Author: T.K. Anthony

After spending a couple of years as a press secretary for a Member of the US Congress, T.K. Anthony spent way too much time in various human resources functions of Corporate America before getting laid off one week before her 84-year-old mother broke her leg and she took up night nursing without having had any actual medical training. She had to take out her angst on somebody, preferably other than her kith and kin. Enter the characters from "Thrall Web," who clearly didn't know what they were getting into. Neither did she… but together, they figured it out.


Forge - Thrall Web, #1

  • Number: B008NWREII
  • Release: 2012-07-21
  • Author: T.K. Anthony
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Science Fiction, * Romance: Sweet
  • Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
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Warned by a Seeing…

The high king of the Scotian Realm expects the arrival of an enemy, a race of psychic predators bent on galactic conquest. The Realm’s one hope is alliance with the neighboring star domains in defense of a shared colony, Forge.

Caught in Fate’s grim weaving…

Mindblind, amnesic, Tazhret lives out his drug-induced visions of servitude on Forge. He wants to believe the beautiful woman with the nut-brown hair who whispers reassurances to his harrowed heart: “You have a name.” But is she even real? Or just one bright thread in his dark dreams?

An unexpected hope…

Tazhret’s destiny leads him to freedom and the woman he yearns for—and to a desperate struggle against the enemy.

Tazhret can save Forge, and the clan of his beloved. But only at the cost of all he has hoped for: his name, his freedom, and his love for the woman with the nut-brown hair. (Heat level: 2 / Word count- 129k)

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