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    I can't wait to find out what Mac is up to this time.

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    I adore Karen Marie Moning's books and this one sound like another FANtastic read.

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    Enjoyed this series started with the highlanders years ago.

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    I can't wait to read this, Barrons is awesome, I think I need to reread this series again.

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    Can't wait for this.

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    I have been failing miserably at my Barrons withdrawl. THANK GOD BURNED IS HERE! I honestly was afraid I was going to be forced into an Amish commune or something.

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    I am looking forward to this book. I recently finished "Iced" and really want more. Thanks, Karen for a great story!

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    Still have to read Iced though.

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    Best series ever - thanks for the giveaway!

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    The Fever series is one of my top Favorites. Can't wait!!!

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    This has to be my favorite series EVER. I just can't seem to get enough. I am so thankful the characters are still talking to Karen and she is still letting us know what they are up to.

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    I can't wait!! When can we go to New Orleans again?

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    I first want to give a THANKS YOU to Karen for your wonderful books. I have been reading all of your books starting with the "Highlanders" series so I would love to win this book in your "Fever" series.

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    I absolutely love anything Karen Marie Moning! She has such a wonderful imagination to create so many great books. Thx!!!

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    never read this series

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    I love this series! I am so excited that this book is coming out.

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    I have not read her books yet. Sounds like a great series.

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    I have read all of the books in this series and I can't hardly wait for this one. I still haven't figured out what Barrons is, as far as paranormal creatures is concerned.

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    Karen, what a great series; enjoy your books. Thanks, for the giveaway. Looking forward to getting this one.

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    this is a great series and i'm always looking forward to new stories coming out. Karen writes the best stories.

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    I love Karen Marie's books! My favs are the the fever novels. Would love to win.

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    I so want to win this book, I have read every single one in this series and only wish they came out faster. LOVE Karen Moning and her Highlanders all the way to beginning: Into the Dreaming...

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    Such a great series, look forward to reading this book.

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    Cajun girl says... I love her books and this series.. awesome reads !

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    Absolutely love Karen Marie Moning! And the Fever series is one of her best! I look forward to reading this newest book. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

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    So excited for this newest release! Her 'fever' series was fantastic and Dani's story is just as wonderful!

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    Karen Marie Moning is an author that I've been reading rave reviews about for the past couple of years. So, I knew that she was someone that I would enjoy once I started reading her body of work. So, I'm there. I've started, everyone was right!

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    The best series EVER!!!

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    I love this series and it seems like I've been waiting forever for this one! *insert squeals of joy here* Thanks, Karen, for such an awesome series!

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    this series gets such good comments!

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