Author: Vona Logan

My life growing up in South Africa was pretty dull until I sneaked off with one of my mom's romance books and a whole new world opened up. Always a romantic at heart, the desire to write my own happily-ever-afters never waned. In early 2012 I took the bull by the horns and wrote my first short story. The publishers liked it and the rest as they say is history. Some of my hobbies include racquet sports, reading and lusting after drool-worthy cars and motorbikes. Late at night I dream up gorgeous men and exciting plots to bring them to life. Gay equal rights is a subject I am very passionate about and one I will continue to fight for. I now live in beautiful New Zealand with my own sexy man and our bunch of kids.


Rock Hard

Rock Hard
  • Number: 9781614956112
  • Release: 2012-06-23
  • Author: Vona Logan
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Contemporary, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Closed - Silver Publishing
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Dynamic and successful businessman Aidan Walker is hanging on for dear life, but knows it's a matter of minutes before death will claim him. He despairs at leaving his sick sister behind and not fulfilling his dreams.

Professional gay rock climber Matt Raine shows up in a magnificent display of heroics. In those agonizing minutes of terror, Matt awakens something in Aiden that he would've never thought possible -- the attraction to another man. During the days following his ordeal Aidan can't stop thinking about Matt. He resolves to give Matt space to train for the world championship, until Matt pays him a naughty surprise visit.

Can Aidan accept Matt in his life or is the price just too high? 58 pp.

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