• On Apr 21, 2016, Wendyrinebold said: Giveaway

    Thanks for the opportunity at such a unique and cool prize!

  • On Apr 21, 2016, Danyelle Wadsworth said: Thank you

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity

  • On Apr 21, 2016, catedid said: Patience Griffin

    Thank you for this chance to win this book. Love stories that take place in Scotland.

  • On Apr 21, 2016, SandyH said: thanks for the chance to win

    if i can't visit scotland in person, i'll just have to read about it -- and to throw some quilting in is just icing on the cake!

  • On Apr 13, 2016, Sunnymay said: Scottish Brogue

    I love anything to do with the islands over there and especially like books with quilts, sewing and cozy mysteries.

  • On Apr 07, 2016, mybradybunch said: Scotland series

    I love this series. I read To Scotland with Love and fell in love with the series.

  • On Apr 06, 2016, Tamazon said: Woot - Night Owl Team

    Happy to keep you in books.

  • On Apr 01, 2016, righinnk said: Love Scotland! Love Night Owl

    Such a great site! I have found so many great new books and authors. Thanks!!!

  • On Mar 19, 2016, suzyrph said: Quilts & Kilts

    Love the Scottish venue-- imagining the countryside, as it is on the cover.

  • On Mar 08, 2016, Carol L said: Kilts and Quilts

    I love these books. Looking forward to reading this . Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  • On Mar 03, 2016, okbarbie said: The Trouble with Scotland

    Oh I'd love to read this book and added it to my TBR list.

  • On Feb 28, 2016, CandyLyn said: Artistic

    The covers of each of the books by Patience Griffin always capture my attention. Of course all things Scottish do as well. Lol