Author: Wendy Gordon

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Wrong Highway

Wrong Highway
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  • Number: 9780997078008
  • Release: 2016-06-15
  • Author: Wendy Gordon
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Debut Title, Literary Fiction
  • Publisher: Shepherdess Books
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It is 1986. Erica Richards lives in West Meadow, Long Island with ther three young boys, newborn baby girl, and successful Wall Street analyst husband. But dont be fooled by her seemingly placid suburban lifestyle. Erica is fierce, curious, uncompromising and often impulsive. When her teenage nephew Jared rebels against his straight-laced parents Ron and Debbie, he turns to Erica for help, setting in motion a chain of events that will take all of them careening down a dangerous and twisty highway. Buckle your seatbelt, crank up the 80s soundtrack, and learn how stunningly easy it is to keep BIG SECRETS.