Author: Viviane Elisabeth Borg

Viviane Elisabeth Borg (née Fleri) was born in Alexandria, Egypt on 15th January 1925 . Despite being born British of Maltese descent she had a totally Italian upbringing and received an extensive French education at the French Lycée. Being a great lover of poetry and literature she aspired at becoming a writer but her studies were cut short as World War II erupted over Europe. I married in 1946 and gave birth to three children. We lived there happily until political disruptions between the Egyptian government and Anglo-French interests in the Suez Canal Zone resulted in military intervention. The result of the week-long conflict in 1956, which became known in history as the Suez Crisis, forced the evacuation of all European nationals out of Egypt. Viviane and her family were compelled to abandon their home and all assets and leave their country as political refugees. They set up a new home in London.

In 1997 she wrote and self-published a memoir entitled When the Wind Blows. Proceeds from the sale of the book were donated to Cancer Research in memory of Hubert who died of bowel cancer in 1989. A Tangled Web and Poetic Whispers are her only other completed book.

Viviane now resides in the south of France near Cannes.