• On Mar 25, 2015, jewlze said: great

    Great contest! lovely looking book

  • On Mar 25, 2015, Bmhy said: The One That Got Away

    What a great book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Mar 23, 2015, Cheryl said: title

    Love the title!

  • On Mar 22, 2015, thumper said: Thank you!

    This looks like a book I would love.

  • On Mar 19, 2015, Robbie said: Fun

    I like a book that is funny and romantic

  • On Mar 19, 2015, galinda said: Great Giveaway

    Thanks for the contest.

  • On Mar 19, 2015, maryhintonarmbrust said: wow

    this sounds like an amazing read and the cover work is awesome

  • On Mar 19, 2015, Sandypo said: Cover Art

    I love the cover!

  • On Mar 18, 2015, chanpreet said: I've been looking for books like this one!

    This book sounds fabulous! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

  • On Mar 09, 2015, Texas Book Lover said: The One That Got Away by Bethany Chase

    This sounds like one I would get sucked into!

  • On Mar 09, 2015, ecocat said: So True

    the one that got away is so true. Every one of us have at one point where that one person has walk away from us and we didn't fight hard enough for our future.

  • On Mar 08, 2015, ljkish said: cool

    This sounds like an interesting story that I would enjoy reading.

  • On Mar 07, 2015, gincam said: the prodigal returns...

    and hearts...and lives...will never be the same...

  • On Mar 06, 2015, bncandg said: re:

    interesting premise

  • On Mar 05, 2015, TimberleeDawn said: Nice

    I would love to read this book!

  • On Mar 05, 2015, Glenda Hefty said: The One that Got Away

    Thanks for the contest! Looks interesting!

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    thank you for the giveaway! cant wait to read!

  • On Mar 05, 2015, cdreads said: the one that got away

    This looks fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I look forward to discovering a new "have to read it" author!

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    Love the title & cover!

  • On Mar 03, 2015, Cotton said: Giveaway

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • On Mar 02, 2015, honeyb said: The 1 that got away

    Looks like a Great Book My Favorite Kind Funny and Romantic

  • On Mar 02, 2015, JeanMP said: The One That Got Away

    A fantastic sounding story, enjoyed reading the blurb

  • On Mar 02, 2015, CandyLyn said: Sweet

    I love the description of the story. Something I would enjoy

  • On Mar 01, 2015, KGOLDMAN said: Thank you

    This is a great way to find new authors to read , so thanks for the contest

  • On Mar 01, 2015, Carol L said: Bethany Chase

    Bethaney is a new Author for me. I enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Carol L