Author: Zach Abrams

Zach's first book "Ring-Fenced" is an exciting exploration of the problems caused when the carefully separated lives of one man collide with unpredictable results.

Like his central character, Bemjamin Short, Zach Abrams grew up within an orthodox Jewish family. He completed his education in Scotland and went on to a career in business and finance. He is married with two children. He plays no instruments and has an eclectic taste in music, although not as obsessive as Benjamin.

Unlike Benjamin, he does not maintain mistresses, write pornography and (sadly) he does not have ownership of such a company. He is not a sociopath (at least by his own reckoning) and all versions of his life are aware of and freely communicate with each other.


Ring Fenced

Ring Fenced
  • Number: B0060C7W8A
  • Release: 2011-10-26
  • Author: Zach Abrams
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: Author Way Limited
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One man, five lives, ring-fenced and separated,

Bennie, loving husband and father,

Benjie, youngest son of orthodox Jewish parents,

Ben, successful corporate banker,

Benjamin, millionaire author and publisher of pornography

and Jamie, part-time lover of a beautiful musician.

Relying on his Blackberry to keep all his personae separate, his life is perfect.

But what if holes begin to appear in the divisions?

When a sequence of events throw his life into chaos, his separate words collide with explosive consequences.

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