Author: Teodora Kostova

Hi, my name is Teodora and I was born in 1981 in Sofia, Bulgaria. I've been living in London for the past 10 years with my husband Ted and my son Jason.

I love writing for young adults - it's very challenging because teenagers can be a very tough, demanding and intelligent audience. I never run away from a challenge, though. High expectations make me step up my game and never get bored. And boy, do I get bored easily! My son has a bigger attention span than me. That's why I've been changing jobs constantly over the past few years - I've been a journalist, an editor, a personal assistant and an interior designer among other things. However, when the novelty of the new, exciting job wears off, I always go back to writing.

When I'm procrastinating, I love going to the cinema, run in the park, cook Italian meals or get beaten at every Wii game by a 5 year-old.