Author: Toby Devens

Born in the heart of Brooklyn, by four I was a pint sized, curly haired strawberry blond who sang and acted on stage and TV (the money I made from sudsy soap opera roles helped pay my college tuition). But at twelve, like most other pre-teens, I just wanted to be one of the kids on the block. I also knew where my passion really lay, not in tap dancing before the camera, but in tapping words out on the keyboard. I wanted to, needed to, couldn't not, write. I started with my own fairy tales, went on to spin detective stories a la Nancy Drew, and in high school wrote reams of poetry about young (sigh!) love.


Barefoot Beach

Barefoot Beach
  • 4 Stars
  • Number: 9780451418999
  • Release: 2016-07-05
  • Author: Toby Devens
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Women's Fiction
  • Publisher: NAL
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Spend a summer at the beach with this enchanting and emotional story about love, loss, and the powerful bonds of female friendship...

The beach house carried some kind of spell, concocted of—I don’t know—salt air, sea grass and Old Bay seasoning that over the years had permeated its walls and floorboards. Whatever it was, the place cast fabulous magic.

For Nora Farrell, Tuckahoe, Maryland, isn’t just a summer refuge, it’s home—where she married the love of her life, decided to have a child, and has remained connected with her two closest friends. Even now, long after her husband’s passing, Nora reunites with Margo and Emine every June….

But this year, challenges invade the friends’ retreat. Even as Nora delights in teaching at her dance studio, she is shaken by the possible loss of her beach house…and by a tentative new romance. While Margo directs a musical at the Driftwood Playhouse, she finds her marriage on rocky ground. And Em, who relishes running her family’s café, struggles to handle her rebellious daughter.

With their personal dramas reaching a fever pitch, the women will discover that it isn’t only the beach that brightens their lives. Their bond with one another provides the ultimate magic.