Author: Stuart Meczes

I was born in South London, England, but now spend my time between little old Worcester.

After getting bored of the rat race about four years ago, I decided to follow my dream of writing. (I know, how horrendously cliché?) As soon as I put pen to paper, (okay, fingers to keys), I knew there was no going back. I quit my job and re-entered full time education to get a greater handle on this writing lark.

I recently finished a degree in English and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. Now I write full time, creating novels short stories and even whipping out the occasional blog on my website Feel free to send me an email, I love replying to them - it fuels my procrastination.

To all of you who have purchased any of my books, I love you. It's because of your support that us Indie writers can keep going. Thank you.


The Awakening: - Hasea Chronicles, #1

The Awakening:
  • Number: B0074EC5G2
  • Release: 2012-02-01
  • Author: Stuart Meczes
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, Supernatural, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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Alexander Eden is one unhappy teenager. A geeky, social pariah, he's the victim of constant bullying at school. His home life isn't much better with a stepfather who resents him and a half brother who is better than him at everything.

But that all changes the day the mysterious and beautiful Gabriella De Luca walks into his life. Everyone wants to know her, to be with her. But she is interested in Alex.

Because Alex is different.

Soon afterwards he is thrown into a world he never thought possible. A world where he and others like him are the last line of defence. A world where an ancient unspeakable evil lurks.

Evil which seeks to consume him.


(Chosen we rise - Allied we prevail)

"I wasn't expecting to get so drawn in - now I really want to find out what happens! - HarperCollins review

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