Author: Suzzana C. Ryan

Suzzana C Ryan is an avid romance novel reader; her favorite writers were Rosemary Roger, Beatrice Small, Kathleen Woodwiss and Jude Deveraux, those women who weren't afraid to take romance writing as far as it would go at the time.

She's always had a desire to write and twenty years ago, she's written her first romance novel. Until this day it remains, hidden away to remind her how far she's come with her writing. Once the nest was empty, she decided to try her hand again at writing, and found that with maturity came knowledge…and erotic romance.

With her lap top in hand and the internet she sought out the ways to write what she had in her head for years, one erotic romance story after another. The paranormal was always a draw, science fiction too, but she found her obsession centered on Vampires, big, strong and gorgeous one. Her fantasies now have entered a new realm, if it feels good, sounds good and looks good, write it. She is doing what she loves, writing erotic romance, heaving bosom, leg crossing delicious stories to make the heart pound and the mind run ramped with desire.

Her first publish short story My Body My Soul, with Rebel Ink Press, was of course a Vampire Romance as well as her second, A Vampire for her Birthday. One of her favorites is For the Love of Jake, a contemporary erotic love story. Now with Black Roses, Maxwell's Desire and Remembrance: Fathers' Day published she has her first novel A Love Dipped in Blood. It's a different twist on an old vampire lore.

Come take a journey with her, enter her world, a world of unbridled pleasures, with men and women who aren't afraid to experience it all, whether it is human or not. Take the plunge, delve, enjoy and read what she dares to write. You will want more.