Author: T.D. Edge

T. D. Edge won a Cadbury’s fiction competition at age 10 but only did it for the chocolate. He has published several children’s/YA books (writing as Terry Edge) with Random House, Scholastic, Corgi and others. Terry was the first UK writer to attend the 6-week Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop in New Hampshire. Since then, his short fiction has appeared in various anthologies and magazines, including Aeon, Realms of Fantasy, Beneath Ceaseless Skies and Flash Fiction Online. In May 2012, he won the New Scientist/Arc Magazine Science Fiction short story competition, and his story, ‘Big Dave’s in Love’ appears in Arc 1.2. Terry has been a street theatre performer, props maker for the Welsh National Opera, sign writer, school caretaker, soft toys salesman and professional palm-reader. He is also proud of being the youngest-ever England Subbuteo Champion, and one of his current writing projects is ‘Subbuteo for the Soul’.

Terry has also been a professional freelance fiction editor for over twenty years. He has tutored creative writing with the Open College of the Arts and various local authorities. He has edited for publishers but nowadays prefers to work with his own clients, both published and unpublished authors. More details at The Writers’ Ark.


Spells - Ten Tales of Magic

  • Number: B009YKBT34
  • Release: 2012-10-28
  • Authors: Pamela Turner, Tara Maya, Cherie Reich, C.J. Burright, Ciara Ballintyne, Rayne Hall, Jeff Hargett, T.D. Edge, Douglas Kolacki, David D. Levine
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Scimitar Press
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Ten short story of fantasy, edited by Rayne Hall.

The authors of these ten tales have spun yarns based on the premise that magic is real, but it requires skill to harness its force, and abuse brings danger. Suspend your disbelief, and find out what happens when people use magic to gain power, healing, wisdom or love.

Some stories take place in fantasy lands, others in the world you know. Some are short, others long; some are funny, others poignant; some aim to entertain, others to make you think. Each author has a different vision of magic, a different way of telling a story, and a different writing style. See which of them resonate with you.

Read about wizardry, witchcraft and sorcery. Let the stories guide you into worlds where magic is real, and enjoy the enchantment.


Will Ambrose betray his magic system just to save an idiot prince?

2. OBSESSION by Pamela Turner

Some questions are best left unasked.

3. LADY BARD by Cherie Reich

A love song may be the only cure for a cursed prince.

4. THE FINAL SPARK by CJ Burright

She couldn't afford to fail again.

5. ST JAKE OF THE FUNHOUSE by Douglas Kolacki

For Edward, the 'saint' part was the scariest.

6. BARNABAS by Jeff Hargett

Sixty years, Barnabas has searched for his magic. Will he finally find it in Matilda’s Magic Shop?

7. BY YOUR OWN FREE WILL by Rayne Hall

What price would you pay to get your heart's desire?

8. A MAGICAL MELODY by Ciara Ballintyne

In a world where magic is in the music, Avram must settle the score before it's too late.

9. BRAINS, SEX OR MONEY? by Tara Maya

What would you choose?

10. THE WHITE RAVEN'S FEATHER by David D. Levine

Ibude is a warm-weather wizard held hostage in a frozen land, but his troubles can still get worse.

To reflect the author's individual voices, you will find British and American English words and spellings in this book, as well as different styles of punctuation. Some of these stories have been previously published in books, magazines and ezines.

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