Author: Suzette Hollingsworth

Suzette Hollingsworth grew up in Wyoming and Texas, went to college in Sewanee, Tennessee, lived in Europe two summers, and now resides in beautiful Washington state with her cartoonist husband and five cats.

Suzette has written the Daughters of the Empire trilogy, published by Bookstrand, in which the daughter of each union is the heroine of the sequel novel. Other projects include a Sherlock Holmes anthology in which Mrs. Hudson’s niece soon learns that the Great Detective has more in store for her than washing jars and labeling specimens. Facing criminals at gunpoint Maribelle can deal with, but she must face the most horrifying danger of all: Miss deBeauvais’ Finishing School for Young Ladies. Suzette also collaborates on a web-comic with her husband, Clint Hollingsworth, which has readers in sixty countries,

Suzette’s hobbies are theatre, opera, and ballet as a viewer and snorkeling, dance, and tropical vacations as a participant. She loves playing the flute and traveling with her husband. Her favorite music is opera, Little Richard, and bluegrass. She is still in touch with her 5th grade Sunday School Teacher. She admits to being a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll with a passion for all things Jane Austen. Suzette also loves her Seattle pals and Girls’ Beach Party week-ends with her Texas SHS graduating class.