Author: Tina Smith

Tina Smith is an herbalist, dog lover, piscean and mother with a fondness for strong female protagonist's. A love of the fantasy genre and the deep exploration of dark and evocative subjects inspired Wolf Sirens Forbidden. The sequel Fever further unfolds the tale of the heroine femme fatal, on her journey in the underworld between the lands of myth and reality.


Wolf Sirens Forbidden - Discover The Legend

Wolf Sirens Forbidden
  • Number: B009GG06AS
  • Release: 2012-09-24
  • Author: Tina Smith
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Tina Smith
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The Mystical Bond, the Fatal Allure … of Hunter and Prey

When Lila moves to the quiet country town of Shade, she can’t imagine the life-altering events that lie in wait for her. She knows that Shade has always been surrounded by myths; a central feature of the town is its famous statue of Artemis and the Wolf. But she doesn’t know that the town exists in the shadowlands between reality, fantasy, and destiny. As she is acclimating to life in Shade – including the strange curfew – she falls in with a group of teenagers whose luminescent eyes call to her. A mysterious local girl, Cresida, warns her to stay away, but Lila is drawn to them like a moth to a flame. However, Cresida knows their fatal secret, and she is honor-bound to protect those who are endangered. But she underestimates Lila and her passion for the mysterious and charismatic clan. Cresida realizes that Lila may be the one she has waited for, chosen to take her place as the next huntress of Shade. Yet Lila’s heart is filled with vulnerable desires that begin to turn the underworld upside down, for hunter and prey. Inspired by the legends of the Greek demigod Artemis and the mythical femme fatale, Wolf Sirens is an intimate tale of unrequited and forbidden love in the underworld, a masterpiece of romance fantasy.

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