• On Apr 19, 2018, Alyssa J Montgomery said: Book review

    I'm glad you're looking forward to more stories, Thusi! Thanks for stopping by to read the blog.

  • On Apr 15, 2018, thusiabey said: Book Review

    Enjoyed the intriguing read! Looking forward to more books!

  • On Apr 09, 2018, Alyssa j Montgomery said: The Irresistible Royal

    Hi Rina, I'm so glad you're enjoying the series. The Irresistible Royal is available for preorder now and the release daye is May 12th.

  • On Apr 09, 2018, Rina D said: The Irrisistible Royal

    Ooh Alyssa can't wait to read this book. Have loved the others in the series. The way you create real people in these extraordinary positions and still leave in the mystique n romance makes for enjoyable n powerful reading. Thankyou also for a wonderful blog!!

  • On Apr 09, 2018, Alyssa j Montgomery said: Thank you!

    Thanks to Night Owl Reviews for having me here to discuss my Royal Affairs series. Kristy, I am glad you are enjoying the series!

  • On Apr 09, 2018, kristyrobaard said: The Irresistible Royal

    What a another fantastic book and series! I love hearing about the many different fairytale romances that you can only dream of. This book as definitely not fallen short of keeping my imagination running wild. Thankyou so much for this engrossing series. I will definitely be telling friends to read it.