Author: Thomm Quackenbush

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Artificial Gods - Night's Dream, #3

Artificial Gods
  • Number: B00B41IIBW
  • Release: 2013-01-21
  • Author: Thomm Quackenbush
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Supernatural
  • Publisher: Double Dragon eBooks
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All Jasmine wanted was a calm summer in Pine Bush. When she sees a UFO her first night home from college, she is willing to brush it off as swamp gas reflected off Venus, until two men arrive at her door to harass her into silence about a picture she did not take. Soon she realizes Men in Black may be the least of her worries and that ignoring the Grays and their plans for her will only embolden them. If she doesn't figure out why she is so interesting to aliens, Men in Black, and a mysterious man who seems to brush off harm, she may not have an autumn to look forward to.

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