Author: Trevin Wax

Managing editor of The Gospel Project - Husband - Dad - Preacher - Blogger - Author of Counterfeit Gospels and Holy Subversion


Clear Winter Nights - A Young Man's Journey into Truth, Doubt, and What Comes After

Clear Winter Nights
  • Number: 9781601424945
  • Release: 2013-09-17
  • Author: Trevin Wax
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: Multnomah Books
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Chris Walker, a 22-year-old college graduate, is facing a crisis of faith that threatens to derail his career plan and his romantic relationship. He retreats to his grandfather's country home, where he engages in a series of searching and deeply felt conversations with Grandpa Walker on issues like doubt, disillusionment with the church, the meaning of vocation and calling, justice and hell, and forgiveness. This engaging story provides a vigorous yet winsome apologetic for Christianity within the context of grace-filled personal relationships. Author Trevin Wax is also a writer with the Gospel Coalition.

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