Author: Tom S. Christian

Tom S. Christian is a thirty something lawyer by day, living just outside London with his wife and daughter.

A life-long science fiction fan both in the written and visual form he finally decided it was time to put to the test the various ideas bubbling around inside his head, and write his own stories.



  • Number: B007RB9XTO
  • Release: 2012-03-29
  • Author: Tom S. Christian
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Tom S. Christian
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After narrowly escaping from what was supposed to be a routine intelligence gathering mission to infiltrate a mercenary vessel, Commander Jake Trant and his colleagues at the AEF uncover a conspiracy three decades in the making. They soon realise that what they have stumbled upon is not your common or garden power play, but something with potentially far reaching implications for humanity, and perhaps even the very fabric of the universe itself.

Pitted against the seemingly unrestrained ambitions of Harris Tolman, an ageing interplanetary industrialist, who for the past few decades has been quietly building and scheming, all in preparation for one moment on one day, Jake and his team suddenly find themselves in a race against time to prevent disaster on a universe wide scale.

With Tolman seemingly unwilling to let anything or anyone get in the way of the fruition of his ambitions, and with death and destruction spreading out around him like the unstoppable ripple of a solar shockwave, Jake will have to go the extra mile to do what he increasingly finds he must. Save the day.

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