Author: Terry Sanville

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The High Life

The High Life
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  • Author: Terry Sanville
  • Genre: Romance
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  • Publisher: Eternal Press (a division of Damnation Books LLC)
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Length: 5,665 words 15 pages
Heat Rating: 1 flame
Genre: Science Fiction/Romance
Low level violence.
Adult themes.
By 2098, the rise in sea level has flooded low-lying areas along the Southern California coast. The flooding has created a patchwork of marsh islands where the displaced “dung people” live – subsistence fishermen and farmers…the future’s untouchables.

The affluent live high above the marshland, in condominiums bolted to the underside of old freeway flyovers. Jacque lives in a posh end unit and is the CEO of an international trading company. She discovers Desmond, a handsome dark-skinned “dungee,” trying to steal crops grown on her balcony. She helps him escape from the murderous Security Forces. When they meet again on a moonlit night, their attraction leads to passionate lovemaking. But can love and lust overcome their differences? Create a lasting bond? Don’t assume anything about this story, because the ending may surprise you.

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