues and just took you along for the ride to really see every aspect of this couple falling in love.

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  • On Feb 03, 2013, CathyF said: J.D.Robb

    My favorite alpha characters are Eve Dallas and Roarke of J. D> Robb's In Death books. They have both come from flawed and troubled pasts but together, they have helped each other heal. They are independent, strong, bring out the best in each other, unquestionably in love and perfect!

  • On Feb 03, 2013, notacatalyst said: Alphas

    I love novels about strong characters. This would be an interesting read!

  • On Feb 03, 2013, MsRomanticReads said: Alpha Couples

    The first couple that comes to mind is Garrett McRieve and his "Loo-sha" from Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark Series. I loved how he tried to protect her when she she was fully capable of taking care of herself. She couldn't shake him off no matter how hard she tried. That made for some pretty funny moments between the two. That's another thing I love between a strong couple - a sense of humor. Thank you for the chance to win!

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  • On Feb 03, 2013, Cfort said: Yummy

    This book looks fabulous!!

  • On Feb 01, 2013, DebraTaylor said: I love the series

    I've read the book, and I absolutely loved it. Khloe was a take no crap kind of gal, and I enjoyed watching her charge head first into every fight. She & Jagger made a phenominal alpha couple. Death Storm was an awesome read. Keep up the good work, Lia.

  • On Jan 30, 2013, Bereza said: I love alpha couples!

    One of my favorite alpha couples is Axel and Darcy from Jennifer Lyons' Wing Slayer Hunter Series. I tweeted and liked on Facebook.

  • On Jan 30, 2013, Nightpc said: lia davis

    This sounds like a wonderful book I'd love to read...I'll definitely take a look at your work! Love strong heroes and heroines...always sparks great emotion!One of my favorite alpha couples is Dallas and Roarke (JD Robb series)!

  • On Jan 27, 2013, Lizsemkiu said: Death's Storm

    The excerpt looks great. Will have to add it to my TBR pile

  • On Jan 26, 2013, shygirl said: Death's Storm

    I haven't checked out this series yet but it looks incredible. I love the paranormal genre so this is getting added to my TBR for sure!

  • On Jan 26, 2013, Bemiown said: Colliding Worlds.

    THis is a frightening possibility. Fantasy can be great. I tweeted and liked.

  • On Jan 23, 2013, JeanMP said: Characters

    Enjoy paranormal stories, love reading about strong characters

  • On Jan 22, 2013, Samantha said: SAMANTHA

    LOVE TO WIN!!!!!!


  • On Jan 22, 2013, bncandg said: re:

    Zsadist and Bella from the BDB series because they care about each other.

  • On Jan 22, 2013, maureence said: Lia Davis

    I do enjoy stories about two strong willed characters.

  • On Jan 22, 2013, Bmhy said: Lia Davis

    Love paranormal books! Another new author to add to my list. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Jan 22, 2013, ksroma said: Lia Davis Author

    Lia Davis is an amazing up and coming author who I hope enjoys a properous career in writing. Love The Divinities series and Winter's Eve too!