Author: Warren Talbot

After 20 years climbing the corporate ladder, Warren discovered there was more to life than a career. After 2 people close to him encountered serious health issues he vowed to change his priorities and ambitions. Now it would be hard to visualize the planner he once was.

Today, Warren can be found following his dreams of exploring new cultures, languages and trying new experiences along the way. Over the last few years he has skydived, learned the trapeze, ridden naked in the Fremont Solstice Parade, swum in the Antarctic Ocean, traveled overland from Thailand to Portugal, and has never been happier.

He writes from a passion for teaching others to follow their dreams and making the most of the time they have. He is an avid photographer with a love of meeting new people and learning more about the world around him each and every day.

Today Warren can be found living most of the year in a tiny village in southern Spain expanding his Spanish and embracing a slower pace of life.