• On Nov 09, 2017, SteelerGirl said: $5 Gift Card

    Won a gift card to add to my balance. Yea! Helps with the gift giving.

    Thank You. Love the hunts, keep them coming.

  • On Nov 08, 2017, AbbyKat said: Thanks!

    Thanks to NOR and all the sponsors.

  • On Nov 08, 2017, griffinsgma said: Contest

    Thank you for the gift card. Yay! More books in my future!

  • On Nov 08, 2017, granny said: Gift card

    Thanks for the Gift card .I will put it to good use

  • On Nov 08, 2017, booksforme said: thank you

    woo hoo! thanks for the gift card.

  • On Nov 08, 2017, AmbieRose said: Winner

    Thank you so much!!! I didn't think I would have won anything. Going to use it for books :)

  • On Nov 08, 2017, Adnor said: Hallowpalooza hunt!

    Thanks to you and the wonderful authors and all your hard work!

  • On Nov 08, 2017, Mberbeza said: THANKS!!

    Thank you so much! It is very much appreciated!

  • On Nov 08, 2017, Carol L said: Thanks

    Thank you so much and Congrats to all the winners.

  • On Nov 07, 2017, Juli H said: Yay!!

    Can't believe I won something. Thanks so much. Now I can buy some books

  • On Nov 07, 2017, Lostintime said: I had fun

    Thanks for the awsome event meeting all the great authors and I won yeah when do we get the email for the gift card? Thanks

  • On Nov 07, 2017, Carol Schmoker said: Thanks for giftcard!

    I'll use it for more great ebooks.

  • On Nov 07, 2017, Twitch said: Happy me

    gift card to buy books lol yea me!!!!!!TYTYTYTY

  • On Nov 07, 2017, KarenH said: winner!

    Saw my name listed as a prize winner. Thank you so much. Big congratulations to all the winners of this fun scavenger hunt contest. Keep 'em coming, NOR! Love these things.

  • On Nov 07, 2017, flchen said: Thank you!

    Thank you for such a fun event, and for introducing us to so many terrific authors

  • On Nov 07, 2017, witchhazel said: Hallowpalozza!

    Thank you so much for my prize!

  • On Nov 07, 2017, davisbk said: Thank you!

    Thank you so much!

  • On Nov 01, 2017, adila said: Yet another great hunt from you

    I've been hunting here for age. I love how the hunt helps me discover new authors & books. +great prizes.

    I discovered: Tenaya Jayne, Teri Riggs, Ginny Sterling, Mia Jo Celeste, Lisa Dawn Wadler.

  • On Nov 01, 2017, Nonacuddles said: Loved it!

    Took awhile, but loved the challenge.

    Zoe Dawson . All them sounds awesome to read.

  • On Nov 01, 2017, rosiea said: Event

    I like finding new books to read. Am a fan of Celeste Prater, Erin Leaf and Zoe Dawson.

  • On Nov 01, 2017, flchen said: Halloween Fun!

    Thanks for the chance to learn more about so many terrific authors and their books! A few I'm excited to be following include Elle Boon, Katee Robert, and Teri Riggs!

  • On Nov 01, 2017, Carol Schmoker said: cool giveaway

    New fav authors Sedona Venez, Ravenna Tate & Katee Robert. Loved adding lots of new books to my TBR list.

  • On Nov 01, 2017, zuagy said: Halloween Hunt

    As usual I enjoyed discovering new authors, looking at covers and reading blurbs.

    Katee Robert, Samanthya Wyatt, and Ella Quinn.

  • On Nov 01, 2017, AbbyKat said: Event

    I love getting to see all the different authors/books!

    So many great new authors, but a few new favs: Elle Boon, McKenna Dean, Jodi Vaughn

  • On Nov 01, 2017, MHard said: Love this

    Love this site. Awesome giveaway. New authors would be Litta Harris, Teri Riggs and Erin Leaf. I love these events to find new authors.

  • On Nov 01, 2017, PamCraig said: Halloween Hunt

    Always fun to discover new books for the TBR list.

    Zoe Dawson, Sharon Buchbinder, and Ella Quinn.

  • On Nov 01, 2017, ljwaters said: Event

    My favorite part of this event was getting to check out so many books. I am now a fan of Jane Ederlyn, Teri Riggs and Lita Harris.

  • On Nov 01, 2017, Lizsemkiu said: Scavenger Hunt

    This is always a lot of fun.

    Susannah Sandlin, Katee Robert, Sam Cheever.

    Wild Man's Curse is a great read!

  • On Nov 01, 2017, Tamara Kasyan said: Halloween Hunt

    Favorite thing was discovering new authors like Shirley Pennick, Tory Richards, Elyzabeth VaLey, and Stoni Alexander

  • On Nov 01, 2017, Wiccachic said: HallowPalooza 2017!!

    My favorite part of the event is finding buried treasures although I want to explore more expansive loves as well (LGBTQ) or even asexual love/romance or how the aromantics get through life ^_^. Some of the treasures I've found though without getting too close to typical/trope are: other than - mia jo celeste; the panther's lost princess - mckenna dean; song of the ancients by sandy wright; curve couture - h.m. irving; and dragon in the garden - erika gardner.

  • On Oct 31, 2017, Suszet said: Scavenger hunt

    Loved the mysterybof filling in the blanks, omg Elle Boon Danica Winters, Ella Quinn

  • On Oct 31, 2017, Msredk said: Scavenger hunt

    I enjoyed discovering new authors.

    Shirley Pennick, Tami Julka, Brenda Trim

  • On Oct 31, 2017, Shirley said: Scavenger Hunt

    This is always so fun.

    Danica Winters, Zoe Dawson, Tory Richards

  • On Oct 31, 2017, starsunraveling said: Hallowpalooza 2017

    I love finding all these new authors thats my favorite part. Three authors Im really interested in reading are Elyzabeth M. VaLey, Chris Marie Green, and Elle Boon

  • On Oct 31, 2017, witchhazel said: New authors

    Zoe Dawson, Sarah Marsh and Elle Boon have won me over! I've had fun with this. I really enjoy this type of contest!

  • On Oct 31, 2017, cbqtie said: Hallowpalooza Scavenger Hunt

    1) I loved reading all the different blurbs and finding each word.

    2) Stoni Alexander ,Teri Riggs, Danica Winters and Janna MacGregor

  • On Oct 31, 2017, honeyb said: What I Love above Scavenger Hunt Giveaways

    They are Lots of Fun and I find new Authors and lots of great books to read.

    There are a lot of prizes too.

    Some of the Authors' Books that I'd like to read are Elizabeth McKenna, Teri Riggs, Juliette Cross, Joanne Jaytanie, Zoe Dawson, Sam Cheever and Lots More :)

  • On Oct 31, 2017, nyxnyx said: Hallowpalooza 2017

    1) the event is exciting!

    2) i like Tory Richards, Brenda Trim and Sharon Buchbinder,

  • On Oct 31, 2017, Mberbeza said: Fun and Easy

    This was an easy, schmeazy scavenger hunt! Got to work through a lot of book blurbs of books I haven't yet read. I wasn't familiar with Ruth A. Casie, Jane Ederlyn, or Chris Marie Green before. Will look into their books in the future. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • On Oct 31, 2017, belgre said: Hallowpalooza Hunt

    1) Tell us what you liked best about this event.

    It's always fun to read the blurbs and perhaps fine new authors that may become favorites

    2) Name at least 3 authors that you are now a fan of.

    Jillian David - I'll begin reading her books because I'm a cowboy/western fan

    Teri Riggs - a surprising find. I loved her military book blurbs. She's on my TBR list

    Stoni Alexander - also caught my eye

  • On Oct 31, 2017, Adnor said: Night Owl Review Hallowpalooza

    The hunts are an easy and great way to find new reads and authors! Hard to pick just 3: Teri Riggs, Danica Winters, Sharon Buchbinder. Thank you Tammie for all you do for us!

  • On Oct 31, 2017, KatherineJane said: halloween scavenger hunt

    1. like discovering new books and authors.

    2 Tory Richards,Nancy Gideon, Ruth A.Casie

  • On Oct 31, 2017, proudarmymom said: Books, books and more awesome books!

    I love these events because I always find new to me authors to try, the prizes are pretty awesome too :D

    I can't wait to read the books by Tami Julka and Brenda Trim, Cecy Robson, Traci Douglass and Erika Gardner.

  • On Oct 31, 2017, emoffitt said: I Like

    Finding New Authors like Sharon Buchbinder, Lita Harris and Sam Cheever

  • On Oct 30, 2017, attessac said: Hallowpalozxa

    I love the chance to win prizes and finding new books and authors My new three are Elle Boon Terri Riggs and Katee Roberts

  • On Oct 30, 2017, greenshamrock said: fun

    I love the scavenger hunt... searching for the answers... three authors I like are Sam Cheever, Joanne Jaytanie, and Danica Winters

  • On Oct 30, 2017, huntressjenn said: Happy Halloween!

    I like these scavenger hunts because I always find new books and authors I want to read. My fave authors from this hunt are Tenaya Jayne, Elle Boon and Celeste Prater.

  • On Oct 30, 2017, Missyb0103 said: I love these contest, i always find new authors.

    I will be checking out, Chris Marie Green, Samantha Jacobey, Jodi Vaughn and Ravenna Tate

  • On Oct 30, 2017, lifeisbliss said: Blog Hop

    I liked learning about new books and new authors. The authors I am now a fan of are H.M. Irwing, Danica Winters, and Teri Riggs!

  • On Oct 30, 2017, Nikolina said: Blog hop

    I always learn about new authors during these events, like: Erin M. Leaf, Maria K. Alexander & Neely Powell

  • On Oct 30, 2017, catlady said: Scavenger Hunt

    I like the scavenger hunt because it's a great way to find new authors. I am now a fan of Traci Douglass, Zoe Dawson and Juliette Cross.

  • On Oct 30, 2017, wyndwhisper said: Happy Halloween Everyone!

    I always have fun looking up all the new books and authors during the scavenger hunt.

    as for 3 new authors, at the very least i would say: Susan Buchbinder,Neely Powell and Erin M. Leaf

  • On Oct 30, 2017, Sue A said: Scavenger Hunt

    I liked that I could learn about all the new releases of so many of my favorite authors in one stop. Three of those favorite authors are Sharon Buchbinder, Tory Richards, and Brenda Trim.

  • On Oct 30, 2017, somerss said: sandilicious says

    I love any type of scavenger hunts but this type of book hunt introduces you to new authors and genre's you may not have thought to explore. I will be checking out Tory Richars, Neely Powell and Elizabeth McKenna. Thanks.

  • On Oct 30, 2017, amybowens said: Hallowpalooza

    I loved finding new authors. Teri Riggs, Samantha Wyatt, Zoe Dawson

  • On Oct 29, 2017, winchamp said: Hallowpalooza-2017

    Loved the scavenger hunt, getting to learn about new books and the chance at some awesome prizes. Now a fan some new authors: Shiela Stewart, Susannah Sandlin, Jane Ederlyn, Sharon Buchbinder, and Chris Marie Green. Several others have works that I'm adding to the list in my reading endeavours.

  • On Oct 29, 2017, jtouchstone said: Oh so many good ones!

    Hope to win, so I can indulge!

  • On Oct 29, 2017, ECRay said: Scavenger Hunt Thoughts

    1) What I liked about this event is finding out new books via the scavenger hunt. It is definitely fun; long but fun!

    2) Fans of: Jane MacGregor, Ella Quinn, and Katee Roberts.

  • On Oct 29, 2017, CozmicBookishJunkie said: Amazing Authors!

    This contest was amazing! I've discovered so many authors, but I'm really looking forward to reading books by J. Lynn Rowan, Neely Powell and Erin M. Leaf :)

  • On Oct 29, 2017, Gally said: Contest

    I liked finding new books and authors that interested me.

    Authors who were of interest:

    1 Vanessa Liebe

    2 Samanthya Wyatt

    3 Sky Purington

  • On Oct 29, 2017, nadinemccarthy said: I love night owl paranormal.

    The books are amazning and authors are too. I love macgregor, sharon Buchbinderand samanthya Wyatt

  • On Oct 29, 2017, JennLPA said: I enjoy finding answers

    I enjoy the treasure hunt aspect of these contests. I like to guess what the word in the blank will be and then finding out if I was right.

    Some of the authors I'm excited to check out their books are Brenda Trim, McKenna Dean, and Sheila Stewart among others.

  • On Oct 29, 2017, cokittykat said: Night Owl Contest

    I am now a fan of the following authors,Ashley Farley Sam Cheever,Sharon Buchbinder and Zoe Dawson.

  • On Oct 29, 2017, cokittykat said: Night Owl Contest

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great contest!It took time but if I win I be so happy.Happy Halloween!???

  • On Oct 29, 2017, AnemicOak said: Great

    Love these contests as they're a great way to be exposed to new to me authors. Among others I've added Janna MacGregor, Danica Winters & Samanthya Wyatt to my list.

  • On Oct 29, 2017, AmbieRose said: Contest

    What I liked best about this event was finding authors I haven't read before and made me want to start reading their books.

    After reading all the authors blurbs I found some books that sounded good to me. The authors that I am interested in are Neely Powell, Elle Boon, Sharon Buchbinder, Ashley Farley, Juliette Cross, Ella Quinn, Janna MacGregor, Lita Harris, Samanthya Wyatt, J. Lynn Rowan, Elizabeth Mckenna, Ginny Sterling.

  • On Oct 29, 2017, Sandiebuck said: Love this!

    Love finding new authors and books, plus it’s great fun!

    Sarah Marsh

    Elle Boone

    Stormi Alexander

  • On Oct 29, 2017, hpicone said: Enterme

    I liked guessing the missing word and mostly being wrong as I hate predictability in stories. Traci Douglas, Tara Fox Hall, Cecy Robson are three authors

  • On Oct 29, 2017, griffinsgma said: Contest

    This contest had mostly new to me authors so I like expanding my list of authors to try. That being said, I will put Ravenna Tate, Sarah,Marsh, and Nancy Gideon on that list. Chris Marie Green was one of the few that I had heard of.

  • On Oct 29, 2017, ELF said: Some new to me authors, some favorites

    I don't know about being a fan yet, as I would need to read the book(s) first, but I was intrigued by Sedona Velez's story as well as Ella Quinn's and Danica Winters'.

    Thanks for the great giveaway, it was lovely to see so many intriguing titles to add to my TBR mountain!

  • On Oct 29, 2017, katz said: Hallowpalooza Hunt

    This was a fun way to find new authors. Some new authors I found are J. Lynn Rowan, Elizabeth McKenna and Maria K. Alexander.

  • On Oct 29, 2017, granny said: Awesome Giveaway

    I loved this and found lots of new authors and books to try.This is such a great way to do that.Thanks!

  • On Oct 29, 2017, rove said: Hunt

    I like discovering new authors. I’m excited to read the books of Zoe Dawson, Sandy Wright and Brenda Trim.

  • On Oct 28, 2017, Sable said: Contest Comment

    I love finding new authors. Sam Cheever, Cecy Robson, and Zoe Dawson to name a few.

  • On Oct 28, 2017, Sonyalovesbooks said: scavenger hunt

    I love finding new authors. Cecy Robson, Janna MacGregor, and Ruth A Casie are just 3 of the authors I have found

  • On Oct 27, 2017, Brandi said: Contest Comment

    I like finding new authors and books to read. Some new to me authors that I'm interested in reading their books is Elle Boon, Brandi Evans, and Sarah Marsh.

  • On Oct 27, 2017, SteelerGirl said: Contest

    Love these contests.

    I'm not really into paranormal, so there were a couple of books that weren't that I was interested in.

  • On Oct 26, 2017, Purpleunicorn said: Great Scavenger Hunt!

    I love finding autors I didn't know about before these hunts. I'm looking forward to reading books from Ella Quinn, Susannah Sandlin, and Jodi Vaughn.

  • On Oct 26, 2017, fyrestorme said: Yippee more books and a contest

    Thank you for this awesome website that gives me new authors to learn about and including Elle Boon, Brenda Trim and Chris Marie Green. Thank you for the contest as well.

  • On Oct 25, 2017, angienb said: Likes!

    I've always been a fan of the scavenger hunt style GAs. It's a great way to discover new authors. The authors I'm not interested in are: Sandy Wright, Elle Boon, Neely Powell

  • On Oct 25, 2017, kcharlton said: Question

    I liked this because I got to find new-to-me authors...the ones that stood out for me were Juliette Cross, Sarah Marsh, and Ashley Farley. Thank you!

  • On Oct 25, 2017, robolaryea said: new authors

    I liked most reading the exceprts.

    The authors I am now a fan of is

    Elizabeth McKenna

    Mia Jo Celeste

    Ella Quinn

  • On Oct 25, 2017, archana said: NOR Scavenger Hunt

    I love to take part in scavenger hunts as it is a good way to discover new authors and of course winning gift card prizes. Some of my favorite authors are Elle Boon, Ella Quinn, Janna MacGregor, Katee Roberts.

  • On Oct 24, 2017, Toricole said: Tori

    1. Love finding new mystery authors.

    2. Brenda trim, katee Roberts, and Ella boon.

  • On Oct 24, 2017, SylveTReader said: i love these!

    I love these scavenger hunts!! some authors: Ginny Sterling, Jorge Goyanes, Samanthya Wyatt, Katee Robert, Tenaya Jayne.

  • On Oct 24, 2017, Sylvie said: Always something new!

    I always find something new with each of these scavenger hunts! This time around, I look forward to reading Wild Man's Curse by Susannah Sandlin (I loved her Penton Vampires series!), Bedeviled and Beguiled (the blurb made me laugh out loud!) and Curve Couture by H.M. Irving.

  • On Oct 23, 2017, Kisajtoo said: Scavenger Hunt

    I really enjoyed learning about new books i haven't read yet. Some of the blurbs were very enticing and made me want more.

    The three authors that stick out for me are, samantha jacoby, Sky Purrington, and Ravenna Tate. Some of my favorites are, Elle Boon, Brenda Trim and Tami Julka, Zoe Dawson and Elizabeth McKenna.

    I send thanks to all who participated in this event!

  • On Oct 23, 2017, Beachreader said: Scavenger Hunt

    I loved discovering so many new authors and books. Three authors I've become a fan of are Shirley Penick, Lynn Hubbard, and Mia Jo Celeste.

  • On Oct 23, 2017, heatherpa said: Scavenger Hunt

    This hunt was a lot of fun because I now have a whole new list of authors and books I want to read. Some authors I never heard of before. Three authors that I am intrigued to read are Shirley Penick, Maria Alexander, Ashley Farley. (2 others are J. Lynn Rwan and Elizabeth McKenna!)

  • On Oct 23, 2017, EvaM said: Scavenger Hunt

    The Hunt is great for finding new authors and re-visiting old favorites: Ella Quinn, Vanessa Liebe, Janna MacGregor, Samanthya Wyatt, Teri Riggs, Sky Purrington, Lisa Dawn Wadler

  • On Oct 23, 2017, Loveallbooks said: Contest

    Lisa Dawn Walder, Zoe Dawson, and Teri Riggs to name a few. Love finding new authors to read. :)

  • On Oct 23, 2017, Karla Eakin said: Be Still My Heart

    Elle Boon, Sarah Marsh, and Zoe Dawson definitely got my attention. From the covers to the teasers I'm drawn in. I love these Hunts for exposing me to new authors and genres to enjoy.

  • On Oct 22, 2017, angie booklover said: About this event

    What I liked the most about this event is the fact that I discovered many new books. Three authors I added to my TBR are: Ginny Sterling, Jodi Vaughn and Lynn Hubbard

  • On Oct 22, 2017, Arcadia said: Awesome event

    1. i love these events partly for the chance at winning a prize but mostly because i find a whole bunch of awesome authors

    2. i really like Danica Winters, Jillian David and Elle Boon

  • On Oct 22, 2017, Jadingama said: So many

    Books to read! I am so excited for so many of these! I'm going to start with Lita Harris, Elle Boon, and McKenna Dean, but will read from all of these authors! Thanks for the fun!

  • On Oct 22, 2017, booksforme said: NOR Hallowpalooza

    I love NOR's scavenger hunts and look forward to them. I find new authors are reads. This time around, I can't wait to explore Tori Richards, Erin M. Leaf, Terri Riggs, and Zoe Dawson to name a few!

  • On Oct 21, 2017, Ivythebookgeek said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love learning about new authors and discovering new books.

    New Favorite Authors

    Tory Richards

    Sarah Marsh

    Teri Riggs

    Thank you for the fantastic opportunity.

  • On Oct 21, 2017, Ingeborg said: Scavenger Hunt

    I like learning about new books.

    Janna MacGregor

    Tory Richards

    Elizabeth McKenna

  • On Oct 21, 2017, GladShell said: Hallowpalooza

    What I like best is having to read descriptions of books from authors that are new to me! I've already one clicked or put several books on my wishlist! 3 authors I'm now fans with are Katee Roberts, McKenna Dean, and Sky Purington. Thank you for this awesome giveaway and Happy Halloween! ??

  • On Oct 21, 2017, camaro said: Contest

    Brandi Evans, Sarah Marsh and Susannah a fan.....I like these contests cause I get to add to my TBR pile....always have fun

  • On Oct 21, 2017, gecko said: contest

    I enjoy these contests because I get to find new stories and new authors and I like the Amazon gift card prizes and many people have a chance to win! I found new authors including, H.M. Irwing, Teri Riggs, Katie Robert, and Stone Alexander.

  • On Oct 20, 2017, Lisla said: It is amazing

    I really like it because it gives us the opportunity to receive a

    reward for read!

    My new favorite authors are

    Brenda Trim & Tami Julka, Elizabeth McKenna and Janna MacGregor. Thank you so much for the chance!

  • On Oct 20, 2017, davisbk said: I love these events

    because they give me a chance to find new books, as well, as new author. I typically only read romance, and it's great that some of my favorite authors participate in these events. But, I found a few night authors to try, one of which is not my typical read. I purchased book 1, Of Flame and Light: A Weird Girls Novel (Weird Girls Flame), and hope to read book 2, Of Flame and Fate: A Weird Girls Novel (Weird Girls Flame) (this is the book featured), when I complete the first book. The Right One - One and Only Series, #1 by Samantha Wyatt is my typical read, but a new author for me. I'm reading this book on Kindle Unlimited. And, Magnolia Nights by Ashley Farley, is a new author, and not my typical read, but looks so interesting. So, this event was a great success in my book. Thanks so much.

  • On Oct 20, 2017, melissaq said: Scavenger hunt

    I enjoy the contest itself. I like looking up the missing words.

    1. Tara Fox Hall

    2. Sarah Marsh

    3. Ravenna Tate

    Thanks for the chance!!

  • On Oct 19, 2017, Pamk said: another fun time

    Love this because I am always finding new to me authors.

    Elyzabeth M. VaLey

    Nancy Gideon

    McKenna Dean and several others.

  • On Oct 18, 2017, Stylnunicorn said: Great giveaway

    This is always fun to find new authors. And also having multiple winners. Zoe Dawson, Ella Quinn, Elizabeth McKenna

  • On Oct 18, 2017, Tamazon said: DPDbookworm

    DPDbookworm thanks for your info. I've went in and made the update. It was a middle initial problem.

  • On Oct 18, 2017, Bmhy said: Scavenger Hunt

    Love this scavenger hunt! I enjoy finding new authors and reading the summary of their books. Nancy Gideon, Susannah Sandlin, and Ella Quinn are three authors I have added to my tbr list. Thanks for sponsoring this fantastic event.

  • On Oct 18, 2017, DPDbookworm said: I'm a scavenger hunt fan with an un-turn-off-able editorial eye (Sorry)

    I enjoy browsing for new authors. (I spend as much reading sales/giveaways, promos and reviews as I do actual books, TBH!) Among the authors I may try are: Erika Gardner, Zoe Dawson, and Danica Winters. I also kind of like the feeling that I've worked for my entries. :-D

    N.b., I already posted the following corrections earlier on Facebook, before creating an account here, but I wanted to make sure they were seen:

    I like scavenger hunt contests, but I thought you'd want to know that as I was working my way through the Rafflecopter form, I noticed both a typo and a wording error right in the chosen sentence for Turo's Fated Mate. (The full blurb *twice* misuses an either/or structure, not even just this once!

    Looking forward to more of these scavenger hunts — keep it up!

  • On Oct 17, 2017, Cathyann said: Halloween Hunt

    This is always fun to find new authors. Zoe Dawson, Ella Quinn, Elizabeth McKenna

  • On Oct 17, 2017, SandyH said: great contest

    love this contest - interesting books!

    j. lynn rowan, teri riggs, stormi alexander.

  • On Oct 17, 2017, debbiew said: Awesome contest

    Absolutely love the contest. Zoe Dawson,

    Jillian David, Stoni Alexander

  • On Oct 17, 2017, SueG said: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    I love having to look around finding the missing words and finding new authors.

    Interesting authors:

    Janna MacGregor

    Ella Quinn

    Teri Riggs

    Katee Roberts

  • On Oct 17, 2017, minimim said: This is my first time on the hunt !

    This was fun ! I found a few PNR writers I had not heard of so win for me already !! Thank you !!

  • On Oct 16, 2017, ArlenaDean said: Scaventer Hunt Halloween

    I always like these hunts and learning of new authors.

    Three novels and authors that caught my attention: The Draig's Wife by Dawn Wadler, Operation Wolfe: Gunner by Sedona Venez and Curve Couture by H. M. Irwing. I hope to be checking these read out soon!

  • On Oct 16, 2017, clojo said: Hallowpalooza

    1.) I loved reading about all these different books from so many various authors! :)

    2.) Elizabeth McKenna, Sky Purington, Mia Jo Celeste, and Juliette Cross.

    — CJ

  • On Oct 16, 2017, Jodi Hunter said: What I Liked Most

    Finding New Authors.

  • On Oct 16, 2017, KarenH said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love this type of much fun! I discovered Sharon Buchbinder, Nancy Gideon and Vanessa liebe

  • On Oct 16, 2017, blakesmomma said: Scavenger Hunt

    I like finding new authors.

    Danica Winters, Torie Richards, and Katee Robert

  • On Oct 16, 2017, jmesparza said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love finding new authors/books.

    I am looking forward to reading books by the following authors:

    Sarah Marsh, Sedona Venez, and H. M. Irwing.

  • On Oct 15, 2017, ladycolor said: Scavenger Hunt

    This is my first time doing the scavenger hunt, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you, I got to see new authors like; Nancy Gideon, Sheila Stewart, Tara Fox Hall, & Brandi Evans just to name a few, and to reconnect with favorite authors like; Sam Cheever, Sedona Venez, & Elle Boone etc.

  • On Oct 15, 2017, shorty said: Scavenger Hunt

    I like discovering new authors. Sam Cheever, Sharon Buchbinder and Danica winters are three authors that interested me.

  • On Oct 15, 2017, Juli H said: Great event

    Love finding new authors.

    Katee Roberts, Torie Richards and Teri Riggs

  • On Oct 15, 2017, DebbyG said: Great Fun!!

    I love this contest as I always find something for me to enjoy. There are so many authors I like so I picked three I was not familiar with but want to be - Jorge Goyanes, Juliette Cross and Erika Gardner.

  • On Oct 15, 2017, JackieW said: Contest

    I liked that I got to meet new authors. I would like to read these three authors...Ruth Casie, Ella Quinn and Ashley Farley

  • On Oct 14, 2017, hmcdowell said: Wonderful Event

    1) I liked the variety of genres and authors showcased in this event. 2) Katee Robert, Jorge Goyanes, Sarah Marsh

  • On Oct 14, 2017, cocobabydoll said: Great

    What I love most is getting to know new authors to check out. The authors I want to learn more about are Zoe Dawson, Teri Riggs and Lynn Hubbard.

  • On Oct 14, 2017, Melanie B said: Halloween Hunt

    1. Love discovering new authors

    2. Fan of Zoe Dawson, Elizabeth McKenna and Sedona Venez

  • On Oct 14, 2017, Donnajean said: Halloween books

    I never knew there was so many.

    Sam Cheever

    Teri Riggs

    Sedona Venex

  • On Oct 14, 2017, Tashia Jennings said: Wow!

    So many absolutely wonderful books and authors!!! Would love to win the books alone. Thank you for this awesome fabulous incredible giveaway opportunity!

  • On Oct 14, 2017, Laurel E said: NOR Halloween

    I love discovering new authors through these scavenger hunts.

    Looking forward to reading books by Susannah Sandlin

    Sam Cheever

    Brandi Evans

  • On Oct 14, 2017, lasvegasnan said: New authors and books

    I love finding new authors and books. New authors for me would be Ella Quinn, Sam Cheever, Zoey Dawson and many more.

  • On Oct 14, 2017, auntiemandy said: authors

    Ella Quinn

    Teri Riggs

    and Danica Winters. I forgot that in the first post.

  • On Oct 14, 2017, auntiemandy said: So fun

    Found lots of new authors and interesting stories. Thanks!!!

  • On Oct 14, 2017, MzVeeAye said: Always lots of fun!

    I've also come to find lots of great authors - this time around it was: Brandi Evans, Nancy Gideon, and Danica Winters

  • On Oct 14, 2017, DHarms said: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    1) I love the use of rafflecopter in this scavenger hunt and discovering new authors

    2) Already love Chris Marie Green and Samantha Jacobey, looking forward to checking out all the others...including:

    Ravenna Tate

    Neely Powell

    Sedona Venez

  • On Oct 14, 2017, marebare said: Scavenger Hunt

    I'm always looking for new authors. Erin M. Leaf, Lita Harris, and Elle Boon.

  • On Oct 13, 2017, JeanMP said: Scavenger Hunt

    I like finding new authors, new books to read. I am now a fan of Vanessa Liebe, Janna MacGregor and Brandi Evans

  • On Oct 13, 2017, Kaua said: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    I love that I get a peek a New to Me Authors and can Add them to my need to read lists.

    Current Authors:

    Elle Boon

    Sam Cheever

    Zoe Dawson

    Mahalo for the Opportunity ??????

  • On Oct 13, 2017, MicheleH said: Hallowpalooza

    I like how it's so easy to find new authors in the genres I like. I'm now a fan of Ella Quinn, Janna MacGregor, and Samantha Wyatt.

  • On Oct 13, 2017, Renald said: Books

    I like the books. These authors sound interesting.

    Janna MacGregor

    Ruth A Casie

    Sky Purington

  • On Oct 13, 2017, swatbmw said: Hunt

    The hunts are always so much fun and gets people involved. Tenaya Jayne, Elle Boon, and Leah Muray

  • On Oct 13, 2017, Dove Feaether said: Halloween scavenger hunt

    I love how easy the hunt is to participate in, the three authors I chose was hard because all of the authors seem great but here are my three: Ellen Boon, Erin M. Leaf, & Tory Richards.

  • On Oct 13, 2017, rleetx said: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    I like the opportunity to learn new authors and their works. New authors are: Ruth A Casie, Janna McGregor, and Sky Purington

  • On Oct 13, 2017, LeonieT said: Books galore!

    So many new authors but to mention a few...Erin M. Leaf, Brenda Trim, Ravenna Tate, Celeste Prater, Sarah Marsh and Stoni Alexander. I love the hunt for new books but winning a gift card to buy these books is even better.

  • On Oct 13, 2017, Twitch said: Halloween

    1) Tell us what you liked best about this event. Love the idea of finding the word but you end up reading more and now i want to read the book

    2) Name at least 3 authors that you are now a fan of. Tory Richards Janna MacGregor Jillian David

  • On Oct 13, 2017, bncandg said: re:

    finding new authors: Neely Powell, Shiela Stewart, Sharon Buchbinder

  • On Oct 13, 2017, Carol L said: Halloween Hunt

    I love these events. I always find great Authors I hadn't heard of before and breast new books. Tree Authors I found here are :

    1. Janna Mac Gregor

    2. Ashley Farley

    3.Jorge E Goyannes


  • On Oct 13, 2017, Angieia said: Scavenger Hunt

    I enjoyed reading the different blurbs for books and found some new authors. Samantha Jacobey, Janna MacGregor, Ella Quinn, and Teri Riggs. There were a lot of interesting books.

  • On Oct 13, 2017, esky said: Scavenger Hunts

    The Halloween scavenger hunt was the first one I ever did years ago. I think I even won a gift card and was so thrilled. I can't thank NOR for doing these throughout the year, it is such a great way to find new authors and books. I have added so many of both to my TBR lists over the course of the hunts. My memory isn't the best but I believe I found Tessa Bailey here, Desiree Holt and Danica Winters. There were many many more. A few hunts back I was very happy to see Terri Osburn involved, she is one of my favorite authors. Thanks again NOR for all you do for our TBR lists. :)

  • On Oct 13, 2017, Didi said: I love scavenger hunt!

    The fun in hunting for the answers while browsing among authors/titles, familiar and new. Among my new favorite authors on this event are Katee Robers, Ella Quinn, and Juliette Cross.

  • On Oct 13, 2017, Judy Thomas said: Great Event

    I really enjoyed the event as it helped me discover lots of authors that are new to me like Janna MacGregor, Susannah Sandlin and Erin M Leaf. It was also a lot of fun :)

  • On Oct 13, 2017, marybelle said: A fun scavenger hunt thanks

    Love discovering new to me authors. Added to my authors list: McKenna Dean, Ashley Farley, Ellen Boon & more.

  • On Oct 13, 2017, petuniag said: I love these hunts!

    I love finding new authors, and scavenger hunts. Ashley Farley, Katee Robert, Elle Boon. Thank you for this chance!

  • On Oct 13, 2017, rosebud said: Halloween Hunt

    I liike learning about new books,

    Katee Roberts

    Jorge E Goyarn

    Nancy Gideon

  • On Oct 12, 2017, ElizrdbthSpeaks said: new 2 scavenger hunts, hi!

    I found out about a bunch of great new authors, I can't wait to check them out & read several new books. ( ;

    Erin M. Leaf

    Tenaya Jayne

    Jorge E. Goyanes

  • On Oct 12, 2017, Amy Storch said: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    1. I really like getting tantalizing glimpses of each of the books. The sentence was often enough of a hint about a book that I actually read the whole summary, even after I found the missing word.

    2. I am now a fan of Tenaya Jayne, Neely Powell and Sandy Wright.

  • On Oct 12, 2017, DebraTaylor said: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks for another spectacular hunt.

    Janna MacGregor

    Ellen Boon

    Sarah Marsh

  • On Oct 12, 2017, Latifa Morrisette said: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    I love how fun and easy these hunts are

    Jana MacGregor

    Cecy Robson

    Jodi Vaughn

  • On Oct 12, 2017, Lisaward said: Contest

    Elle Boon

    Jodi Vaughn

    Ashley Farley

    So many New Authors for me

    Love the blurbs on the Author's page for the blank , because they list their other books as well.

    Thank you

  • On Oct 12, 2017, kaylizmc said: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    1.Love finding new authors and books.

    2. Brenda Trim 

     Tami Julka

    Jodi Vaughn

  • On Oct 12, 2017, DragonQueen said: 3 authors

    Janna MacGregor . Traci Douglass . McKenna Dean

  • On Oct 12, 2017, DragonQueen said: Scavenger hunt

    Happy Halloween everyone, Good Luck, Thanks to all the amazing authors who participated.

  • On Oct 12, 2017, kaisquared said: Another Boo-tiful Hunt

    Thanks for another fun Hallowpalooza. Among others, I am a fan of Elle Boon, Danica Winters and Sam Cheever.

  • On Oct 12, 2017, KGOLDMAN said: Thank you

    I love these hunts , i find a lot of new authors, books that i might not have found otherwise. i have added the Dragon in the Garden by Erika Gardner, Of Flame and Fate by Cecy Robson, Hot for a bite, Chris Marie Green, Song of the Ancients., Sandy Wright, Thank you