Author: Tabitha A. Stone

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The Forbiddance Love

The Forbiddance Love
  • Number: 9780557103904
  • Release: September 4, 2009
  • Author: Tabitha A. Stone
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: Romantic Elements
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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Aeritas Bejewel is a France traveler musician that represents his violin for African King Donatus request. And while him teaching Queen Azalea a private lesson about passion, King Donatus intend to hire these slave traders to abduct the poor tribe from theirs village to made his evil dark army of Demon Warriors. Aeritas is a talent musician and also was a key player every woman's burn lustful desire, but until he had meet Queen Azalea. As his intense lust lesson have up turn into the love lesson for Azalea that he doesn't at least expect of it. Azalea was cold bloody toward any outsiders of her comer and her poor home land, but her coldness has turn to fire over his charm and music of lust. How they fall deeply eachelse arms as their passion continuing to burn as the set fire of the king palace.

The King the other hand is heartless, evil; forever more want this lust for power and also the betrayer of danger to own people. Because of his new flock of darkness has gain him more powers to tries defense the tribe, that lead Saurel the voodooist to only chance to defend Donateus and his evil warriors is Aeritas must become a vampire that what protector had forsake her to do.

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