Author: Sultry Summers

ESCAPE INTO ROMANCE... Journeying into another world, the world of writing - that's one of my favorite things. To lose myself in a complex plot with plenty of romance,sex, science fiction and lots of fantasy. Pure escapism! What better way to lose the stress and cares of a rough day than to come home or take a break at work and read a bit from another world, another time, another life - and ZAP - ZIP for a little time you are there not here. That's what I aim for and not just for my readers - for me as well. I enjoy coming up with the ideas and plots - Know what? The characters often taken on their own lives and they expect me to take on the responsiblity of their lives turning out Happly Ever After, the good guys that is. The villian is on his/her own. If my stories can give you, as a reader that little time away, and a sniffle of "gee that was good" at the end and want more. Then I accomplished my job. Sultry