Author: Vicki Stiefel

Vicki taught fiction writing and modern media writing at Clark University.

She loves both a well-crafted sentence and unlocking the doors of a student’s imagination.

She grew up in professional theater and planned to become an actress, with a bent for song and dance. She didn't. Instead, she’s been a photographer, a high-school teacher, a hamburger slinger, a scuba-shop manager, and an editor.

She’s Blake's and Ben's mom, her favorite role of all.

Her passions include writing, knitting, scuba diving, and fly fishing; photography and movies; vinho verde and bourbon (not together!); Maine lobster and chocolate (also not together!); and musical comedy scores, which she sing in the shower, unfortunately not an Equity venue; and a fascination with people in all walks of life.

She reads voraciously. Ditto for the writing.


Altered - The Made Ones Saga Book 1

  • Number: B07S3ZY4KP
  • Release: 2019-08-12
  • Author: Vicki Stiefel
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Fantasy, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Afterworld Publishing
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The Eleutians are dying out, one female at a time. To save their species, the powerful Alchemic Clan conscripts women from parallel worlds, altering them into the perfect breeding stock.

Kitlyn, a retired circus equestrian broken in both body and spirit, awakens on a strange world in her own much-younger body. She has been transformed into a Made One, but the gift of youth and the promise of a new life come at a terrible price.

Rafe, the Wolf Clan's warrior champion, vows to find the cause of the species' decline. He's certain the Alchemics' bid to save the Eleutians is but a thin veneer masking a dark purpose.

That vow becomes hard to keep with the threat of an inter-clan conflict and the arrival of the proud Made One named Kitlyn.

To save herself and those like her, Kit must carve a dangerous path in this new reality and make a choice that may cost her her freedom, her life, and the life of the Eleutian warrior she's come to love.

Chest of Time - The Afterworld Chronicles, #3

Chest of Time
  • Number: B07DPWP9PS
  • Release: 2018-08-14
  • Author: Vicki Stiefel
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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A Dying Mage.

A Wrathful Monster.

A Desperate Mission.

And a Time-twisting Tale of Love.

When her teenage ward goes missing, truehearted Mage Clea Reese must confront a duplicitous fae adversary who steals the Chest of Time - but not before an accident leaves Clea near death. With her life now at stake, Clea's allies must retrieve the Chest before death takes Clea. For if the Key Mage falls, a new Key will arise - one whose brutal ambitions spell a dark end for humankind. Clea's fierce lover James leads the multifaceted team on a quest that takes them through lands both Magic and Mundane to battle the vengeful fae and the Union. But their greatest enemy? Time itself.

Chest of Stone - The Afterworld Chronicles, #2

Chest of Stone
  • Number: B077F315LL
  • Release: 2017-11-12
  • Author: Vicki Stiefel
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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A Daring Mage. A Damaged Monster. A Deathly Mission.

Mage Clea Reese hunts a deadly Creature that ritually slaughtered three shifter children. In order to unearth the beast, she needs the aid of her broken lover, James Larrimer.

Together, they aim to smoke out the killer while pursuing Clea’s quest for the magical Chest of Stone and preventing the Magical and the Mundane worlds from splintering. 

Their hunt for the beast drags them from the Mundane realm to the Magic one, where a lethal sorceress seeks to destroy Clea and procure the chest for herself.

The race for the killer and the Chest is on, but time's against Clea and Larrimer when the Creature kidnaps another child and seeks Clea for its own dark purposes.

Chest of Bone - The Afterworld Chronicles, #1

Chest of Bone
  • Number: B0779H1SJW
  • Release: 2017-11-08
  • Author: Vicki Stiefel
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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A Mage. A Monster. A Mission.

And a Melody That Binds.

What if you see the world through a blindfold? What if you are sightless to the magic that surrounds you? What if you are unaware that you are the magic?

Clea Artemis Reese, a magical creature blind to her nature, lives in the mundane world, our world. When the brutal murder of Clea's mentor unlocks her Mage powers, she begins to grasp her extraordinary destiny. Fierce in her determination to avenge her mentor, she's forced to team up with the compelling James Larrimer in her hunt for the killers.

Larrimer is a predator who stalks traffickers of endangered animals. Yet he masks his reality—a strange and deadly one—even as he hunts Clea, the most exotic creature of all.

When Clea and Larrimer learn of her mentor’s ties to the mysterious Chest of Bone, the ultimate source of otherworldly power, they clash with the malignant forces bent on obtaining the mystical chest.

Have Clea and Larrimer the strength and courage to prevent the Chest from falling into corrupt hands and wreaking havoc and death? Or will they die in the process?

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