• On Jun 01, 2014, Martha said: Jane Graves

    Not a big wine drinker! I love Jane's books though!!

  • On Jun 01, 2014, adaffern said: Wine-

    I'm not a big wine drinker unless it's sweet.

  • On May 31, 2014, Jana Leah said: giveaway

    I love sweet & fruity wines. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On May 31, 2014, Wanda said: Wine

    Probably a Rosato.

  • On May 31, 2014, ecocat said: Wine

    It would be a Merlot, red wine.

  • On May 31, 2014, Arkansas said: Wine-book

    I don't know much about wine but I know good books!

  • On May 30, 2014, Sandypo said: favorite wine

    Cabernet or Pouilly Fuisse

  • On May 30, 2014, Gpangel said: Jane Graves- Baby it's YouI

    I love red wine! I drink one glass every night while reading. Merlot and Cabernets are my favorites.

  • On May 30, 2014, msdebms said: mmm...mmm...good

    Nuevo Beaujolais

  • On May 30, 2014, Jeanne said: Baby, It's You

    I don't drink wine that often but I do have a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the fridge right now!

  • On May 30, 2014, FanLit said: Giveaway

    I don't drink wine, but I can appreciate it in the plotline.

  • On May 30, 2014, pamerd said: Baby, It's You

    I love all types of wine, a wonderful Cab is my favorite.

  • On May 30, 2014, xrayamy said: Thank you!

    I don't drink! But I love to read!

  • On May 30, 2014, Cheryl said: wine

    My favorites are Proseco and Muscato. Mmm

  • On May 30, 2014, Karen said: thanks for the giveaway

    I love Piesporter

  • On May 28, 2014, Hotcha said: BABY, IT'S YOU


  • On May 27, 2014, Donna A said: Baby it's you

    I'd sip a good Pinot

  • On May 27, 2014, bncandg said: re:

    don't know

  • On May 27, 2014, greenshamrock said: Sounds great

    I do not know much about wines, but have enjoyed sangria, white zinfandel, and others before... thanks for sharing!

  • On May 27, 2014, Relklaf said: Great Prize

    Cant wait to read second book