Author: Teegan Loy

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Summer Surprise

Summer Surprise
  • Number: B008RKUQAY
  • Release: 2012-07-28
  • Author: Teegan Loy
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Contemporary, GLBTQ+, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Closed - Silver Publishing
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Years of wanting his best friend have worn Kasey down. After graduating from college, the two head to the lake for the summer. This is Kasey's last chance and he's going to make the best of it. But Kasey's plans often go awry.

He has Devyn to himself--until boys start turning up everywhere. The crabby old lady next door prods him to make up his mind, reminding him to avoid a life of regret.

Summer is almost over and Kasey has all but given up on Devyn. One drunken night, accusations are made, and Kasey confesses his love. Next morning, Kasey discovers the truth. but will the summer end where Kasey wanted it to begin? (50 pages)

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