Author: Vivi Andrews

An Alaskan girl born and raised, Vivi Andrews believes the importance of duct tape cannot be overstated and plans to one day write the definitive work on the subject (as a romance, of course). She graduated from Northwestern University (Purple Pride! Go Cats!) in 2002 with a spectacularly useless degree in Theatre with a focus on lighting design and a minor in Mathematic Theory. A nomad by nature, she has lived in nine cities (on two continents and one tropical island) and held over a dozen very odd jobs while honing her skills as a writer.

Vivi has been writing for fifteen years, but it took her a while (read as: a decade) to work up the gumption to attempt publication. In 2009, her first two novellas were released by Samhain Publishing, launching the Karmic Consultants and Serengeti Shifter series respectively. She won the 2009 Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart Award for Best Single Title Contemporary Unpublished Manuscript, has won multiple other RWA writing awards and remains an active member of her local chapter.

When she isn't writing, Vivi can often be found swimming, skiing & hiking with her family. A compulsive reader and hopeless movie addict, she has a freakishly excellent memory for all things fictional (real life, not so much). Vivi is currently bracing herself for the Alaskan winter and writing like a fiend. 

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