Author: Tethys J. Killian

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Master and Commander's Prey

Master and Commander's Prey
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  • Author: Tethys J. Killian
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Eirelander Publishing
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Genre: Time-travel/Historical

Heat Level: Erotic (contains mild anal play)

There is only one law in his world...his.    

Shiloh Montgomery-Moore is the queen of hiding in the shadows. This penchant is an avoidance dance meant to stave off her father’s fists and her mother’s barbs. Hot tempered, distrusting, Shiloh is determined to forge her own path in the world. Little does she know, that the path leads her to the strange anomaly know as The Veil. Whisked back in time, she finds out danger lurks everywhere and nothing can save her from a bleak future except a man of war, a master and commander.

Captain of the H.M.S. Predator, Jacob Christopher Wolfson, has his official orders–capture the French war vessel, The Bordeaux. It isn’t in his strategy to be chained to a ‘supposed’ time traveler. Immediately attracted to the mystery woman found aboard his ship, Jacob has but one chance to save his sanity and his mission; he’ll take Shiloh Montgomery-Moore to his bed or wherever the opportunity presents itself.


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