• On Feb 26, 2015, Arianne said: Yay a New Adventure

    I cannot wait to read the new adventure in Mary's and Sherlock lives since I have been reading this series from the first story in the series, "The Beekeeper's Apprentice."

  • On Feb 20, 2015, Martha said: Laurie R. King

    Sounds like a great book!! Look forward to reading it.

  • On Feb 18, 2015, Bookfreak said: Nice

    I really like the cover and the book sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • On Feb 18, 2015, JackieW said: Great cover

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • On Feb 18, 2015, babsishere said: awesome giveaway

    Thanks for the chance

  • On Feb 18, 2015, Cheryl said: cover art

    This cover art is gorgeous! It makes me want to read the book. :)

  • On Feb 18, 2015, Michelle Willms said: Dreaming Spies

    I love mysteries and this book has already hooked me just with the blurb.

  • On Feb 17, 2015, Carol L said: Dreaming Spies

    I've heard so much about this book, all positive. I'm looking forward to reading it.

    Carol L

  • On Feb 17, 2015, DUNTA said: Dreaming Spies

    I love mysteries and this one looks to be a hit. Thanks for considering me to be a winner.

  • On Feb 16, 2015, Glenda Hefty said: Dreaming Spies

    This looks like a fun read! I love mysteries!

  • On Feb 15, 2015, bncandg said: re:

    sounds mysterious

  • On Feb 13, 2015, Truanimefan said: giveaway

    Haven't read any of her books but will start now thatI know about her books.

  • On Feb 09, 2015, Gaelicark said: Mystery!!

    Sherlock... mystery... intrigue... yes please!

  • On Feb 09, 2015, ecocat said: Sherlock Holmes

    I just love mysteries involving Sherlock Holmes. He is literally one of the famous detective.

  • On Feb 08, 2015, MarcyWho said: Mystery Couple

    Great premise putting sherlock and mary together.

  • On Feb 07, 2015, Hedgehogi said: Dreaming Spies

    I haven't read a lot of mystery books but this one sound fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • On Feb 05, 2015, BethRei said: Dreaming Spies

    sounds like a great read.

  • On Feb 05, 2015, Nancydl said: With Sherlock Holmes

    Love that this is mingled with Sherlock Holmes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • On Feb 05, 2015, cdreads said: Dreaming Spies

    Looks fantastic! I can't wait t read, thanks for the opportunity!

  • On Feb 05, 2015, Bmhy said: Dreaming Spies

    What an intriguing book! Sherlock Holmes mysteries are always a great read. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Feb 05, 2015, doveknoll said: Dreaming Spies

    This book sounds great and hope to read it soon. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Feb 04, 2015, dotkel said: Dreaming Spies

    Looking forward to reading this one.

  • On Feb 04, 2015, Babs said: Dreaming Spies

    This book sounds really good a nice night time read.

  • On Feb 03, 2015, honeyb said: E Book

    I would love to win a copy of this book to read looks good

  • On Feb 01, 2015, Hotcha said: Dreaming Spies

    sounds great Laurie