• On Apr 30, 2018, Tamazon (Moderator) said: 2 Lucky Book Winners!

    The lucky winners are:

    Signed Print Copy: Amber Cummings

    Kindle Copy: Rosanna Giusti

    - The author will be sending the prizes

  • On Apr 25, 2018, Kaela said: Kilts or Quilts

    Quilts! Because I can always use a quilt!

  • On Apr 25, 2018, angienb said: Quilts

    Because I can use them to cuddle up and read!

  • On Apr 23, 2018, Carol L said: Travel In Books

    I would love Scotland, Ireland & Italy in real life so I'd go with those picks in books as well. But I'd add France also.

  • On Apr 21, 2018, tinalou said: Kilts or Quilts?

    Kilts. Quilts are nice and beautiful but a sexy man in a kilt??? YUMMMM! ;)

  • On Apr 21, 2018, Jana Leah said: Both Kilts & Quilts

    Do I have to choose? Both have their uses.

  • On Apr 20, 2018, lasvegasnan said: Kilts or Quilts

    I like both. Have a kilt for under the quilt.

  • On Apr 20, 2018, SandyA said: Quilts

    Haven't seen a man in a kilt in real life, but I have made and used many quilts! :)

  • On Apr 19, 2018, Javabeanhour said: Quilts

    Because each one holds a story to how it was made

  • On Apr 19, 2018, SandyH said: Quilts...

    well, i'm a quilter so i have to say that. however, a guy in a kilt...hmmm!

  • On Apr 19, 2018, Money said: Choice

    Kilts!!! Because of the brave men that were them. Thank you

  • On Apr 19, 2018, FanLit said: Giveaway

    Quilts tare a lost art & take talent.

  • On Apr 19, 2018, Tashia Jennings said: Quilts

    They are handmade with great care, so many gorgeous designs and patterns. You can't help to appreciate the massive effort put into each one. Love them!

  • On Apr 19, 2018, saffrongirl said: kilts v quilts

    why do I have to choose? I love kilts and quilts

  • On Apr 19, 2018, Anxious said: Quilts

    Because they can be use year round. I have a lightweight for warm days and heavier one for the winter.

  • On Apr 15, 2018, SabrinaTemplin said: Quilts or Kilts

    Quilts most of the time Kilts when i'm feeling naughty

  • On Apr 14, 2018, AmbieRose said: Quilts

    I would have to go with Quilts since I love to snuggle in the quilt while reading and drinking tea and coffee.

  • On Apr 12, 2018, JeanneNancy said: quilts

    I love quilts! Got the book can't wait to start it.

  • On Apr 12, 2018, bncandg said: re:

    kilts - in what context?

  • On Apr 11, 2018, Bmhy said: Kilts or Quilts

    Since I am a quilter, quilts would be my first choice. So many beautiful patterns and colors!

  • On Apr 11, 2018, DianeS said: Kilts or Quilts?


  • On Apr 11, 2018, landfjacobson said: Kilts or Quilts??

    Oh Quilts are so beautiful...but Kilts are so romantic!!!

  • On Apr 11, 2018, CandyLyn said: Kilts or Quilts

    Kilts, because I am a bad girl. Quilts, because I have moments where I want to behave and cuddle. Lol