• On Nov 14, 2009, Virginia said:

    I love going to the ocean. I could just spend hours walking the beach!


  • On Nov 12, 2009, Carol L. said:

    Since I live in Jersey and consider the shore one of my favorite spots to go I'm really looking forward to reading Sins of the Flesh.

  • On Nov 10, 2009, SiNn said:

    my favorite vaction spot is in the mountains full of fresh air and not many pople seclusion is awesome and beautiful if i cant have that then a nice lake front cottages im not in to flashy crowded places

  • On Nov 10, 2009, one6ylady said:

    For all that I've been to 13 countries and vacationed in Cancun luxury resorts twice (on trips I won), my favorite vacation spot is Limestone, Maine in the winter time with the snow on the ground and the northern lights shining brightly.


  • On Nov 07, 2009, Anonymous said:

    Hi Caridad,


  • On Nov 07, 2009, Keta Diablo said:

    Hi Caridad,

  • On Nov 05, 2009, Colleen said:

    After having the pleasure of reading SINS, I would love to see it as a movie! Congrats on a wonderful book... can not wait for the next one! :)


  • On Nov 04, 2009, Caridad Pineiro said:

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  • On Nov 04, 2009, Caridad Pineiro said:

    Thanks so much for dropping by! It was so great to hear about all the places that you like to visit. I'll have to look some of them up for future settings!

    I so wish they would turn this into a movie. Maybe one day. I've been working on the second book in the series and have some photos posted there as well and up on my Facebook page!

  • On Nov 04, 2009, Anonymous said:



  • On Nov 04, 2009, Minna said:

    In my case, my favorite vacation place is anywhere near a lake.

  • On Nov 04, 2009, Lady_Graeye said:

    Hi Caridad!


  • On Nov 04, 2009, stacey said:

    I love the coast of northen Ca and A place Call the tree's of Mystery.I love the great big trees.


  • On Nov 04, 2009, cissikat said:

    My favorite vacation is anywhere that the ocean is! Astoria Oregon is beautiful. cissikat

  • On Nov 04, 2009, Karin said:

    I agree with Kaye that it would make a fantastic movie. I like South Delray Beach in Florida - expecially since there is a mystery bookstore, Murder on the Beach, just up the road!

  • On Nov 03, 2009, susan said:

    I used to live within an hour from Philly and know these areas . What a setting for a book. I am in awe of the book and sure would love to see it on my book shelf. Thanks so much for the time spent doing this article and telling us as readers all about the back settings. It adds to the book in many ways. Thanks are wonderful. susan L.

  • On Nov 03, 2009, Teonda Tollison said:


    My favorite vacation spot is Destin, Fl. There is a Ramada located their that is just awesome. I am also a big deep sea fisher and The New Florida Girl, which is the boat we go out on is docked very close to the hotel.

  • On Nov 03, 2009, Kaye Manro said:

    Hi Caridad! I like the setting for Sins of the Flesh. But I gotta tell you the genetic manipulation is so intriguing to me. What a cool idea! I do hope this book does goes to film. It would make a fantastic movie in my opinion.