• On Nov 22, 2019, landfjacobson said: Books

    My favorite tradition of ours, is that our elf arrives on December 1st each year and brings a box full of books for our little one. Each day he gets to open one new book for our bedtime story! We have so much fun with it! When the books are gone...its Christmas!

  • On Nov 16, 2019, Nicky said: Giveaway

    In Christmas Eve we would have dinner at either my mom's or my aunt's house. Then Santa would come and pass out presents and take pictures.

  • On Nov 16, 2019, Purpleunicorn said: Christmas Tradition

    I put a white dove on my tree at midnight on Christmas for each family member who's passed away in their memory. It makes us feel like they are with us during the holiday.

  • On Nov 11, 2019, Rkcjmomma said: Christmas

    We always opened one present on Christmas Eve

  • On Nov 11, 2019, CatHaynes said: Christmas Memories

    When I was young, Christmas was the only time my family was all together.

    And now as a Grandma, that tradition has continued; being the only time I can get most of my family together. We all gather at one house (trading off hosting) where we have a potluck meal (themed) with the host of each Christmas gathering responsible for providing the meat, and a decorated tree

    However, I have started a new tradition for my grand-children of making hand-made items for them; some are welcomed and some not. As a grand-mother with 18 grands to love, it is helpful to the budget, plus I can share my love and care for them. Creating something just for them, that they will not see others having.

    I love Christmas, and all that is stands for and being blessed with the large family I always wanted; I am happy for our time together.

  • On Nov 06, 2019, bettyreynolds said: Christmas

    We usually gather to watch the grandchildren open their gifts. Their eyes light up!

  • On Nov 05, 2019, Grace Henley said: Love your Books!

    Love Your Books, that I have read, I haven't read this one yet, but would love to.

  • On Nov 04, 2019, LadyDiana said: Christmas Memory

    My mother's family always got together on Christmas eve to exchange presents and see everyone and then whoever could or wanted to could come back out on Christmas day to eat. It was fun to listen to my mom and her siblings tell stories on each other and listen to my grandmother's comments when she found out something that she didn't originally know about. I really miss those get togethers now that my mom, an uncle and both grandparents are gone we no longer meet up.

  • On Nov 04, 2019, dschenk said: Love your books

    I have been catching up on your books this past week

  • On Nov 04, 2019, shorty said: Christmas Tradition

    The whole family gets together at my parent's house on Christmas Eve. We all bring food and deserts and have a big buffet style meal. The kids get presents and the adults do grab bag gifts. We all have a fun time having the whole family together.

  • On Nov 04, 2019, dolphinBaby said: Christmas traditions

    We all gather at my moms house on christmas eve and mom gives us all pajamas then we have a nice meal

  • On Nov 04, 2019, LasVegasNan said: Christmas Tradition

    We decorate the tree as a family affair.

  • On Nov 04, 2019, GConn said: Tradition

    We always get together with family and have a big meal.

  • On Nov 04, 2019, sandufoe said: Christmas Tradition

    We always all get together and watch christmas shows and eat lots of food and play trivia games.

  • On Nov 04, 2019, tsreitnauer said: Christmas Tradition

    When I was a young girl, we used to make sugar cookies while watching Rudolph. My mom prepared the dough the day before. My dad would press out the cookies, while my mom baked them. When it came time to decorate, the kids would all come into the kitchen and have a blast.

  • On Nov 03, 2019, SARAH TAYLOR said: Family Time

    Always Love spending time with my children and their families Love Christmas Books! Thank you SARAH TAYLOR

  • On Oct 31, 2019, Ivythebookgeek said: Tradition

    We always have a huge get together or pay on Christmas Eve, at the end of the night we all open one present.

  • On Oct 31, 2019, Tashia Jennings said: Love Christmas book

    Huge dinner. Watching Christmas movies from Thanksgiving till the New Year each night as a family. On Christmas morning we take hours opening gifts we open one gift at a time per person.

  • On Oct 30, 2019, SandyH said: family time

    we don't celebrate christmas, but our big family get-together is at thanksgiving. this year there will be all but 6 of us there, with my father watching from above. So there will be 16, including 3 kids, 5 and under. should be a lot of fun!

  • On Oct 30, 2019, bncandg said: re:


  • On Oct 30, 2019, honeyb said: Christmas Eve

    We like to read The Night Before Christmas and open 1 Gift

  • On Oct 29, 2019, Tamazon (Moderator) said: Cute

    greenshamrock, our friend Jessie got our cat Kitana a custom stocking on Etsy last year.

  • On Oct 29, 2019, Glenda said: Traditions

    We always do the big family Christmas at my in-laws on Christmas Eve - even when spouse's family members like mine are in town. Christmas Day is more relaxed small family groups at home. My in-laws go to everyone's home to 'see what Santa brought' for the grandkids. They time their visit to our house for a relaxed lunch.

  • On Oct 29, 2019, greenshamrock said: Holiday Traditions

    Our pets get their own stockings!

  • On Oct 29, 2019, debbied said: Christmas

    We go to church as a family.

  • On Oct 29, 2019, Bmhy said: Christmas Traditions

    We decorate the Christmas tree with a variety of dated ornaments that we have been collecting for many years.

  • On Oct 29, 2019, Carol L said: Traditions

    One of ours is a Huge family dinner on Christmas day. Having 7 kids and add their spouses and children it's really more like a family mob gala. ??

    Carol L

  • On Oct 29, 2019, ELF said: Christmas traditions

    mostly included yummy meals and egg nog (0;

    Good luck on the release, it sounds like a lovely story.