Author: Tim Dedopulos

Author of books, some of them not too bad. Pathologically friendly. Always curious. INFJ. In Maida Vale.

London, UK


Red Phone Box - A Darkly Magical Story Cycle

Red Phone Box
  • Number: B00GZWBMG8
  • Release: 2013-11-28
  • Authors: Warren Ellis, Tim Dedopulos, Dan Wickline, Salome Jones
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Collections & Anthologies, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Ghostwoods Books
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Shatter a mirror, and rearrange the pieces. What shapes will you find in the splintered glass?

Sinister forces roam London's streets, skulking through the neon-lit rain. They are not alone. Haunted by memories of the man who abandoned her, Amber goes walking in the deep night. The phone box she enters takes her on a journey she could never have imagined, one in which the past and the future will be rewritten. Others follow in her footsteps, their lives intertwining, and the fate of the world hanging on their dance. Safran, pawn of unfathomable powers. Jon, who has lived and died and lived again. Gloria, who only intended to annoy her daddy. Cory, from a different world, on a desperate quest for allies. They and others will find themselves swept up as the playthings of gods who have managed to get along peacefully for millennia -- until now.

Red Phone Box is a darkly magical story cycle, a network of interweaving tales by a dazzling range of masterful authors, including Gun Machine's Warren Ellis. Let them take you to a very different London -- one that hides on the other side of the fractured glass.

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