Author: Tom Wood

Tom was born and raised in Staffordshire and now lives in London.

He is the author of THE HUNTER (aka THE KILLER), THE ENEMY, THE GAME, BETTER OFF DEAD (aka NO TOMORROW) and the e-book novella BAD LUCK IN BERLIN.


The Darkest Day - "Victor, the Assassin"

The Darkest Day
  • Number: 9780451473981
  • Release: 2015-09-01
  • Author: Tom Wood
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Signet
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World-class assassin Victor finds himself under fire in the new thriller from bestselling author Tom Wood


While carrying out a hit on a terrorist financier, Victor finds himself the target of an assassin who proves to be just as deadly as he is. Never one to let such a thing go, Victor sets about hunting down his attacker and those who sent her. She is Raven—a freelance assassin with a dark past and hidden agenda. If Victor wants to stay alive he must find out who Raven really is and what she is truly after.


Does she really want him dead, or does someone else want them to kill each other? With the stakes growing higher by the minute—as a city-wide blackout plunges Manhattan into darkness—Victor and Raven must decide who is friend and who is foe before a deadly terrorist plot threatens to consume the city and them along with it.

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